Weatherguard Tool Boxes Review: Delta, Truck, UWS And Toolbox Parts Guide

Toolboxes are important pieces of a professional craftsman’s equipment as they keep their tools safe from both theft and the elements, as well as provide a secure means of storage. Toolbox on wheels is an alternative to the traditional flat mounted toolbox, which gets mounted on vehicles. Wheeled toolboxes are more convenient than the traditional toolbox as they have one convenient compartmentalized spot which makes it easier for making movements between your jobs, sites and home. As the toolbox will remain attached to the truck or other vehicle, there is no chance that you will forget your toolbox anywhere. Weatherguard toolboxes are among the best in both the quality and the durability of their products.

Weatherguard Toolboxes
Weatherguard Company manufactures some of the best toolboxes that come pretty handy in need of time and tense situations. There are plenty of boxes which manufactured by the company, each of these have its own unique strength and quality. Some of the boxes by Weatherguard are as under:

  • Saddle Boxes
  • Hi-Side Boxes
  • Under bed Boxes
  • Lo-Side Boxes
  • Pork Chop Boxes etc.

Some of the known toolboxes for trucks by Weatherguard are given below:

Weatherguard Aluminum Saddle Box

This is one of the best Weatherguard’s toolboxes for trucks. The main features of this toolbox are given below:

  • Full weather seal which keep the moisture away from reaching the tools.
  • Extreme protection locking system which will prevent from break-ins.
  • Attachment points with the materials are secured in the tool box in the truck bed.
  • Automotive style rotary latch feature of the tool which allows one-touch opening.
  • The adjustable metal tray and organized tools are set in the tray.
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You can get this box along with the other Weatherguard toolboxes for sale on Amazon. You can get this aluminum saddle box for just $701.08, at a price savings of $49.92.

Weatherguard Cubic Feet Lo-Side Aluminum Tool Box

The main features of this metal tool box are given below:

  • Extreme protection lock which means you will not find any break-ins in the toolbox.
  • Easy to install with drill-free mounting brackets
  • Full weather seal, your tools will never get spoiled because of moisture or excessive rain or flood.
  • 90 degrees cover opening to easily access the tools.
  • And a body channel which gives extra strength to the toolbox.

This toolbox is even cheaper at Amazon and you can get this on 15% off with just $436.90, saving you $77.10

Weatherguard Aluminum Lo-Side Box

This toolbox can be used separately as well as with the other cross or saddle toolboxes. This toolbox contains two keys and a high impact removable plastic tray. Mounting legs and hardware is also included in the box. The main features of this toolbox are given below:

  • Extreme lock protection for security purposes and protection against break-ins.
  • 90 degree opening cover lid for easier access.
  • Automotive style latch for one-touch and smooth opening.
  • Body channel and new cover for a distinguished look.
  • 12V access for electrical up-lifts
  • Further additional features include full weather seal, latch linkage protection, drill-free installation as well as increased warranty.

Delta Toolboxes

Besides the Weatherguard Toolboxes, there are some efficient and reliable truck toolboxes by Delta as well. Delta is known for innovative and water-resistant storage solutions for trucks and job sites. Here are just a few of the most popular types of Delta brand toolboxes.

  • Delta Aluminum Single Lid Crossover Toolbox
  • Delta Aluminum Mid-Lid Crossover Toolbox
  • Delta Pro Aluminum Single Lid Crossover Toolbox
  • Delta Champion Single Lid Low-Profile Crossover Toolbox
  • Delta Aluminum Portable Utility Chest
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The best thing about Delta truck toolboxes is that these toolboxes get installed in the bed of your truck rig, so that the toolbox will not roam around in the truck. The safety locks provided on these truck bed toolboxes will also secure your tools and your toolbox itself from people with larcenous intentions. So you won’t need to worry about your tools, or your toolbox, while you’re truck is left unattended in the parking lot. The Delta full sized Crossover structural foam, dual lid truck box is one of the most popular of the Delta brand toolboxes. Here is some more information regarding this product:

Delta Full Size Crossover Structural Foam Dual Lid Truck Box

The main features of this toolbox are:

  • Heavily reinforced
  • Self-rising lid
  • High strength nylon and nylon latches
  • Interior reinforcing ribs

If you get this Delta truck toolbox from Amazon, you will get this for only $331.91 along with the free super saver shipping.

UWS Toolboxes

Another reliable name when it comes to truck toolboxes is UWS. There is quite a range of these truck boxes and most of these models are available in black powder coat or Brite Tread. These are made in U.S. and are ideal for trucks, besides the UWS also make toolboxes for Trailer Tongue, ATV and Hunters. Some of the known UWS truck toolboxes are given as under:

  • Crossover toolboxes
  • Side mount toolboxes
  • Topsides toolboxes
  • Wheel well toolboxes
  • Trailer tongue toolboxes
  • Under bed toolboxes
  • Fifth wheel toolboxes and so on

UWS Black Single Lid Low Profile Deep Aluminum Toolbox

The main features of this UWS truck toolbox are given as under:

  • Stainless steel locks which ensure the security, strength and rust free product.
  • 3-Compartment tray for storing small items
  • Fully foamed lid which forms a rigid wall between the outer layers of aluminum in order to prevent bending.
  • There are self-closing struts which automatically closes the lid also ensuring the security of the box if your hands are full.
  • There are 2 built-in tool trays as well as screwdriver holders which ensure extra rigidity and strength to the tools and toolbox.
  • 90 degrees lid opening for loading and unloading the tools and the equipment easily.
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You can get this toolbox from Amazon at only $378 and you will get free shipping with this product on Amazon.

There are plenty of benefits of using these truck toolboxes. One of the best advantages is that all your tools are stored in one convenient location; they will be less clutter around your workshop, and you’ll be more easily able to find whatever tool you’re looking for. No more searching in vain for a hammer, the socket set or Phillip’s head screwdriver, because it will be right where it’s supposed to be. Whenever you will be required to go on site or to a location, you will not be required to count the tools or carry your toolbox; it would already be there in your truck with all the essential tools. So get a truck toolbox of Delta, Weatherguard or UWS and make your life easier!

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