Warthog Knife Sharpener Reviews: V-Sharpe XE, Classic & Multiedge

When talking knife sharpeners, Warthog is a name that has long been synonymous with quality. Whether it is a kitchen knife, a hunting knife, a pocket knife, scissors or a sharpening chisel warthog has got the tool which will sharpen the blade to satisfaction. Warthogs are manufactured in South Africa and imported from there.

The placement of diamond rods in a Warthog knife sharpener in a V-shape gives the sharpened blade a perfect 25 degree edge.  When done with this, two honing steel rods are used for the final touch, and their knife sharpeners can be bought in the price range of $90-$100. The customer service of Warthog is praise-worthy; they respond instantly and with a true eagerness to help customers in need.

The main attributes of the Warthog sharpeners includes:

  • The angles can be adjusted according to the object that is intended to be sharpened. If the angle is set between 17-35 degrees it serves the most purposes, but when sharpening scissors the angle used will be in the range of 60-90 degrees.
  • This sharpener is free hand but it maintains the angle and pressure constant so that the user gets is never gets anything but an incredibly smooth and sharp blade.
  • It has two 325 grit diamond rods, one on each side, so that the symmetry of edge is never lost.
  • No hassle of putting the parts together, as there is no need to assemble.
  • Anyone can use a Warthog, regardless of their level of skill. It is so easy to use that even people who have never used any knife sharpener can use it to produce professional looking results with almost no effort.
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Warthog Sharpening Products


V-Sharp XE (Extreme Edge) is made of strong, durable and unbreakable ABS Plastic, which renders it weighing as little as 10 ounces. To make it easier to transport and store, the size has also been kept small, so much so that it can be placed in any backpack, rucksack or even glove box and taken anywhere. There are four choices as far as angles are concerned: 17, 12, 25 and 30 degrees. The built in grit amount is 325, but if an alteration in spring tension is required the option of 600 grit and 1000 grit is always there. Changing the angle and grit is super easy, all you would need to do is take the rods out, adjust the spring tension and angle, and snap the rods back inside. This unit comes with a three year warranty.

The accessories which come with this one are:

  1. V-Sharp XE Protective Case which can be bought for $10 dollars only.
  2. V-Sharp XE Xtra Rods: 325 grit, 600 grit, and 1000 grit are available at the price $26.95.
  3. V-Sharp XE Finishing Steels which can be bought for $8.95.



The body of this Warthog sharpener is built up of steel and aluminum, while the base is of Rhodesian teak wood. There are two color choices: black powder-coat and a chrome finish. It is the solution for almost all flat blade knives and blades, so this particular model meets the needs of chefs, hunters and butchers alike. The angle adjustments available for this one are 17, 20 and 25 degrees. It can be transported with ease in a protective case. To add to all this, there is three year warranty with each and every part. Three accessories which can add to the usefulness are:

  1. The protective case available for $26.95.
  2. V-Sharp Classic Xtra Rods for finger edges which can be purchased at the price $31.95.
  3. V-Sharp Classic Finishing Steel which can be bought only for $8.95.
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This video will help to guide you on usage: http://v-sharp.com/video_play2.php?VideoID=7


As the name suggests, this sharpener can be used for multiple sharpening activities. Be it scissors, a planer blade, chisel or broad-head, Multi-Edge will take care of it beautifully. The secret of its versatility is in the numerous options for adoptable angles, i.e. any angle between 10 and 90 degrees. It is available in two lengths, first is 150 mm and the second is 220mm. The sharpener is accompanied with a 600 grit but if desirable, 325 grit or 1000 grit can be used instead. Diamond Plate is the accessory to be used with the machine and it can be purchased at the price $30.48.

In case of any part of this model Warhog sharpener breaking, the company sells different parts and ships them for free. (The Warthog accessories mentioned can be bought from http://www.v-sharp.com/store/index_2009.php?CategoryID=6 at the above mentioned prices)

Accusharp Knife Sharpeners

This model of Warthog sharpener has excellent customer reviews on its Amazon.com product page. Out of 536 reviews, 420 are 5 star reviews. Here are some of these positive comments in the reviews:

The pros

  • It is the cheapest, $10 v/s $100 plus pensive electric sharpeners.
  • One of the fastest sharpeners, it sharpens an 8 inch chef’s knife in about 20 seconds.
  • The result is as good as of any expensive electric sharpeners.
  • Portable and light weight just fits into anything.
  • When the blades start to dull they can be reversed.

The cons

  • It starts to get blunt after about 10 sharpening and the blade will have to be replaced after about 40th time.
  • It takes a lot of metal off and this can damage the knives.
  • Cannot be used on molybdenum and vanadium knives.
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An easy way of using it

  1. Take a black sharpie marker and mark the edge. This will help to cover every part while honing.
  2. Place the knife such that the blade points upwards.
  3. Keep scraping until the black mark is scraped off.

Amazon.com currently features two models of Warthog knife sharpener: the Warthog V-sharp XE and the Warthog V-sharp Classic, both on external websites. The V-sharp XE is available for $99.95 and V-sharp Classic for $81.95.

If you are searching for a quality and reliable knife for your outdoor or personal use you can trust the manufacturing of Warthog 100%.

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