Your Complete Guide To Clean Room Supplies

clean room suppliesWhen it comes to outfitting a clean room properly you’ve got a lot to consider. For instance, what level of HEPA filters to employ? What about modular electronics? The list gets pretty big when you need to meet the cleanliness standards that such establishments as modern technology manufacturers or medical laboratories require. In this article we are going to start with some of the basics. To effect, the first clean room supplies to consider. So, what is your first concern when it comes to the clean room? Why, entry, of course!

Clean room entry basics

Aside from the obvious filter, electrical outlet needs, and specialized floor and tiling that is easy to clean, one of the most basic considerations for your clean room design is the entry chamber. Clean room technicians need to be able to ‘suit up’, as it were, and we feel that this is a good place to start when it comes to describing a few of the needs to be considered.  After all, this is the first point of entry and the place where contaminants are going to most likely be getting into your clean room. You cannot have that and so we’ve compiled a list of 4 basic items that every clean room entry area should have which you can find from our example, Terra Universal, or any number of  other clean room supply manufacturers which you prefer.

Hands-Free washing and dryingclean room supplies

When it’s time to put on those gowns and prepare to enter the clean room proper then hands-free cleaning is an excellent idea. Depending on the model that you choose, you can get one for the entryway that is good for standard hand cleaning or you can even get polypropylene models which are chemical resistant. The drying that is employed in these models incorporates HEPA filtering to help to make sure that germs and sub micron particles may be dealt with before they get chance to accidentally ‘wander’ in your clean room and configurations include one-sink models to as high as 6 sink models so that you can purchase only what you need based on the expected usage requirements.  Activated with infrared, these units can also come with optional soap dispensers and if you ever need more units then you will be happy to know that they are modular and may be combined into a larger configuration of cleaning stations as your needs expand. The HEPA filters in these units are rated at .3 microns, which is a 99.97% rating, so they will meet your standards. Visit the provided link if you would like to see all of the available configurations should you like one of these in your own clean room.
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Modular Gowning Benches

clean room suppliesWhen it is time to suit-up you then you’ll need a place to sit. These gowning benches fit the bill nicely and as they are modular then the configurations which you use can grow to fit your needs. These floor mounted units also come in a wall-mounted configuration if you are dealing with limited space in your gowning area and include a number of other features, such as an oval design for the mounting that can help you to prevent floor scratching and straight and curved designs can help you to designate ‘no-step’ zones by the shape of the configuration itself. Made from 304 stainless steel, these benches possess a continuous seam design in order to minimize the places where bacteria and germs can hide and they comply with ISO 5 cleanliness standards so they are a great addition to your gowning area.  You can view the available configurations at the link below to decide if these might be a good fit for your current or planned clean room gowning area. View this item on Terra Universal

Clean room garment cabinetsclean room supplies

You need a place for your clean room clothing and these garment cabinets really fit the bill.  First, their double-doors are designed to fit clearance standards and the shelving inside can be modified to your required configurations. Perforated shelves are available to reduce air-flow obstruction and chrome plating helps to further meet your strict clean room standards. A HEPA filtration module can help to minimize particles from the garments and a top-shelf is present for the HEPA unit should you wish to
“PVC panels will help to reduce static for optimal safety.”
include one. An optional mirror can be mounted to one of the doors should you require it and many configurations are available for this model, including stainless steel. PVC panels will help to reduce static for optimal safety and cleanliness as well. You can take a look at all of the unit options for yourself through utilizing the link below.
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Biosafe hampers

clean room suppliesA garment hamper is going to be a must for discarding those gowns and booties. Available in both polypropylene and 304 stainless steel, these hampers include the following features:
  • A step-pedal for easy opening of the hamper in order to keep up cleanliness standards
  • Custom sizes and materials are available for specialized needs
  • Construction allows for safe disposal of a number of soiled garment types, including chemically-splashed garments depending on the material that you choose for its construction based on your particular environmental needs
You can check out all of the available configurations for this product by utilizing the link below. View this item on Terra Universal

What Are the Essential Clean Room Supplies for a Modular Clean Room?

When setting up a modular clean room, it is important to have the right supplies. Some essential items include HEPA filters, cleanroom garments, gloves, sterile wipes, disinfectants, and gowning accessories. These modular clean room solutions help maintain a contaminant-free environment, ensuring optimal safety and productivity.

In closing

Clean room safety begins in your gowning area so you want to make sure that everything is safe and up to the cleanliness standards that you need for your medical lab, technical production/machining, or chemical manufacturing environment. We hope that these selections will give you a good idea in regards to the outfitting of your new or existing clean room when it comes to meeting the high standards that these environments require. You provide the equipment and ensure that the basic training in cleanliness standards are included and you’ll find soon that your clean room is the best and most productive it can be. Just be sure to choose the modular items, so that you are prepared when your business needs grow!
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