What Are The Best Gloves For Roofing And More?

Looking for a great set of work gloves? We’ve got you covered! There are a number of very handy gloves out there that could be the perfect fit for you. We’ve reviewed a few and come up with a list of 5 in various categories that we think you will find quite agreeable. We’ll start with Roofing gloves and branch into other categories of top rated working gloves that we think you should consider. Let’s Begin our best work gloves review!

Roofing: Milwaukee Demolition glovesroofing gloves

These gloves are nice. Work gloves with the modern day in mind. Their Smartswipe knuckle feature means that you can use your cell phone with ease without taking your gloves off or using dirty glove fingertips. Their grip and durability ensures that you won’t be unintentionally dropping anything while you are tearing out old shingles to replace them. The lining in these babies is breathable as well so that your hands don’t get all sweaty as well. Priced at around 30$ these won’t demolish your wallet, either.


best price mechanix glovesWelder wear: Lincoln Electric Premium Leather MIG/Stick welding gloves

Our next entry comes from Lincoln Electric. Combining protection with a nod to dexterity, these gloves are based on a Lincoln design that has been used for almost a decade. With Leather reinforced fingers, high durability seams, and style, these gloves also employ Lincoln’s flamesoft liner. This means that you get a combination of leather, flame retardant cotton, and flame retardant foam to keep your hands safe while they work their magic. Priced at just under $30 this might just be your next set of welding gloves.

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Mechanical repair and engineering: Mechanix wear original 185217best work gloves review

These are pretty fanttastic. Sporting an LED light in the thumb, they let you work without having to hold a light separately. That’s not all, however. They sport two-ply finger and thumb stips for increased protection, and the seams are internal in order to prevent snagging. The Clarins OW-927 palm provides a firm grip and best of all, you can get a pair for around $25(best price on Mechanix 185217 gloves that we’ve found thus far) with a quick search on Amazon. If you are a mechanic or a hobbyist working within the occasionally dark insides of machinery then you will love these gloves.



atlas fit gloves amazonCold weather All-around: Atlas Showa Therma-fit

Cold is hard on your gloves. They get wet, they freeze, they chip and break. It’s frankly a pain. So, why spring for a single pair of winter work gloves when you can get efficient work gloves for the cold in a bundle and switch when you like? The Atlas Showa Therma-fit gloves are our pick for cold weather in this review. Coated with natural rubber, these dontain a seamless thermal lining, as well as an excellent grip whether it is wet or dry. The natural rubber is also good for gardening as they are thorn-resistant to a degree that your current gloves may not possess. Pricewise they are also a treat as you can get a whopping 12 pair for under $40 on Amazon, so these Atlas gloves fit any budget. Stock up on your cold weather gloves now!

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Food services and woodworking: Nocry cut resistantbest rated work gloves

Fabricated from polyethylene, glass fiber, and spandex, these gloves offer level 5 protection for those in the food industry, for woodworking, shucking oysters, and more. Machine washable, Nocry’s gloves are also 4 times stronger than leather while being extremely flexible as to allow you the most of your dexterity while you are protecting your hands. A pair will cost you around $10 so you definitely won’t be breaking the bank by getting a set. Try a pair out and see for yourself, after all, if you’ve ever sliced yourself at work, you know the value of a good set of gloves!

mechanix cold weather glovesHobbyist/Do-it-yourself: Ironclad Workhorse leather gloves

Simple, effective, Ironclad has produced a nice set of leather gloves that will have a number of applications for you as a hobbyist or general do-it-yourselfer. With a grain cowhide palm and thumb you’ll get the grip that you need without fancy chemical engineering and the cowhide split back will protect your hand on the inverse. Plus, you really can’t beat the smell of new leather. At around $13 dollars a pair you won’t have to freak out if you get a little paint on them, either. As an added bonus for those hobbyists with larger hands, you can get these in larger sizes that fit better than many you will find in stores.

“You get the right tool for the right job, so why not the right protection?”

Gardening:: Fir Tree Goatskin and Cowhide suede garden glovestop rated work gloves

Gardening comes with its own protection pitfalls. The worst of them is thorns. Goatskin is about as thorn resistant as it comes so if you are tired of getting poked with your current gloves, consider Fir tree’s offering. These are ideal for roses, cactus, berry bushes, and more. They are washable with special instructions and come with a storage bag for when they are not in use. So what does it cost for goatskin and cowhide suede gloves? Try around $26$.

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In conclusion

We’ve covered a wide range of gloves for various tasks. These are the best that we have found for a variety of budgets and we hope that should you take our advice that you will get the most out of them. You get the right tool for the right job, so why not the right protection?

Find the best rated workgloves here:

Don’t you hate when you see a product that you like in an article and they don’t list where you can get them? Here is a list of the gloves and where to get them on Amazon(or to compare them and hunt through your preferred vendors!)

  1. Milwaukee Demolition gloves

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  1. Lincoln Electric Premium Leather MIG/Stick welding gloves

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  1. Mechanix wear original 185217

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  1. Atlas Showa Therma-fit

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  1. Nocry cut resistant

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  1. Ironclad Workhorse leather gloves

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  1. Fir Tree Goatskin and Cowhide suede garden gloves

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