Woodsmith Plans Guide: Fine Woodworking Plans, Magazine Plans And Woodsmith Shop Plans

Woodsmith companies were created to guide both professionals and amateurs alike in their woodworking proffessions. For many years, wood workers have often turned to companies that provide access to detailed woodworking plans, shopping tips and how-to techniques so that they can be more successful in their ventures. Apart from just plans, this companies provide other forms of assistance through information channels such as magazines, books, websites, email updates, videos and even public TV. We are going to focus on some of these companies, and look into the kinds of services that they offer.

Fine Woodworking Plans
Fine Woodworking Plans is a comprehensive website and published magazine that offers craftsmen of all levels information and resources for all their woodworking needs.

Fine Woodworking Plans by Type
The Fine Woodworking Plans by type are further subdivided into more individualized categories where the woodworker can choose from. In the accessories category, it lists plans on how to make products such as lamps, standing frames, desk organizers and even children’s toys.

This category is followed by the beds, cradles and cribs. This one gives an assortment of fine woodworking plans on different bed types. The third and fourth caregories are benches and boxes. The boxes have a number of creative plans for products like jewelery boxes, knife boxes and many more.

Other categories include, chests, built ins, which refers to things like cupboards that are built into the wall, and chest of drawers,clocks for which they have a very wide variety of beautiful designs. There are also cupboard plans, desk plans, mirror plans, masic stands and instruments plans, shelve and book case plans, sideboards, sofa plans, stand plans,stool plans, table plans, tool and tool storage plans amongst a variety of other woodcraft plans.

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Woodworking Tool Guide

Fine Woodworking offers their readers and followers information on woodworking tools of all kinds, including how to maintain, use and even replace parts on your tools that are not working to their best capabilities. Their online site breaks down information into categories, including hand tools, power tools, machinery, air powered tools and even accessories.

Not to mention the site also offers in-depth information on using woodworking applications to increase the beauty and durability of your finalized piece. You can find information on the proper application of epoxys, paints, oils and all other finishes that might need to be used in your project.

Each of their woodworking guides constantly prove that they are a necessity for any woodworker at any skill level.

Wood Magazine

The Wood Magazineprovides invaluable information to woodworkers as it is full of links to other woodrelated websites. It also has a forum where  woodworkers can discuss issues related to them, and there are puts daily updates on tips, tools and materials related wood as well.

Wood Magazine shares plans that woodworkers can choose from, and just like with Fine Woodworking plans, they are divided into different categories. At the woodworker center, an online resource center, readers can request for woodworking tools and catalogues offered by advertisers in the Wood Magazine.

These tools include lumber, income opportunities, power tools, shop accessories, adhesives and finishes amongst many others. Other useful pages on their website are the materials guide, tips and techniques, tools review and the wood store. Wood magazine places much more emphasis on the tools and material usage and  some of their competitors, so for those who are seasoned carpenters their information may seem somewhat redundant.  However for those who are beginners it can be quite informational and teach you how to maximize your tools and create wood projects with safety in mind.

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Wood Magazine Woodworking Plans

Subscriptions to Wood Magazine or the Wood Project DVDs are intended to act as companions in all your woodworking endeavors.  For that reason you can select from one of hundreds of projects that are organized based on what you are looking to create.  There are projects that allow you to select the type of furniture that you would like to create, and others that teach you how to use wood so that you can perfect your garage or shed workspace.

Many carpenters enjoy creating their workspace, one that is ideal for their tools and woodworking needs.  Wood magazine demonstrates several different types of workspace and walks you through the creation of each, no matter how much space you have to work with.

Woodsmith Shop and Woodsmith Magazine

This is one of Americas most popular woodworking television shows. It fills in the viewers with the latest woodwork techniques by airing practical shows with easy to follow instructions. Woodsmith magazine is dedicated to providing their subscribers with issue after issue of practical information that is concise and clear so that any woodworker can apply these Woodsmith shop plans at home.The Woodsmith magazine offers insight on new techniques and creative ideas for wood workers, all with full color photos and step-by-step details.

For those fans of the Woodsmith magazine, the company also offers a second publication, ShopNotes.  While ShopNotes does not go into detail on projects and plans, it has plenty of information to offer its readers on safety, new market woodworking products and tool maintenance and care. What makes consumers so excited about ShopNotes is that unlike all other woodworking magazines on the market, there are no advertisements. So you are getting full pages of information on your favorite hobby without all the added junk.  This not only makes ShopNotes a favorite magazine, but there are plenty of serious woodworkers who save and collect their ShopNotes as a reference tool for the future.  The publication is often sold in hardback collectors form or in a binder with notes options allowing you to take ideas and plans from their numerous publications.

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Whether you are a professional carpenter or an amateur who enjoys working with wood on the weekends these three publications offer their readers all the woodworking information you could ask for. If you are stumped on your next woodcraft project then these are the resources to help get you the finished beautiful project you are looking for.

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