Weed Grinders Review Guide: Online Prices, Custom, Herb and Diamond Weed Grinders For Sale

A weed grinder is essentially a mere herb grinder that breaks culinary or medical herbs, such as marijuana, into easily consumable, fine powder which is then used for joints or for medical purposes.

It is small and cylindrical in shape, opening into two halves that each have sharp edge that, when pressed, moved and grinded together, turn lumps of weed or tobacco into a fine dust that allows for consumption. It is usually metal with teeth and jaws of different raw materials, sometimes even diamonds, for real aficionados.

This is better than using any other grinder for grinding drugs for strictly medical use or just for the relaxing kick some people get out of taking marijuana, as it is specially designed for the task at hand and there are no annoying problems with contamination of the drugs like with other methods, such as hand or bowl grinding, not being sufficient for this task.

Why would I need to get a weed grinder?

Well, in some countries, marijuana is sold legally as a stress reliever and as a pain killer. In places like Canada, it would be necessary to have a weed grinder like it would be necessary to own a box of aspirin.

It would be important to get a well tailored, possibly custom made, herb grinder for this particular use, as it is for medical reasons and would need to be sanitary and risk free. It wouldn’t be good to be using some old grater that didn’t do the job properly.

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Another reason to have a personal herb grinder is if you were using it for culinary reasons. Herbs and spices are used in a lot of meals that are cooked on chef’s recipe and at home, so it is important to know when and how to use them properly.

And ideal way to prepare them is with a metal herb grinder, as the teeth and jaws of the mechanism are specially designed to grind down marijuana and other herbs, and so are absolutely perfect if you need spices to be in a fine powder for cooking purposes.

There are many ordinary culinary dishes that would be impossible to accomplish without the help of a weed grinder to grind your spices down into a fine powder, so before you cook half bothered meals for your family and friends, invest in a grinder and show some well earned pride in your cooking for the people that you know!

If it just so happens that you just happen to like a joint of marijuana on the weekends or on a day off, it’s still a reasonably good idea to have one of these pieces of equipment on hand. They are made for the purpose of turning the marijuana plant into a fine powdery substance suitable for smoking or taking in other ways, so, unless it’s illegal where you come from, there is nothing stopping you from buying one.

Where can I get a weed grinder?

While there are typically many local shops in urban areas that carry herb grinders there are some weed grinders online where you can also purchase quality weed grinders for cheap prices.

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GrassCity is just one great store that sells all sorts of weed grinders through their website http://www.grasscity.com/eu_en/ . They specialize in three different forms of weed grinders for sale, which are below:

Aluminum Grinders

The first is the aluminum herb grinder. This one is a little under seven dollars, which is seriously cheap for such a great product.  It comes in two parts which come apart to let you put the weed for grinding in. Its surface is textured for an easier grip and its teeth are shaped like diamonds, which give it a better edge on it. Its lid is also magnetized with a friction ring made of nylon circling it.

Mini Aluminum Grinder

The second is a smaller version of the previous aluminum one. It’s simpler and a little bit cheaper at just over six dollars and is more suited to people who only take weed as a hobby and only once in a blue moon. It has all the qualities the previous has, only smaller and a little harder to work with because of the size. It has the diamond shaped teeth, the friction ring, the magnetizing lid and textured surface like the previous too.

Diamond Weed Grinder

The third is for real aficionados, though. It’s fancy, with fake diamonds and a Playboy bunny symbol on it, although you can get various designs for a custom weed grinder if you’d like. It has a pollen screen and a kief catcher. The teeth are shark pointed as opposed to diamond weed grinder, making the weed more shredded than ground down; some people prefer it that way and others don’t. It prices at almost eleven dollars and thirty cents, which is almost double the price of the others, but its fancy and some people like fancy.

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Online stores that sell weed grinders also sell other smoking paraphernalia that you might be interested in too, like smoking pipes, bongs, waterpipes and more. For the individual who wants to separate their grinders from others, there are also specially decorated and custom grinders available in various colors or with symbols on the lids, like a smiley face, a marijuana leaf or grinders that remember stacks of poker chips. Your grinder can truly be a reflection of your personality as there are that many options.

Other stores, such as eBay and www.marijuanagrinders.com and ciao also sell weed grinders, but they’re much the same as the ones I have listed here, There are not many other types, but beware! Some are sold for a fraction of the price, and others try and scam you, so just know that you can get a decent one for under twenty dollars and you will be fine.

So now you know what a weed grinder is and what to use it for, so if you have a need for a kitchen or recreational grinder start your search today!

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