Welding Hats Review Guide: Custom, Watson, Pattern, Jackson & Comeau Welding Hats

There are many people around the world who do welding for their living or make a hobby out of it. Welding is the process of joining two or more pieces of metal, like stainless steel, brass, steel, aluminum or other things like polymer and plastic. A good welder is the one who possesses technical knowhow of the welding process and is able to accurately join the materials with dexterity. He has to pay a lot of attention in order to perform his job properly and ensure his personal safety. In the process of welding the potential for accidents is always apparent, so using welding hats is important to the safety of the welder and those who are in the vicinity.

In today’s modern society most people are striving to always look different or stand out, so they are constantly on lookout of fashionable accessories. The same is the case with the welders. There are many accessories available for welders and there are also various welding hats pattern available on the market today. Welding hats are not only stylish and cool but they also serve their purposes. A welding hat keeps the sweat from dripping into the eyes of the welder apart from being fire absorbent and retardant. There are different patterns of welding hats and there are also custom welding hats available.

There are many welding hats for sale by different manufacturers, including Watson welding hats, Comeaux welding hats and Jackson welding helmets. The products of these sellers are listed below:

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Comeaux Welding Hats

Comeaux welding hats are one of the most popular welding hats available on the market and they come in 9 different styles. Each of the styles has been listed below:

1)      1000 – Single Sided Soft Brim Comfort Crown

The caps of this style have super soft brim with deep crown to cover the ears and even neck of the welders. It fits great with its 6 panels. This welder’s cap comes with custom prints of Comeaux. The entire welding hats pattern is unique and designed by the manufacturer, and they are double-checked before being sold. The makers at Comeaux are so confident about the quality of their product that they offer 100% satisfaction guarantee on all of their products. Their warehouse is fully stocked with hats so there’s no chance of you being turned away when you order a cap or a dozen of them. These caps are made of 100% cotton and they come in different colors, sizes and a wide variety of patterns.

2)      2000 – Reversible Soft Brim Comfort Crown

The caps of 2000 style are much like the caps of 1000 style but the difference between the caps of these two styles is that the caps of 2000 style are reversible and they have custom print on one side and solid color on the other side of the hat. These caps are available in black or white apart from the different colors and patterns.

3)      3000 – Black Quilted

This style of caps is black quilted with red stitching, and it has a flat crown that is hard brimmed. These caps are also made of cotton. The quality if these caps are thoroughly checked before being shipped off to the sellers.

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4)      4000 Crazy Cap – Single Sided Stiff Brim Comfort Crown

To give that baseball fit, the caps of this style are hard brim and have medium crown. The fabrics that are used to make these caps are designed by Comeaux and they stand for their uniqueness. As different people have different tastes, the caps are made in different colors and patterns.

5)      5000 Polka Dot – Single Sided Stiff Brim Comfort Crown

With the medium crown and hard brim, the 5000 style caps are made to look like a baseball cap and it fits like that too. These hats are available in three different colors: red, green and blue. These caps look distinct with white polka dots on them.

6)      6000 Striped – Single Sided Stiff Brim Comfort Crown

These uniquely designed caps by Comeaux look beautiful as they are printed with assorted stripes. The 6000 style caps are made to cover the neck and ears of the welder. They are comfortable to wear as they are made from 100% cotton.

7)      7000 – Doo Rags

The doo rags fits well on the head of the welder and it also covers his neck and ears. The single-sided doo rag, surgeon’s cap, or scrub cap is printed on the custom pattern of Comeaux. The doo rags are tied to the back of the head and it has one size that fits most of the welders.

8)      7000SB – Sweat Band Doo Rags

These doo rags are similar to the ones of 7000 style but the only difference is the addition of sweat band to it. The head band is placed on top of the head and it has an elastic band that helps it to fit around the back of the head. The caps come in different types like the red bandannas, royal bandannas, comeauxflage and solid black.

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9)      8000 – Skull Caps

The skull caps of 8000 style have no brim. These caps have custom prints that are designed by Comeaux. These caps are deep crowned to cover the head of the welder. It comes in different colors and assorted patterns.

For those who are seeking an alternative to Comeaux welding hats you can also select from Watson or Jackson welding helmets.  While their options, features and designs are different they all serve the same general purpose. Each manufacturer features their own hats and helmets, so it is all about personal preference when selecting the right one for you and your safety as a welder.

A welder should know and understand the risks that are involved with their hobby or profession, and for that reason it is important to take all precautions and always wear a hat and helmet when welding. Such small safety measures can make the difference between a safe project completed, or a serious injury to oneself or someone else around them.

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