Woodturners Catalog Guide: Coupons, Pen Making, Lathe Accessories, Turning Tools And Projects

The Woodturners Catalog is a company that specializes in selling handcrafted wood items and the necessary equipment for making these crafted items. Their products are aimed at the artist or the experimentalist or simply a person looking for a nice housewarming gift for a friend. Really, they make perfect presents for every occasion, from purse hangers to metal hooks and make unusually stylish furnishings for new homes and recently refurnished homes alike.

All you need to know about Woodturners Catalog can be found on their website , but in the mean time, let me tell you about why you should check them out and what you could possibly purchase from this catalog full of word turning equipment. From lathes to accessories to pen making kits, anything the wood crafter could want can be found in the Woodturners Catalog.

What does the woodturners catalog provide?

Well, Woodturners Catalog provides both craft items already made by the staff and professionals alike, and the bits and pieces you need to make your own at home, to give it a little more love if it is a gift for someone, or to really make your house feel like home.

  • Create a Pen Kits – These kits are ideal for gifts for people of all ages, for Christmas and Birthdays alike. They are ideal for a person who likes artsy things and making things and the product is handy to have around to. There are many different types of this set in the Woodturners Catalog, but basically the set includes- A chosen clip, a chosen band, ink tubes, ink, spring, the body…and there are many more little accessories you can get to go with your make a pen kit, to make it even more personal.  And there are also replacement parts you can get, so if you break one part, you can just order another! Or even if you liked doing it so much, you could buy all the pieces and start all over again. You can see the whole range of create a pen kits at this link.
  • Lathes and Accessories – A lathe is used for woodturning and can do many things to the wood including drilling, sanding or deforming the wood to make it suitable for various carpentry uses. Woodturners Catalog provides these machinery items for anyone who is interested in doing that. They also provide accessories for your lathe, such as tool holders which are used for keeping your tools close to you without them being a hindrance to trip on and the like. Also, there are drill chucks that can be used for helping the lathe perform like a drill press as well or even for holding together pieces of the machinery when you are trying to curve the wood in a particularly hard way. On top of that again, you can get spindle accessories, for which you can get ones that make bits and pieces easier to remove and one that makes making jigs and fixtures easier and another that lets you accurately place a bowl on a vacuum chuck.
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There are so many accessories you can get for the lathes you can buy from Woodturners Catalog, and you can see a whole list of them on this page of their website here.

  • Turning tools – Turning tools are used for distorting and curving pieces of wood and the ones available would be able to make some mean gifts for people you know and love. Some of the turning tools that Woodturners Catalog sells include bowl and spindle tools, hollowing tools, narrow parting tools and even small scale tools. These are increasingly handy if you make wooden furnishings for a living, as these little tools can provide a lot of sweet designs and textures that you otherwise couldn’t get with only a lathe. They also make handy tools if you tend to make smaller scale things rather than bigger, because they are daintier and easier to hold and ideal for making small scale wooden objects for around the home and to sell and give away to your friends and family.

You can see all the turning tools listed here on their page on the Woodturners Catalog website

What else can I get from the Woodturners Catalog?

If you buy over 150 dollars worth of stuff, you can qualify for free shipping, no matter what size your item is. But Woodturners Catalog really value the customer- which is you of course if you decide to buy their produce- so no job is too small for them to do, especially if you’ve just made them 150 dollars.

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And even when you buy under 150 dollars, the only charge for shipping is 7 dollars, no matter how heavy or light or bulky of not. They even offer same day shipping, so if you’re in a hurry or this is a last minute gift, you’ll still get what you need, when you need it.

Also, you can get Woodturners Catalog coupons for certain things, such as lower shipping and 25 dollar gift cards when you check out at this website. This makes your purchase even easier and more affordable than it already is, without forcing you to sacrifice quality for your budget.

There are many other coupons available out there, and Woodturners Catalog send them to you themselves when you are a valued customer, so it is advised not to take advantage of their trust and just take the coupons they give you directly, to make it more fair.

And even if you can’t get any of the above, they will send you a free catalogue with all those special offers and all their equipment listed with detailed descriptions and pictures for no cost whatsoever!. That’s right, the catalogue is completely free. So all you need to do is ask them for a catalogue and then choose what you want to buy and enter the serial number into the site and order it. Simple as that.

So, whether or not you just like craft works, or you’re an aspiring artist or you just want to by a Christmas present for your sister or mother or uncle of something, try Woodturners Catalog for all your craft work needs. They’ll thank you for your patronage, and you’ll thank them for their hard work in making you, the customer, happy.

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