Weed Grinders For Sale Wiki: Reviews, Prices, Diamond And Herb

The basic purpose of the weed grinders is to shred herb finely. A finely shredded herb burns evenly which enhances the quality of the smoke, so when you smoke the herb burns evenly providing a stronger taste. In general practice there are some smokers who do not use weed grinders, and when enquired they’ll ask you what the benefit actually is? The fact is that those smokers who have never used the weed grinders before can never really even begin to understand the benefits of this amazing machine.


The weed grinders enhance almost every dimension of smoking. The shredded weed or herbs burn at a much slower rate compared to the clumps which burn very quickly and before you even begin to enjoy the smoke. The shredded weed or herb is very easy to roll as well, not to mention the smoke lasts longer accentuating the taste to a level non-grinded weed can never achieve.

Types of Grinders

Mainly there are 4 types of grinders available in the market.

  • 2 Chamber Grinders
  • 3 Chamber Grinders
  • 4 Chamber Grinders
  • Electric Grinders

2 Chamber Grinders

2 Chamber Football Herb Grinder #6

As the name suggests a 2 chamber grinder consists of 2 chambers with sharp teeth. This is a very simple design of the grinder with limited working capability. It shreds the weed quickly and that is just about it. The quality of the shredded weed is not very high. And this is the least expensive type of the grinder available in the market, perhaps why it is still in use.

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3 Chamber Grinders

Deluxe Aluminum 3 Chamber Herb Grinder #1

The 3 chamber grinder is similar to the 2 chamber grinders. The first 2 chambers are the same, with sharp teeth. The anomaly is the third chamber that is a collector chamber at the bottom of the 2 chambers with teeth. This feature makes the 2 chamber grinder convenient to use and an area that the shredded herb can be easily collected. The 3 chamber grinders are going to be slightly more expensive compared to the 2 chamber grinders.

4 Chamber Grinders


You’d think that a 4 Chamber grinder would be something really complex but no it’s not it’s just an extension of the 3 Chamber grinders. The 3 chambers of the 4 chamber grinder are the same but below the collector chamber is a 4th chamber and its purpose is to collect kief. The last chamber is often referred to as a kief collector. Kief is a much higher concentration ofweed obtained from the shredded weed and can turn your average weed into an exceptional weed, the likes of which you’ve never tasted before. This is a relatively expensive grinder compared to the other two just because of the kief chamber incorporation. But the quality of the weed obtained from this grinder is without a doubt the best and that is exactly why it is worth its money and if you just smoke kief once you will acknowledge the quality of smoke.

Price Range of Weed Grinders

The weed grinders come in varying price ranges they are easily affordable and not very expensive. The prices vary from $5 up to $50 depending upon the number of chambers accompanied with a particular weed grinder.

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Top Weed Grinders

You can find a long list on the internet regarding the top weed grinders available in the market. The following is a list of some of the very good weed grinders commonly available on the market:

Mendo Mulcher Grinder
SPACE CASE Grinder Sifter 4 Pc. Large Non-Magnetic

Many consumers claim that as this is an expensive grinder it can be difficult to talk yourself into purchasing one.  However, as soon as you use it for the first time you can understand the reasoning behind such a price tag. This grinder is capable of shredding herbs better than most other grinders, and the incorporation of a collection disk makes grinding easy and mess free. Users also claim that structurally the Menudo Mulcher is one of the most durable grinders, with a fixed screen during shredding and a spill-proof kief collector.

Chromium Crusher Grinder


Those who have purchased the chromium crusher grinder claim that it is incomparable to other grinders on the market. The teeth inside the Chromium Crusher are ideal for the grinding all textures of weed. The case itself is comprised of high quality aluminum metals, making this grinder ideal to last through the wear and tear of several years. The Chromium Crusher is constantly hailed as one of the top weed grinders for personal usage.

Sharpstone Grinder

Authentic Sharpstone Brand Herb Grinder 4 piece BLACK + Cali Crusher Pollen Press(G2-B + P2)

Sharpstone is one of the most popular grinder production brands. This grinder system is ideal for personal use and is durable to last even the most frequent of smokers. Most users are amazed at the quality of the kief and weed that is produced from this grinder. There is no lack of satisfied customers for this 4 chamber grinder.

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Diamond Grind Herb Grinder

Instapark® 2.25″ B Premium Quality Tobacco Herb GrinderFood Grinders & Mills)

The Diamond Grind is another of the top grinders available on the market for purchase.  Argued as a bit pricey for a grinder, but most consumers feel that it is well worth it.  One of the primary benefits of the Diamond Grind grinder is that it comes with a lifetime warranty on all the contents of the grinder. This means that you don’t have to worry about breaks in chambers or the teeth itself, as the company is willing to replace your unit for free.

These are just a few of the best grinders available in the market, there are a lot of reviews available on the internet and these reviews are a very good source of information about all available grinders.

Where to Buy

These grinders are readily available in most of the malls and you can always buy them from online stores like Amazon. 2nd hand grinders are also available but it is advised not to opt for the 2nd hand products because the weed grinders are very cheap to begin with so it’s better to get a brand new product.

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