Wood Projects For Kids: Small, Plans, Beginners, Kits & Woodworking

Wood projects for kids are one way of harnessing their talent and creativity.  The younger the child, the better to introduce them to ideas that will teach how it is to be creative and  productive at the same time, and making something out of wood is one of those effective means to focus their energy into something useful.  It is given as a basic assignment for pre-schoolers using popsicle sticks and glue.  For grade school children, it can be made as a project like making a medicine cabinet, a simple book shelf, book stand, and many other basic wood working concepts.

It is a sure-fire way to teach kids the value of creativity, patience, cooperation as well as to teach them the importance of group activity.  For simple and easy to do projects, there are ready made and available on the market wood kits for kids and since it is readily available, even parents can use it to teach their children the basics of building something out of the given wood materials.  It is also another way of diverting the attention of young ones to the many distractions that hamper their productive learning process.

Wood Project for Beginners

When it comes to the right kind of wood project for beginners, it is important to take into consideration the age of the child.  Children below seven years old must not be given a project that would require them to use hammer, saw, and nail.  Even with adult supervision, it is still very much possible that they will get hurt in the process so small wood cuttings like popsicle sticks and a wood glue wood be enough in many cases.  The project can range from building a small bird house, a wooden basket, and many other small wood projects that can easily be found in the internet and other online stores.  What is important is to make sure that kids will learn and enjoy at the same time.  Guide them into finishing the task without much intervention or getting in the way and let them bask in the glory of being able to build something afterwards.  Positive reinforcement is very much a part of the learning process so always make sure to give them a tap on their shoulder or reward them with something after a project is completed.

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Wood Project for Kids

As for kids who are above seven years old, who are allowed to use hammer, nail and saw, the parent or instructor must see to it that proper handling of tools is taught first.  For parents, it could be a joy to watch your kid do the measuring, cutting and later on hammering the nail onto the wood.  It is fun and a morale booster to the child as it is also a joy on the part of the parent to watch the child learn something new.

To come up with woodworking projects for kids, especially for parents, there are also available online a lot of sites that offer plans on how to come up with a finished wood project.  So there are a lot of possibilities available when it comes to finding the ideal project for your child.  The project could be one of those that require nuts and bolts to assemble and this is one way to avoid hammer and nail requirement and this is especially applicable if as a parent, you don’t want to see your child in pain when his finger is accidentally hit by a hammer.  But it is still a part of the learning process and the child will also definitely learn something from it.

Small Wood Project for Kids

To come up with ideas about wood shop project for kids, it important that the project, when finished, will become useful to them in particular.  This is because a project that will only be made for the sake of building it and then be left in corner will not elicit a positive impulse on them in many cases.  Consider a project that will be useful to them after it is finished and they will surely enjoy not only the process of building it but also its use later on.  An example of a useful project can be a play house.  After building a play house, they get to enjoy it also and this will encourage them further to build on other projects.  The ideas when it comes to wood working projects are almost limitless because just about anything can be assembled using wood.  It can be a dog house for the pet dog, a mail box, garbage bin, shoe rack, multi-purpose wood tray, book-enders, and many others.

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Free Plans for Wood Projects

If the given ideas above are not enough and especially if plans and sketches are needed to make sure that the right measurement is achieved, the internet is a rich source of information when it comes to available free plans for wood projects.  Hundreds of ideas are introduced and the kids will have a field day with the many types and kinds of wood projects available and offered for free.  Having a plan will also make sure that there will be no wastage when it comes to materials because the plan usually includes the number of wood pieces needed as well as the size and dimension of the project to be built.  It is also an important part of the learning process to teach kids on how to read plans and build something out of the directions given.  Watch them as they slowly learn to read the diagram and build the wood project given to them.  For all you know it could be the start of something big for your kid and could lead to making them become an engineer or a real estate builder later on.  If you want to get free ideas and even download woodworking plans for kids, you can try many online sites, like the following:


So go on and harness your child’s creativity! It will not only build his self-esteem but it will instil his self confidence knowing that he can accomplish something almost by himself and by his own hands.

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