Wetterlings Axe Review Guide: Bushcraft, Forest, Hatchet, Hunting & Wildlife Axe Types

An axe that is made from Swedish steel that has a composition of iron, manganese, silicon, carbon and vanadium is meant to last forever. Wetterlings axe is made with such materials and is hand forged with the use of a press in order to make it stronger and more durable. Hand forging instead of drop forging makes an axe stand the test of time and continue to serve a generation of owners. The special steel that is used in making these axes with the method of grinding, tempering and hardening attains a Rockwell hardness of 57-58. This is the main reason why axes made by Wetterlings is different from all other axes made.

The tradition of making this type of axe is still maintained up to this day. Wetterlings axes are made in Storvik, a place that is rich with history from the times of the Vikings.  Amazingly only 10 people continue to work proudly on these axes, day in and day out. This is also the place where Otto Wetterling and his brother Sven Axel Wetterling have started the development of creating axes with such craftsmanship that made it known all over the world. The name of the company that they have created is S. A. Wetterlings Manufacturing, which is also the trademark and is embossed in every handle of the axes that have come out to be sold in the market.

There are several Wetterlings axe dealers online, like www.knifecenter.com, which carries all the axes made by the company. The shipping time of the website once the axe is purchased will last from 1 to 2 months and the selling price that is offered is discounted.

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Axes by Wetterlings

The Wetterlings wildlife axe has been subjected to the same tradition in order to guarantee the customer that the axe will last forever. The alloy composition and hickory handle of this Wetterlings axe is finely crafted and well-balanced to face the harshness of the wild. This axe is great for people who love to venture into the wilderness and those who love to hike and commune with nature. This product is lightweight with a mere 1.2 pound head. The head of the axe measures at 2 and ¾ inches, with the length of the handle at 12 ½ inches making it an indispensable companion in the wild.

Wetterlings small hunting axes received a review of five stars from the website www.knifecenter.com. It is well-balanced and very sharp according to users. When the axe is being utilized it hits the mark without any concussion being felt on the wrist of the user. It is perfect and recommended for usage during camping as it has the ability to chop with ease and the craftsmanship is undeniably excellent. The length of the axe is 15 inches, and it has a head weighs at 1.55 pounds with the cutting edge of the axe at 3 ¼ inches.

With its rough finish and design the Wetterlings forest axe is a great axe for limbing logs, knocking down smaller trees and for chopping wood. The hand crafted steel is grounded to attain a perfect sharpness. When ordered from the website mentioned above the costumer will receive a discount of 25 percent, a great deal. Free shipment may be available if the total purchase will reach the minimum of $149. The length is 25 ½ inches and the head of the axe is 6 ½ inches with the cutting edge at 3 ½ inches.

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Www.bushcraftusa.com has issued out a review on the Wetterlings bushcraft axe. The review made includes an observation that the length of the handle is at 19 inches and is made from hickory wood with a nice appealing look and very comfortable to use. The weight of the head is 1.5 pounds and is made from Swedish carbon steel. Other comments made by the Wetterlings axe review are that the mask will have to be replaced because it does not have an attachment point, and that the edges are wavy but do not affect the performance of the axe. The website also noted some more observations and for those who would like to make note simply log in to the site mentioned.

Wetterlings Vs. Gransfors

There is not much to note when a comparison is made between Wetterlings axes vs. Gransfors bruks. Those who have made a comment and posted on the website of www.britishblades.com have made an observation that both products are well crafted and received the same tradition of axe making since it all came from Sweden. One author has commented that the best way to choose an axe is to try it first and try to see which product suits the user the most. It is suggested that when selecting an axe go to a store that has more product on display and choose the best one before purchasing.

A reviewer also noted both good and bad experiences on both products being compared. The problems that were noted were on the head and handle of the axes. The biggest thing that most reviewers have noted on the differences between the two axes is not on the axe itself but for the pricing.  Wetterlings axes cost less than axes being made by Gransfors bruks. If further reading of the reviews made on the website is done it will be noted that most of the authors who gave a review have a preference of the axes being made by Wetterlings.

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Another point to consider is that it would be futile to compare both axes since Gransfors bruks has purchased the Wetterlings company. At some point when a replacement is done by the owner of an axe like a new handle there is the possibility that instead of receiving a Wetterlings axe handle one will receive a Gransfors axe handle because of the buyout.

While many people are unaware of the purchase of Wetterlings it is important to note that their products are still made with the same dedication and Swedish traditional creative techniques that they always were.  Gransfors recognized the company’s great worth and merely made a wise business decision.

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