What Is The Jace 8000?

jace 8000When it comes to integrating technology into your buildings in order to improve the efficiency of chillers, pumps, and more, it helps to have a handy central platform for networking and automation. This is where the Jace 8000 comes into play. As an IOT device, a properly configured Jace 8000 can serve as a platform for the communication and management of these devices. In today’s article we are going to explain a little more about how this works, why the Jase is better than a standard BAS system, and answer a few more questions which we anticipate that you might have about this technical wonder. Let’s talk about the Jace 8000!

So, what exactly is the Jace 8000?

We’ve mentioned that the Jace 8000 is an IOT device, but what exactly does this entail? Well, IOT is short for ‘internet of things’, a term coined by the inventor of IOT, Kevin Ashton. To put it in simple terms, an ‘internet of things’ is when you have a multitude of devices connected through a central platform, communicating and functioning without the aid or requirement of human to human or of human to computer interaction. Sometimes these devices may be connecting directly to each other or they might simply just pool analytic data to a cloud where it may be processed and assessed for actions that can be communicated back automatically to the devices. For building management, this could mean that you might monitor carbon dioxide levels at the same time that you are regulating the coils in a heating or air conditioning unit, while implementing a complex schedule of lighting based on the occupancy level of buildings. The options are many and varied, making an ‘internet of things’ not only a powerful concept but a very desirable, obtainable realityas, the Jace 8000 is just such a device.

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How can the Jace 8000 save me money?

Let’s say that you are renting out office spaces and conference rooms in your building and the schedule is often changing. If you do not currently have a BAS (building automation system) then this means you are having to have someone turn these things on and off manually. This is, of course, tedious and inefficient. Aside from this, there are specialized valves that you can purchase such as a Belisimo energy valve that can regulate underflow and overflow in coils, Delta T, and more. By employing a centralized management solution that incorporates IOT technology you can eliminate the need for manual adjustments but you can also save energy and get warnings when maintenance is going to be required. This will increase the lifespan of coolers, boilers, pumps, and more, and can help to ensure that through the magic of automation you are delivering a comfortable environment to your clients without having to spend extra by guessing or relying on staff to handle it.

What if I already have a BAS system? jace 8000

If you have an existing BAS system then you might have noticed that scheduling can be a bit… well, repetitive. Most of the BAS software which we have seen seems to require the ‘double entering’ of scheduled events. You have to first type in the event, then wait on approval, and then print out all events for the week for further approval through another staff member and only THEN do you get to enter it, a second time, for actual management from the BAS. The Jace 8000 has two applications, E Space and Coolspace, which work with a special driver and integrate with the scheduling software so that you can enter the item once and have it replicate out to the appropriate devices so that an area is heated, cooled, or otherwise automated at the appropriate timeslot. This also saves you from the pain that is REMOVING an event from most available BAS software. Jace 8000 provides the applications and the technology to truly automate these processes, so why not drop the antiquated BAS software for something that can REALLY automate your environment?

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Commonly asked questions regarding the Jace 8000

If you are thinking about checking out the Jace 8000 for yourself to see if it is a good fit for your automation needs then we are sure that you have a few questions that you would like addressed.

“Maximize the automation efficiency of your buildings”

While we cannot anticipate every one, we’ve compiled a list of some of the more common questions and will provide a link so that you may obtain some further information for yourself as well. Some of the most commonly asked questions are as follows:

  • How is the Jace 8000 licensed? – Jace 8000 licensing is based on devices or points. During the initial setup you can select the amount of points to manage.
  • What sort of power input does it require? – The Jace 8000 utilizes a standard WPM-800 voltage adaptor and without any extra modules will run on 24VAC/DC power.
  • Can I back up or restore via USB to a Jace 8000? – Yes! A used may be inserted into the Jace 8000 for purposes of full backup or restore as needed.
  • Can all of the managed points be viewed by the Jace 8000? – Yes. Station summaries may be pulled up within the Jace 8000 resource manager from any of your networked devices.

jace 8000

Some final words regarding the Jace 8000

In today’s article we have discussed the Jace 8000, an ‘internet of things’ device which you may use to network and manage devices in order to maximize the automation efficiency of your buildings. While you could save money in the short run just having someone manage these things manually, keep in mind that you have to pay for this labor and that this type of management is simply inefficient. Devices exist that can measure the efficiency of parts inside of coolers, boilers, and more and that these may be used to truly automate heating and cooling of your buildings (and let you know when maintenance is needed!!). For more information on the Jace 8000, be sure to visit the link below:

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