Vibrating Saw Tool Review: Dremel, Rockwell, Fein And Bosch “As Seen On TV” Vibrating Saws

We have all seen those ‘as seen on TV’ ads stamped on the boxes of products all over the market. Most of the time consumers find that these products are somewhat gimmicky; however vibrating saws are the exception to this rule.  While there are some television advertisements which sell vibrating saws of various sizes, none of these ads can clearly explain the functionality of the tool until you actually use it for yourself.

The tool is called a vibrating saw because when it is powered on, the saw blade vibrates very quickly.  If by accident the blade comes into contact with something that is flexible like skin, the vibrating blade would not cut the skin like a rotating blade would and apparently the sensation feels like a tickle.  However, against a solid mass its power is unleashed and the cuts are clean and the user still has a great deal of control even though it is vibrating during use.

Fein Multimaster Vibrating Saw

While there are many brands of vibrating saws on the market it is important to seek the saw manufacturer that has a reputation for being reliable and offering their consumers great products.  The Fein Multimaster vibrating saw is one of the most multi-functional and versatile saws on the market.  Consumers who have their saws claim that they can fit into small spaces and can accommodate a hacksaw, a reciprocating saw or even the versatile angle grinder.

The term vibrating saw which is commonly used does not really retrieve the results from the online searches and the technical term that gives better search results is “Oscillating Tool”.  By chance I pulled this link from

with links to an official Fein Multimaster page where the German-made Fein multimaster vibrating saw can be purchased online in ranges called the Das Original, the Select Plus or the Top Plus depending on the number and variety of accessories that are included in each kit.  The Top Plus kit has all of the accessories and still retails under $400 USD.

This vibrating saw is offered in both the corded and cordless versions and the versatility of the tool with its standard Universal E-Cut saw blades can power through parquet, laminate, hardwood or any composite wood material just as easily as it can alter the height of door jams and cut away excess materials.

With the sanding accessory the tool has a high sanding capacity and gives a beautiful sanding pattern finish.  Switch the accessory again to the flexible scraper blade and the materials that are somewhat elastic in composition like caulking, paint and residues from adhesives can be scraped off without damaging the raw materials to which the excesses are attached.  A demonstration of the tools working versatility can be downloaded from the same main page with YouTube links at

These Fein Multimaster kits include a FMM 250Q – Variable Speed Tool, a triangle sanding pad with hook & loop fastener but without holes, a triangular sanding pad that has holes for dust extraction, a dust release attachment, a sanding attachment, 40 sheets of sandpaper (20 each with and without holes), a high speed steel segment saw blade, a grout cutting blade, carbide rasp, scraper blade and the universal blade mentioned before.

The Fein Multimaster Vibrating saw comes with a standard 1 year guarantee that can be extended by an additional two years if the online registration is completed at this address  within 4 weeks of purchasing the oscillating saw.

Replacement Vibrating Saw Blades 

It is also useful to know that replacement blades can be found at:, the company that is the creator of the square holed attachment for the Fein Multimaster.

This website offers after purchase, high quality replacements on blades for the Fein Multimaster, Dremel, Bosch, Sonicrafter, Supercut and Ridgid brands at a low cost.

Reciprocating Saws

Hitachi’s CR13VBY Reciprocating Saw running on 12 Amp has a low vibration because it uses User Vibration Protection Technology.  It is a strong piece of equipment and it can just as easily get through concrete as it can metal.  This is a better option for heavy-duty work than the Fein Multimaster which is more versatile for small jobs in neat spaces.

A demonstration of the Hitachi reciprocating saw’s power can be viewed below:

The Hitachi retails for the same price as the Rockwell RK3637K Vibrafree 12 Amp Reciprocating Saw and both anti-vibration saws have relatively good reviews except that the Rockwell is a bit heavier and may cause the user to fatigue quicker.

The reviewers are predicting that the Rockwell as a reciprocating saw because of its build may have a longer useful life.  If buying a reciprocating saw, compare the amps, review your own proposed usage of the saw, check the customer reviews for any deficiency in the design that is not immediately obvious and last but not least, if there is some doubt as to the brand to choose default to the brand name that you have had a good previous experience with.

For first time buyers especially if new to this type of equipment, take a trip to the actual hardware stores and ask direct questions of the shop assistants who always have invaluable on-the-ground advice.  Do not default to either the highest or lowest priced vibrating saw because of cash considerations because each piece of equipment has its own strengths and weaknesses built into that model and you could get stuck.

Other Brands

Bosch, Rockwell, Genesis, Porter-Cable, Versa-Tool, Dremel and Oshlun have produced reliable oscillating saws which are reasonably priced and are performing well on the market.

The vibrating saws which are sold as many-pieced Oscillating Tool Kits that come with all of the interchangeable accessories in one convenient compartmentalized tool bag are a gift for tradesmen who need these grab-and-go features for use on their work sites or at home.

The ability to still make a cut or sand in tight awkward spaces with easy change blades and other accessories gives the vibrating saw tool the advantage over the larger reciprocating saws in the making of picture frames, crown molding, installing flooring and any detailing work that requires this little saw’s versatility.  A vibrating saw is definitely the piece of equipment that you would find it difficult to live without!

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