Where Is Ryobi Made? All USA-Made Power Tools Here

Where is Ryobi made? How about other tool brands? Surprisingly, it’s not in where you’d expect! Well, let’s face facts: It’s quite difficult finding proper power tools that are actually made in the USA.

where is ryobi made
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After I began searching on different power tools and looked into the different brands available, I went into forums and have asked various experts I knew personally. While they all had their own reviews on these brands, I didn’t realize that we all had the similar question: What are the brands we can invest in to support the American workers and this economy?

While many different power tools and materials are produced in other countries, there are still quality tools you can get from the US. If you’re wondering where, read on as I show you which brands are made from the US and which are made somewhere else.

Where Is Ryobi Made?

where are ryobi tools made
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Anyway, where is Ryobi made? Popular power tool brands like Milwaukee, Homelite, even Ryobi are manufactured by China, owned by a Chinese company named TTI. If you’re wondering, “where are Ridgid tools made,”  TTI also manufactures products for Ridgid, despite not owning the products. Shocking!

Where Are Porter Cable Tools Made?

As for Stanley, Dewalt, Porter Cable, Bostitch, Mac, Proto, as well as Black and Decker, they are still owned by the infamous Stanley Black and Decker.

But, while Dewalt advertises their products as made in the US on numerous products of theirs, there have been researches showing that it was simply assembled in the USA. Mac also assembles their toolboxes in the US, too.

where are porter cable tools made
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Furthermore, as for Bosch, they have a small selection of products that are made in the USA. That’s odd, given the fact they’re actually a German company! Besides this, Makita, a Japanese company, outsources a few of their products from China.

Power Tools Made In USA

With all that being said, I wanted to put more effort into doing my research on the American-made power tools available today. However, it isn’t that tools made of China are bad, but I’d rather support American companies, especially the smaller ones.

That’s why I made this list of various companies with their products made in the USA, as well as the products they offer. If you’d like to add more to this list, then feel free to do so in the comments section!

•Purdy Paintbrushes offer quality paintbrushes made in the USA

• Blue Spruce has woodworking products like hand tools and chisels

•Lie-Nielsen has woodworking products

•Forrest offers saw blades

•INCRA gives precision woodworking tools

•Stihl has gas-powered equipment and chainsaws, though this might just be assembled in the USA

•Benchcrafted has bench vises and hardware

•Caleb James Planes have wooden planes

•Walke Moore Tools offers the quality layout tools made for woodworking

•Makers Mark Branding has the great electric and flame branding irons

• Crown Plane has amazing wooden hand planes

• Sterling Toolworks offers machined layout tools

•Florip Toolworks is a veteran-owned company that produces layout tools and handmade saws

•Empire Tools has construction layout tools and levels

•Johnson Tools offers levels

•Benchmade Knives, obviously, offers knives

•Kershaw Knives has knives

•Klein Electrical Tools, obviously, has electrical tools

•Channel Lock offers good locks

•Lenox has saw blades and hole saws

• Occidental Leather has strong tool belts made of leather

•Estwing has metal tools, sledges, hatchets, and hammers

•Park Tool offers tools made for bikes

Stiletto is a well-known brand for its stainless and titanium hammers

•Council and Best Made offer hammers, heavy tools, and axes (Council produces the Axes for Best Made)

•Buck Knives offers more knives

Wait, There’s More!

Besides these, I also found more brands you can trust, also more people who have added to the list:

•Starret has the precision measuring and layout tools

•Leatherman offers more knives, this time with useful tools attached

•Miller and Hobart have welders and accessories

•Texas Heritage offers shop accessories, as well as shop aprons and tool rolls

•Plate 11 Benches has the Roubu style benches I really love!

•Bad Axe offers some of the highest quality axed made in the US

•Scott Meek Woodworks has great wooden planes

• Hamilton Marking Gauges are a company that has the heirloom wood and brass marking gauges

•Tools for Working Wood offer exactly what they’re named after

• Blackburn Tools have saws, plane parts, and blanks, as well as filling aides and other unique tools specialty builders may need

•Cranford Design Works has metal marking and leather stamps, as well as branding irons

•Black Bear Forge offers the holdfasts, hardware, and forged woodworking tools

•Elk Head Tools offers the classic and traditional twist to our modern tools today

•Tico Vogt has useful jigs we need in our tools

•Hoffman Blacksmithing is a great company for blacksmiths who need a variety of tools, axes, and knives

•Red Rose Reproductions has the wooden bench tools

• Voigt Planes has traditional wooden planes

•Old Street Tools offers wooden planes, but they aren’t accepting any orders right now

•J Wilding Planes have reproduced wooden planes

The list goes on and I’ll continue to edit it as I continue to get more information. So continue to do your research and make sure that you have the excellent tools that support our fellow American workers and economy! But also, don’t forget to look into quality and construction as well.

Wrapping It Up

When looking into different power tool brands, sometimes their claims come with a fine print. That’s why it’s crucial to ensure that you do your research correctly and know where to invest to support your advocacy and fellowmen! That way, your small purchases can make great impacts on our economy and the workers who made the tools you just bought.

I hope that this article answered your question, “where is Ryobi made” and other power tool brands! So now that you know where to invest in, start looking into the right tools you need now!

Do you have any questions or want to add your knowledge on these power tool brands? Then comment below. Your thoughts are much appreciated!

6 thoughts on “Where Is Ryobi Made? All USA-Made Power Tools Here”

  1. i believe Woodpecks is a USA tool company, some of the coolest clamping systems
    i have seen drop a .com on it you be there

  2. I worked in a GM dealer in Texas in the 1980’s and the outsourcing was going on then as parts were made in the US and assembled in Mexico. Now we see parts made elsewhere and assembled in the US being sold as made in the US. So no one makes the tools we use everyday in the US any more.
    That people was why President Trump championed America First to make America Great Again. WE The People made things WE used not China or Japan or Germany. It wasn’t those countries that saved the world from dictators like Hitler or Stalin it was American industry and their unselfish devotion to freedom that stopped the wars and the politicians who started them. The politicians are now The People’s enemies wanting to become the dictators of the future.

  3. Edward J Baker

    The author did not deal at all with the primary question. Tools that most everyone uses. Where are THEY made. Not esoteric tools. What do I care where blacksmith tools are made? At least give some idea where a greater percentage of powerr tool companies manufacture a larger percentage of their product in America.

  4. Tom Khoury

    Steve mentioned it a year ago but I still don’t see it on your list: Woodpeckers makes precision wookworking tools in Cleveland OH and their website is http://www.woodpeck.com. Every good woodworker know Woodpeckers tools.

  5. Tom Khoury

    Another USA tool manufacturer in Ohio is Wright Tool. They forge medium to large sockets and wrenches up to 1″ drive. They also put other brand names on their products but I’m not sure if that’s proprietary information.

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