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best shoes for roofing
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There are some special considerations when it comes to roofing shoes. Are they comfortable? Durable? Are the soles going to melt on a hot Texas roof while you are working? With this and more in mind we’ve compiled a list of shoes that don’t sacrifice too much comfort for utility. We’ll list a little information regarding what we liked about these shoes and then you can decide for yourself which are the best shoes for roofing!

The importance of your choices

There are qualities that every roofing shoe should have. Noting this, we made some careful selections in regards to the shoes that we will be recommending today. Your roofing shoes should definitely have the following traits:

    • Durability – Your roofing shoes need to be tough. You’ll be hauling shingles up ladders, demolishing and walking on old roof fingers, and more. The soles need to be made of proper materials with a high melting point, so that you don’t risk them melting during summer work.
    • Comfort – You are going to be wearing these all day while you are working hard. Comfort ensures no blisters later that can prevent work and also that you can keep your mind on the work and on your safety up there on the roof.
    • Non-slip, solid traction – This is a definite must. Poor traction can get you a broken neck, as any roofer knows. You want shoes that are going to help you to stick up there like Spider-man.
    • They need to ‘breathe’ – Hard work is sweaty work. Shoes that breathe are more hygienic and safer for you.
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So which are the best shoes for roofing work?

We’ve selected 5 of the very best and included important information to help you decide which pair is going to be the best fit for you. These are our favorites:

Roofing boots(and shoes) reviews

  1. Ever Boots – Protectorroof walking shoes

Ever Boots has a nice offering in their ‘Protector’ line. Steel toed, they also have EH protection rated for 18,000 volts so they are good for electricians as well as for roofers. Aside from being insulated, they are waterproof as well, and sport a moisture wicking lining that will keep your feet feeling fresh. The grip on these shoes is excellent and will work for many a surface, even oily ones. So how much will a pair set you back? At about $65 for a pair, they won’t set you back much at all.


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  1. Timberland – Pro Barstow

shoes for roofing work

We like these roof walking shoes. Their traction is good for just about any surface. Heavy-duty construction means they are a litte weighty, but solid, so they can absorb a little shock as needed. The upper portions are full-grained leather leather and when you lace them up they are tight and secure. Their height of 5″ means that you get firm ankle support in the bargain. While they will set you back a little over $100 they are built to last so consider them an investment that you will get a lot of use out of. View this item on Amazon

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  1. Van’s Skate shoesroofing shoes for sale

These are a fun and stylish selection that we made based on grip. You see, these are skating shoes. The outside is made of rubber and provide an excellent grip to keep you on the productive side of the roof. The balance is good as well, as they are flat soled and the vulcanized construction means they are not only stylish, but durable. Cheap but durable, these Vans. You can get these roofing shoes for sale here:

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“Waterproof leather, steel toe, fiberglass shank…”

  1. Ever BootsUltra Dry

roofing boots reviews

With a slip-resistant rubber sole and a shock resistant midsole, these leather boots are not only affordable but quite useful when you’re atop the house slinging shingles. The leather on these has been waterproofed and if you need a bigger sized boot then Ever has got you covered, carrying plus sizes that a lot of vendors neglect. So what about the price? Not shabby at all at around $67.

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  1. ThorogoodAmerican Heritage best shoes for roofing work

These are a bit pricey but they have a lot of nice features. Sporting excellent traction, these made-in-the-USA shoes have a memory foam insole to ensure maximum comfort and to absorb shock. That doesn’t mean they aren’t rugged, however. Waterproof leather, steel toe, fiberglass shank… Available in tobacco-stain tan or black, did we mention that these are 100% leather? Pricewise they are around $200, so they are the priciest entry on this list, but if it means lasting comfort and durability(versus discomfort and constantly replacing your shoes), is that such a bad price?

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Honorable mention

While the above are our top 5 picks, we did have an honorable mention pick to add to our list in case these 5 didn’t quite tickle your fancy. Consider these little gems:

Red Wing – Heritage MOC

cheap vans

Our runner up didn’t quite make the fab-five but they are still a nice pair of fancy and functional footwear. So why didn’ they make the 5? Well, that would be the cost. When it comes to function they are pretty impressive. Made in the USA, these feature a moccasin toe, chestnut leather lace, ankle support, and they are made from 100% tanned leather. They are water repellent and as they are completely leather they will shape with your foot over time. The vulcanized rubber sole means that they will give you a reliable grip on most surfaces and their durability is such that you won’t be replacing them anytime soon. At around $260 their price kept them off the five-list but in case you are considering a high-end pair of shoes for roofing work to invest in we thought we’d give you that option.

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The bottom line

Well, there you have it. These are our favorites and we hope that you’ll check out the ones that you like best. Who knows, they might be your favorites too! Stay safe on those rooftops and keep up the good work!

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