Wheeled Wovel Shovel Review: The Best Snow Shovel?


Praised as one of the best inventions in 2006 the wovel shovel has made snow shovelling easier than it ever has been before.  One wonders though, how a simple mechanical implement could not have been invented a long time ago.  There was actually nothing technologically advanced about it and the design and concept are so basic that many were surprised why nobody thought about it a long time ago. This could be attributed to the fact that the concentration was focused on producing snow clearing machines and not really for individual or home purposes but all of those shortcomings were erased with the introduction of this novel invention.

The inclusion of the wheel in the traditional shovel is actually the only change that revolutionized the world of snow shovelling. The wovel shovel wheel is large enough in diameter that it makes the rolling easier for the user and it eliminates back pains usually associated with the traditional shovels used before.  It can also load more snow on its plate which makes it more efficient and faster.  The product is also height adjustable which makes it adaptable to the operator as some will be tall and others shorter.  Snow shovelling is no easy task and it has always been one of those needs to be done but that many want to do away with.  It is tedious, time consuming and frustrating at times.  There will always be a need to exert extra effort in clearing your driveway, patio or any part of the backyard from snow build-up and it must be done in regular intervals lest your home be engulfed with snow.  The use of this ergonomic snow shovel greatly reduces the time and effort applied in clearing snow and that is why it has received many awards and accolades, and was even voted as one of the best inventions and therefore considered as the best snow shovel ever.

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Wovel shovel of Canada is also becoming popular in parts of the world where snow shovelling is a must to survive.  This is because it is much cheaper than having a snow blower and definitely much better than the ordinary shovels used before.  It is manually powered and therefore does not need electricity nor gas. The product is available through most online distributors and is offered even for free shipment in some of them.  Customers though must order as soon as possible because the inventory for this product clears very fast and a waiting period is even required in some instances before it can finally be shipped.

Wovel Shovel Discounts

Even with its popularity, discounts are also being offered for the purchase online of this product and therefore customers wanting to get a chance to own a piece of this magnificent tool are given a premium.  Not only is it sold at a discount but also with free shipping through some distributors.  Some online dealers are even sold-out and customers have to wait before they can receive their orders or look for other online sources.  The discounts varies based on the retailer, that is why the customer must look for the best online source that will provide the best offer and the most efficient shipping services.

Wovel Shovel reviews

Since its inception several years ago, Wovel Shovel has made many customers happy and as a result, the product received rave reviews from many satisfied users.  Some even had misgivings on why it took many years before this invention was made.  The positive reviews centered mainly on how efficient the product was and that it is much faster than the usual shovel.  It also serves as a good physical exercise depending on the one who’s using it.  The not so positive reviews came from those who think that it is still a shovel and not that useful in terms of clearing out snow involving a large area where snow blowers are used and that because of this, the only thing that it can replace really is the old shovel. They also find it hard to maneuver in narrow spaces because of its size.  It is also said that the blade incorporated should have included the wear strip that is important in preventing the chip from cracks and chipping.  Wear strips are sold separately though at the customer’s option.  Another issue is that the assembly will require a certain amount of time. Some also claim to have issues with the introductory price, some find this product quite expensive considering the light materials used. This has been addressed by the manufacturer by offering discounts in selected areas.  All points taken, the Wovel Shovel passed the reviews with flying colours and it continues to be the choice of many households that need the services of this excellent tool.

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This product is accompanied by a standard manufacturer’s warranty of three (3) years for frame, wheels and tires.  The manufacturer also has replacement and other accessories available, sold separately like gravel wheel accessories, snap-on wear strip, chipper plates, and a replacement shovel blade with shipping costs included in most instances.  While replacements are not common with Wovel Shovel their replacement parts are affordable and their customer service technicians are available to help customers at all hours.

This very novel invention is included in the list of most loved gadgets now. In fact with the introduction of the newer model, the Snow Wolf, sales has never been better. Customers are even willing to wait for the next production schedule just to get hold of this simple yet very useful product. Since this is a seasonal product, there is no problem in the waiting period as long as products will be available during the winter and heavy snow season.

The simple task of snow shovelling is starting to get attention from various sectors now because of this product. It not only changed the way getting rid of snow is done, it greatly contributed in resolving physical issues that go with it. Not to mention it is one of the easiest to operate tools on the market that arguably should have been made years and years ago.

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