UWS Tool Boxes: Your Buying Guide To Trailer, Truck & Custom Tool Boxes

UWS is a division of Thule Inc. Based in Perry FL.  They design a full range of quality storage carries and truck accessories that are produced in the USA.  Their designs are tough and reliable and produced for the professional tradesmen.

Trailer Tool Boxes

Trailer tool boxes are developed for additional storage for tools and equipment outside of the truck or trailer.  In this way, it expands your usable storage and keeps your tools and commonly used equipment easy to access and protected.

To help prevent bending or warping, UWS has a patented fully foamed lid.  This lid creates a rigid wall between the outer aluminum layers.  The lid opens to a full 90° for easy loading and unloading of tools and equipment.  A common problem with these types of boxes is having the contents shift during motion that can jam the locking system.  To prevent this, UWS has enclosed the connecting rod. The tub is made from one piece of .063” aluminum.  This design means there are no seams, protecting your precious cargo from leakage, and creating a strong box that is designed to support heavy loads.  The lid, too, is molded from a single piece of aluminum, and is held with self-closing struts that will automatically close the lid with just a slight pull, ensuring the lid closes tight.  The MicroSeal™ Stripping helps seal out moisture, dust and dirt.

Truck Tool Boxes

UWS makes different models of truck tool boxes to suit your specific needs.  They make a Crossover Toolbox designed to sit at the cab end of the box, and extends from one box rail to the other.  These boxes are available in standard depth or shallow, if you need to have room under the box for sliding long stock into the bed.

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They have also made Side Mount boxes designed to run along the length of your box, above the side rails.  These boxes are commonly used by tradesmen who need tool and equipment storage while keeping the bed empty for materials or larger equipment.  These boxes require additional rails for mounting.

UWS also has a side-mount series that mount along the side rails of the bed, placing the lid above the rails, but dropping into the bed.  These boxes are easy to access from the side of the truck, while keeping the center of gravity low, in the bed of the truck.

If you like to keep additional fuel, water, or other liquids available in the bed of your truck, UWS makes a line of liquid transfer tanks as well.  These models are available in the Aluminum or ProGrade styles only.

For easy storage and access of small tools or parts, UWS makes a series of boxes with 5 sliding draws and a removable, sealed faced.  The draws slide on a zinc-plated metal sliders with stainless steel ball bearings for smooth, consistent movement through years of use.

Finally, they have a line of chest style boxes that can be placed into the bed of the truck, or at a worksite to provide waterproof, lockable storage.

Whatever style you choose, they all come in three different grades.  UWS tool boxes for trucks are designed for tradesmen who need a tough well-built box, but are also looking to keep the weight added to their trucks to a minimum.  The ProGrade line of boxes is built to last forever in the most harsh, demanding environments.  Made from steel, and backed by a limited lifetime warranty, these boxes will handle almost any conditions, including the ones you don’t even want to work in.  Finally, UWS Steel truck boxes are made from steel, but thinner and lighter than the ProGrade line.  These tough boxes provide long-lasting durability at a great value.

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Custom Tool Boxes

UWS Truck Boxes are manufactured in a wide variety of sizes designed to fit most trucks and trailers. They do not produce custom sizes or shapes, although several companies do such as American Truck Boxes, Highway Products, K & W Manufacturing and Pro-Tech.

Amazon.com Products

The most popular of the UWS Tool Boxes for Trucks is model TBS-60-A-LP-BLK.  This black, angled single lid, low profile toolbox is part of the aluminum collection of boxes.  The Amazon.com price of this quality piece of workmanship is just $304.20.

This product features the patented fully foamed lid, a stainless steel lock handle, and a three compartment sliding tray for quick, convenient access of small items at the top of the box.  As with all their boxes, this model employs the self-closing struts to automatically close the lid with a slight manual pull.

One customer has reviewed this product on amazon.com, and feels that it is a good value that is worth the price.

The next most popular of the UWS truck boxes is the DS22 Drawer Slide Box.  This item is a great value at $237.73.  It is made with aluminum, and features zinc-plated metal sliders with stainless steel ball bearings that allow the five commercial grade plastic drawers to slide smoothly through years of use.  This box is equipped with handle locks, and seals tight against water, dust, and humidity.  Although a popular product, there is unfortunately no review on this product yet.

Finally, I would like to tell you about the UWS TBC48DD Chest Box that has been given a gracious 5 out of 5 stars on Amazon.com.  This aluminum box is molded from a single piece of aluminum for added stability and weatherproofing.  It is powder coated to help defend against corrosion in long term outdoor exposure.  The lid is foam injected for additional rigidity and durability against tool drops.  This lid is secured by dual lockable stainless steel latches.

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Reviewers of this product were very pleased with their purchase and recommend it, as well as the company to others.


UWS has a long reputation of quality, durable, lasting products.  Whether you are just looking for more storage space on your truck or trailer for the occasional use, or you are the professional tradesman needing easily accessible storage for frequently used tools and equipment, you will find these boxes the highest quality, longest lasting, weatherproof protection for your expensive, valuable tools.

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