Wood Fence Panels Guide: Offers, Buyers, Lowed & Home Depot

There are various reasons why people build fences. The most common reasons for fencing are to serve as a boundary and as a security measure. When people choose fencing materials, wood fence panels are most favored by people among the other options available. The reason why people choose wooden fence panels over plastic fences is because it does not look artificial. The wooden ones are also favored over metal ones as they are cheaper and can be easily repaired if the need arises.

There are different styles available for the wood fence panels buyers. The different styles of fences are made from different kinds of wood. The common kinds of wood from which the fence panels are made are cypress, pine, spruce and cedar. Some panels are installed without being treated while the others are treated using chemicals so that the insects cannot damage them easily or they do wear off due to weathering. When the wood fence panels are chemically treated, its longevity increases and it can last for a longer span of time. For treating the wood fences, preservatives are used and the panels are pressurized so that it has the resistance to withstand fungi and the termites eating through it.

The fence panels made from pine and spruce trees can be treated easily and the panels made from cedar tree works well even without being treated. They have a better resistance power as compared to other wood so they cannot be easily affected by fungi and termites. However, the fences made from cedar can be treated to further enhance their ability and their tolerance to damage. But this is done very rarely as they are naturally resistant.

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Styles of Wood Fence Panels

There are different styles of wood fence panels available that can be used but the three styles that are commonly used are as follows:

Solid Style- The fence panels of solid style are meant to be used for those who want total privacy of their containments. These fences are commonly installed between the boundaries of properties and around swimming pools. The height of this style of fences varies between 4 feet and 6 feet. If a house is built along the main road and it is to be concealed then this type of fence serves the purpose best by hiding it from the public eye. This way the privacy of the people living in the house can be taken care of. There are no gaps in the pickets that are used in solid style fence panels but they are close. The top portion of the fences of this style may be pointed or might be in the style of dog ear.

Spaced Picket Style- The Home Depot wood fence panels that are of spaced picket style are great to serve as a boundary to a house or the yard. The fence panels of this style is not suitable if one wants his share of privacy but it is great for those who have little kids who play around or restless pets that are constantly looking to move out. The spaced picket fences panels can help to keep both the pets and the kids within the set boundary so that they do not slip out. So it works as a means of security, and it also looks appealing to the eyes because of its distinct beauty. These fence panels are not longer than 4 feet; they are either 4 feet tall or less than 4 feet. It is best for those who want both security and the possibility to watch what are going behind the fence.

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Shadowbox Style- The fences of shadowbox style are best suited to be used to increase the air circulation apart from working as a containment fence. The panels of this wooden fence can be alternatively used at the front and the back so that on both the sides the fence has a similar look. The fence panels of this style have an aesthetic appeal not only for the owner of the house where the fence is used but also for the neighbors who see it. The fences of shadowbox style are taller as compared to spaced picket style of fences. The average height of these fence panels is about 6 feet.

If you want to fence your house, yard or plot of land, you must inquire about the different styles of fence panels that are available on the market and choose the one that fits your requirement. You must also understand the different functions of each type of fence. Alternatively, you can also look out for some wood fence panels offers so that you get best fence panels at a bargain. You might also look out at wood fence panels Lowes if you want some proper guidance on fencing apart from acquiring the desired fencing materials.

When you have installed your fence panels, you must care about its durability so that it lasts for a long time. To increase the longevity of your fence panels, you must use the fencing materials that have the ability to withstand changes in temperature, can be safe from pests and other physical damage. The fences can be painted to both protect it and to make it look appealing to the eyes. They can be waterproofed too so that they cannot be damaged if water fall upon them. The screws and nails that are to be used should be resistant to weather so that they can last long too. It is also important that they do not get rusted.

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The wood fence panels Lowes are ideal to be used for the privacy of the residences in the United Kingdom and United States. Apart from the privacy, the residents can also use it to make their dwelling places look more beautiful and safe and secure because of the presence of wood fence panels UK.

Wood fence panels come in different forms and shapes. Each of the forms has their own benefits for its user. Privacy, security or simply making your estate look beautiful – the wood fences are great!

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