Which is the best GE Whole House Water Filter?

ge whole house water filter Water filters are important things and one of those things that you don’t really think about until something bad happens. The fact of the matter is that there are numerous contaminants that are invisible to the naked eye (and a few that are quite apparent when the worst occurs). When it comes to filtration the first thing to do is to choose a brand that you can trust and so for this article we are going to discuss selecting a GE whole house water filter that can do exactly what you need!

So, what is a whole house filter?

If the term is new to you then we can clear things up quickly. Unlike some deceptively named items, a whole house filter is exactly what it sounds like. Rather than being one of those filters which you attach to a faucet or to an appliance a whole house filter is one that you install at the water source. This gives you the advantage of having a ‘first line of defense’ filtration system that you can combine with tap filters as well if you want to be extra certain that you are getting as many contaminants as possible out of your drinking water. Another bonus of it being at the source is that everything that is using water will now be getting purified water so showerheads, that fancy refrigerator, and even your washing machine will be getting cleaner water delivered directly to them.

Why do I need a special filter?

While the standards of water filtration in many countries may be quite high an extra layer of protection is never a bad idea. For one thing, a filter helps to ensure that your water is cleaner in general and so it’s going to taste better. The most common reason for the filter, however, is contaminants. Filtration issues from the water source or plumbing issues are just a few things that can cause it. So, what kind of contaminants are we talking about?  Sometimes it’s simply dirt or mineral contamination but worse can occur. In worse scenarios there could be chemical seepage from pesticides, medical waste (such as flushed medications), or even microorganisms that you definitely don’t want to host in your body. When you simply want to enjoy a cool, clean glass of water then a filter is a very good idea.

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What do I look for when shopping for whole house filters?

There are a few factors to consider when you are shopping for a whole house water filter. Here are some things that you will want to know and consider when you make your selection:

  • Filter life/replacement interval – This is simply the amount of time before you will need to replace your filter. Generally this will be on the package or within the instructions that come with your filter and the most common period for replacement of standard whole house filters is every 3 months..
  • Port sizing – This is the diameter of the connection port and for pressure concerns the minimum recommended diameter is 1 inch.
  • Flow rate/Gallons per minute – Generally expressed as GPM, the standard range is going to be in the neighborhood of 15 – 40 gallons per minute, depending on the number of water outlets that are used in your house.

General Electric GXWHO4F Standard Flow Whole House Filtration System ge whole house water filter

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Our first entry is a basic model that has some great features for filtration on a budget. Don’t let the price fool you, this is a heavy-duty filtration system that is certified to remove dirt, scale, rust, and sediment from your

“Certified to remove dirt, scale, rust, and sediment from your water.”

water and it does a good job. Easy to install, this is recommended for smaller homes as it has a ¾” diameter port size and thus it may reduce water pressure noticeably if you use it on a larger home. That said, if you just need the basics and don’t have a lot of fixtures to cover then you can get this filter at $19.98. Just remember to replace it every 3 months!

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GE GXWH20S Standard Flow Whole ge whole house water filter Home Filtration System

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Our second entry is another that is better for smaller homes, as it features the ¾” port. That said, it has a few nice features. It is certified for reducing contaminants like the previous model but it also features a bypass option and a pressure release button for drier changing of the filter. This filter is NSF/ANSI certified for ¾” plumbing and it’s GE so you know that it is quality. This also has a 3 month filter life and retails for $34.97.

GE GXWH40L High Flow Whole Home Filtration Systemge whole house water filter

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If you are looking for a filter with a little less water-pressure worry then the GE GXWH40L has got you covered. This utilizes the recommended 1” port size so that you can use it for larger houses. It also comes with a number of nice features, such as a clear sump so that you can see when the filter is getting close to needing changing. This model is also certified and has the pressure release button, the bypass option, and a magnetic change filter light to remind you in case it slips your mind that it’s time to change the filter. At 61.98 this filter won’t put a dent in your wallet and you can have the clean water that you crave from a brand name that you trust.

Some final words

In this article we have discussed whole house filtration systems—why you need them, what they can filter, and provided a few examples from General Electric that you can consider for your own filtration needs. If you decide to go with another brand then that is your prerogative, of course, just make sure that you check to see how often it needs to be replaced and if you order it online then check the reviews so you don’t get any surprises. Now if you’ll excuse us, it’s time for a cool glass of clear, clean water!

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