Wolf Garden Tools Guide: Garden Products, Power Tools & Suppliers

A garden is a place where you can spend your days close to nature. It is where you can spend Sunday cookouts with your family and friends and relaxing afternoons, and where you can grow your own beautiful flowers beds and your own vegetables to support your healthy lifestyle. A beautiful garden is a perfect addition to every home. It adds class and style and is an ideal place to spend summer without leaving the comforts of your own home. Maintaining and taking care of your garden takes a lot of time, effort and commitment and Wolf garden tools makes it a bit simpler and more efficient.

History of Wolf Garden

Wolf garden is a trusted brand for gardens and lawns care that was formed in Germany in 1922. They offer products of the highest quality and latest innovation, gained from 80 years of development and research. This multi-awarded tool brand offers a wide variety of wolf garden products for:

    • Soil
    • Lawn
    • Snow
    • Trees
    • Shrubs

Wolf Garden Lawn and Yard Tools

It offers a variety of tools for your lawn like lawnmowers, trimmers, tillers and scarifiers. They are all lightweight, powerful and eco-friendly. Wolf garden recently launched the Blue Power product line which offers comfort by its decreased engine noise & high efficiency, which reduces consumption of fuel by up to 70%.

The Wolf Garden reel mower is designed to be eco-friendly as it does not need fuel and thus there are no bi-products as emissions. This mower is ideal for narrow yards, small areas of yards and lawns which are less than 500 square yards. It offers flexibility with its four cutting heights, and in case your lawn is not doing well with clipping decays, this reel mower has an optional grass catcher available. This also sells with a 10 year manufacturer guarantee.

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Wolf Garden Soil Tools

Wolf garden is the most sought after gardening tool for the soil. They offer high quality soil tools such as trowels, planting knives, scrapers, rakes, tillers and a lot more that vary depending on the size of your garden.

Wolf Garden’s rolling dethatcher rake is one of the best tools for working in the soil. It has a pendulum with a push/pull motion that enables dethatching and cleaning of the rake. This is perfect for seeding damaged and burnt lawns, and its heavy duty wheels enable easy and consistent usage and thatch removal. It has 10 strong spring steel blades to ensure efficient dethatching as well.

Another tool that can be used for that soil work is the adjustable garden rake. Its slide mechanism enables flexibility to be used in leaf raking or cleaning small parts of the garden. The head set expands from 14-22 inches wide and has 22 spring back tines.

Wolf Garden for Trees and Shrubs

Wolf Garden makes maintaining shrubs and caring for your trees simpler with its wide array of gardening tools for trees and shrubs. Tools such as shears, secateurs and loppers can be purchased with a 10 year guarantee for effectiveness and usage.

Wolf Garden tree pruning set is the most comprehensive tree maintenance tool that professionals and homeowners prefer. Included in the kit are the following:

  1. Telescopic Handle – Extends between 67-118 inches long, this is perfect for window, pond cleaning and tree care. Its fixed telescopic height settings guarantees secure use.
  2. Bypass Lopper – Its stainless steel blades precisely cut branches 2 inches in size. Its aluminum shafts are made elliptical for efficiency in cutting hard woods.
  3. Folding Utility Saw – This flexible saw is so handy that it folds to fit into your pocket. Its 6 1/4 inches secure blade releases with a push of the thumb so you never have to worry about getting cut while it is inside your pocket or holstering in your belt.
  4. Garden Pruner – This is the best pruner available in the market right now that is designed with a 30 degree cutting head that helps prevent wrist fatigue and accidents. It is made of aluminum that is why it is lightweight and rust-proof.
  5. Gardener’s Knife – Like the flexible aw, this is small enough to carry in your pocket and is very handy. It cuts ropes and branches and its hooked blade prevents it from slipping in your hands. This is also perfect for cutting flowers and cutting excess tree wounds.
  6. Tree Lopper – Enables tree cutting without having to use a ladder. It cuts branches of trees up to 2 inches in diameter and is also suitable for hard woods. It is designed with a one touch adjustable handle that adjusts to the pole height to enable smooth cutting without having to use a ladder.
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Wolf Garden Multi-Change Tools

Wolf garden multi-change tools are the most flexible Wolf Garden products that are being sold in the market today. Having the right gardening tools is essential for keeping your garden beautiful. In addition to garden tools used for caring for the soil, multi-change tools make that possible by offering practical tools for balcony care, flowerbeds and cleaning. For over 30 years in the making, these multi-change tools have been tailor-made for each of their customer’s needs in gardening. The click system enables flexible changing for the tool heads with over 80 different selections of heads that offers efficiency, quality and maximum flexibility. The snap lock system enables quick and safe head fixing on the handle.

Wolf garden tools are available for purchase in over 20 countries including Germany, Slovakia, United Kingdom, Netherlands, United Arab Emirates, Ukraine, United States of America, Denmark and Czech Republic. Their tool suppliers are available on the internet as well as local manufacturers from these countries.

Offering a 100% excellence in performance and efficiency guarantee, this brand boasts its products with the highest quality and innovation. Preferring Wolf Garden as your gardening partner can help you save time and effort, and they are a worthy investment as it is being sold at a very reasonable price. Their power tools and gardening equipments will help you carry out your gardening tasks easily and efficiently for that beautiful garden that you’ve always dreamed of.

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