Wooden Fence Designs: Styles, Ideas, Plans & Pictures

Fencing your home not only provides security but also the privacy you require for your family. Among the various kinds of fencing, the wooden fence is quite as it provides the house as well as the surrounding landscape a rustic charm. Since wooden fencing comes in various styles and designs you have to keep each in mind when determining what you will fence with. Usually when people are planning on buying fencing, they have two things in mind:

  • The form (that is for the aesthetic appeal)
  • The functionality (the purpose for putting up the fence)

The good thing about the wooden fence design is sometimes they also fulfill both requirements of the homeowners that is the form and the functionality.

Wooden fence ideas

When you have made up our mind about buying a wooden fence keeping the above two factors in mind, you have to check out some wooden fence ideas. You will find plenty of these ideas online and even the painted fences on online stores, as well as home and garden stores, but if you have plans to build the fences by a professional carpenter so you must have some wooden fence ideas in front of you. You can run a simple search in Google Images for “wooden fence ideas” and you will have plenty of images in front of you. Some of the popular ideas are as under:

  • Picket Fence

This is one of the popular fences and is very easy to install. All you require to do is to place the picket fences parallel to each other all along the wall of the fence. The designs in the picket fence also vary and that depends on the home owner. Usually there is a small gap between the two wooden fences. You can get a traditional picket fence by Genova from Amazon.

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There are some wooden fences which come along with designs or crafted wood, these also look very beautiful especially when they are in the garden as they go well with the garden vines and plants and other garden decorations.

  • Security Fence

Security fences are applied for the safety of children and pets, and they are also available in various heights, shades and styles depending on the need of the customer.

Wooden Fence Plans

Wooden fence plans are highly necessary especially when you are planning to install these soon. There is a plethora of deigns available in wooden fencing. There are wide varieties of shades, tones and textures of the wood and each of these designs can be crafted into great a wooden fence. The wooden fence can be low ornamented or highly ornamented depending on your need and requirement so it is highly necessary that you should go for the wooden fence plans. There are plenty of companies like Home Depot which provide the service of in-home wooden fence plans for free.

Wooden Fence Styles

Once you have gone through the various wooden fence ideas, you will get to know about the tremendous styles in these wooden fences. There are many different types of wood used in the fences which also changes the look of the fence. One of the expensive and popular styles of wooden fence is made up of western red cedar. These fences shine beautifully and they adorn various residences. Following is the list of some popular wooden fencing styles:

  • Dog Ear
  • French Gothic
  • Shadowbox
  • Flex Fencing
  • Split Rail
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Wooden Gate Designs

Similarly with the wooden fence, you can go for the wooden gate as well. And as far as wooden gate design is concerned this should be something like your wooden fence especially if the fence is around the gate.

There are separate wooden garden gates, especially if you have a separate garden and you want to keep the privacy of your garden. One of the popular garden gate designs includes the arched beam. There is also some wooden gate door along with the lamp posts. There are plenty of wooden gate designs; you can choose the ones you want according to the look of your home or your garden for where you want your wooden gate to be placed.

Home Depot Designs

Home Depot has plenty of wooden fences designs and the best thing about getting the wooden fence from their stores is that they ensure the fence is both weather and insect resistant. It is recommended that once you install these fences that you paint those immediately and after three to four years depending on the climatic conditions for long lasting fences.

There are plenty of designs by Home Depot which includes the picket style, privacy fence, shadowbox fences etc. You can view all these designs on the Home Depot site where you can also find the other details on installation.

There are plenty of advantages for going for the Home Depot when you select their designs. They provide free in-home consultation, start to finish installation by the professionals, convenient financing options and a lot more.

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Lowe’s Designs

Lowes is another popular hardware store to consider when you talk about wooden fencing. There are plenty of designs and varieties available both online and in Lowes stores. They provide wooden fences which are naturally resistant to rotting, decay and insects, and the majority of these fences come with a 15 year warranty.

Plenty of the wooden fences by Lowes are pre-assembled so that they are easy to install. You can view all the various designs and purchasing details on their website. At Lowe’s you will not only find the wooden panels and fences but also the wooden gate designs of many styles as well.

So, if you are planning to install wooden fencing or a wooden gate, these style and design ideas will prove very helpful for you in getting the right fence or gate you want. The best thing about these wooden fences and gates is that they look very nice and they are affordable as well, besides the fences are also available as single panels as well as readymade form.

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