ZT Knives Review: New Graham, Grand Prairie, Kershaw & Zero Tolerance Knives Guide

The collaboration Kai USA, Ken Onion and Strider Knives, the three famous companies, have introduced their innovative product, Zero Tolerance (ZT) Knives. This new series of high quality combat knives is designed to withstand the roughest situations that you can come face to face with in your everyday life. There several outstanding deals and amazing offers for the purchase of ZT knives readily available from their official website http://www.ztknives.us/, which include free shipping as well as secure shopping.

The ZT knives indeed live up to their goal of being, “Zero Tolerance in design, Zero Tolerance in function, and Zero Tolerance in performance” and deliver unto you the most dependable combat knives in the industry. So regardless of which life endangering profession you happen to be in, be it the military, emergency squad, fire and rescue, search and rescue or law enforcement, you won’t ever be disappointed after placing your trust and life with ZT knives. These knives promise and deliver you the upper hand that you need, whether you’re fighting for your life or struggling to save someone else’s.

Moreover, Zero Tolerance Knives is proudly partnered with the Paralyzed Veterans of America, and donates part of the proceeds from each sale of their knives to the PVA Heritage Fund; your purchase doesn’t just help you, it helps a wounded hero.

Zero Tolerance Knives Reviews

The general consensus among Zero Tolerance customer reviews is that ZT knives are tough, strong, durable and solid these knives are; almost everyone considers these knives to be outstanding in performance and design. The ergonomically shaped handle, which is thick on the ends and slimmer in the middle, gives the user a firm, stable grasp on this knife, thereby preventing slippage and injury. The design also promotes a greater range of maneuverability, allowing the user a more comfortable grip without the worry of losing control of the knife.

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Customers laud the sharp, stainless steel blade of Zero Tolerance knives; the knife blades are available in either a serrated and smooth edge. The blade’s carbon coating gives it a diamond-like strength, and provides a hard, durable, low-friction finish. This durability extends to the Zero Tolerance folding knives; they will not break in half if used properly. The blades of these folding knives lock securely, preventing accidental injury and they remain in place once locked, inflexible. Furthermore, the folding knives come with two different opening mechanisms, for added convenience and ease of use per person: a thumb stud and the index finger flipper.

ZT consumers appreciate the ample variety of knives this company offers; the selections of fixed blade, manual and assisted folding blade knives, as well as their excellent utility tools, make Zero Tolerance a leader in the bladed, close combat weapon industry. Whatever your needs, ZT knives can and will fulfill them; the various options that each knife comes with make these knives the ultimate in providing you with the right blade for your job.

Additionally, each Zero Tolerance knife comes with a metal pocket clip, which secures the knife securely in your pocket; this ensures that it will be where you expect it when you need it, and easily accessible, to boot.

Zero Tolerance Knives for Sale

Other than from their official site, you can find ZT knives for sale at the True North Knives and Blade Head Quarters websites, where original designs are available from as low as $100.

Amazon also offers these knives at similar rate, where the prices range from $100 to $350, depending on the type and model of knife you’re looking for. From here people can go through and compare between different products before finally deciding on one, as well as compare their respective reviews.

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For instance, on Amazon the Zero Tolerance Combat Folding Serrated Knife has an average review of 4.5 stars, with the ‘worst’ reviewer stating “Great knife, but a little too big as an everyday carrier if you wear jeans like I do on a daily basis. Build quality is amazing, but I am not sure It is worth $236 and definitely not worth the MSRP of $295…” And the Zero Tolerance G10 Handle with Speed Safe, out of 24 customer reviews, came away with an average of 4.7 stars out of 5. The lowest reviewer, who gave this product a 3 star review, had this to say: “…No way for a lefty to use this nice knife via thumb stud, and using the flipper requires a very poor grip on the knife to make it work…and this knife isn’t worth the extra weight over Kershaw’s EDC masterpiece, the Blur.” Whereas 20 of the other 23 reviewers provided this knife with 5 stars, one of whom said, “This knife is great. The s30v steel holds an edge beautifully. I carry this knife every day working in the shipping industry (cutting straps/cardboard). The speed safe opening mechanism is awesome… I will definately purchase another Zero Tolerance knife in the future.”

New Graham Knives

All kinds of top class knives from seventy five different manufacturers are available with New Graham, which holds a full inventory of its products. The products from some of the eminent knife manufacturing companies are available, including Zero Tolerance knives, Case Knives, Benchmade Knives, Spyderco Knives and Emerson Knives. In addition to the wide selection of knives offered, other accessories such as sheaths, products for maintenance and sharpening the knives can also be bought from New Graham. Visit their official website http://newgraham.com/store/ to navigate the site and switch between products according to the brand that you are interested in. The toll free number of the store, its timings and the address can also be obtained from the website. The variety of New Graham knives not only covers the various different brands; customers can also search between the types of different knives depending on their primary use, such as diving, fishing, kitchen and rescue knives. Complete descriptions of the chosen product along with the customer reviews can be viewed here, so you’ll know what to expect when you order and receive your knife.

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Grand Prairie Knives

If you are looking to find high quality knives at affordable prices then Grand Prairie Knives should be on your list of places to explore. Even if you can’t get to the store, visit their official website, which is highly interactive and provides complete information about all the products sold in a simplified manner. This company has been catering to people looking for top of the line knives for some time now and has earned its reputation as a provider of authentic products and excellent customer service. As this knife store is a factory authorized dealer of several brands, you can be sure that you are purchasing genuine products and not rip-offs or fakes. And you don’t only have to buy knives from Grand Prairie; they have a complete selection of accessories as well.

Kershaw Knives

Kershaw Knives mainly deals in Kershaw brand knives, but you can also find Zero Tolerance knives and Shun cutlery as well. You can choose between the knives by searching according to the brand name on their website. This multinational corporation designs and manufactures a range of knives, including kitchen, pocket, and outdoor bladed tools. The quality of the Kershaw Knives can be somewhat gleaned from the fact that this company is also the recipient of the “Overall Knife of the Year Award”. Their knives are designed by experienced craftsmen using premium materials.

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