Used Woodworking Tools Guide: Hand And Power Tools, Clamps & Machinery

Used woodworking tools are an easier and cheaper way of getting the woodwork tools you need for less hassle and less money. Think about it: how much does your ordinary everyday carpentry tool cost? Probably a small fortune. No wonder it is so hard for you to make money in the carpentry business, if you are spending your money on tools that probably cost more than you earn in a month.

There are so many ways to get your woodworking tools used, and here are the reasons why and where you can get them.

Reasons to Buy Used Woodworking Tools

Here are some of the reasons why you should buy used woodworking tools instead of new, more expensive ones.

Saving Money – You know how much tools cost these days, especially in this recession. Imagine that you could get them for half the price almost just because they are a little worn. You could really save up to half the recommended retail price by buying your tools used. As long as you’re purchasing used woodworking tools that are still in good shape, you’re saving money without having to sacrifice quality for price.

Waste – If there is a tool that you need for woodworking out there already and you go and buy a new one instead, you are putting that perfectly good used tool to waste. That tool is just going to end up in a ditch or a landfill somewhere even though it is still perfectly usable. On top of that, the material used to make that new tool you just bought could have made something useful that someone else needed. If the tool is some sort of metal, it could have been used to weld rafters on a building site or a wheelchair for someone confined to such a device. It could have been anything, and you would have still gotten your tool.

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Saving Others’ Money – Say some carpenter just went out of business because of the recession or maybe because he or she was injured in a work accident or maybe they just retired. Their extra or perhaps only source of income may be to sell off their old machinery that they are no longer going to use. So, by buying their used woodworking tools, you’re effectively giving them a better lifestyle on top of getting the tool you wanted for work. That means everyone is happy and everyone earns and saves money with the used tools.

What Tools?

Now, what kind of woodworking tools can you get second-hand? Well, the real question should be what kind of tools you cannot get second-hand. Here are just a few of the main examples of the woodwork tools you can get cheaper and better used.

Used Woodworking Machinery – You can even get huge machines like shaper profile sanders and molding pprayers used. You can see some of the woodwork machines you can buy second-hand here for an example, at this siteà This site shows many different types of rather big woodwork machines that can all be bought already used, with just a little wear. And, this web shop can ship the item for you, which saves you all the bother of trying to fit it in the trunk of your car.

Used Woodworking Power Tools – Used woodworking power tools, provided they’ve been well maintained and properly handled, are just as good as brand new models. You can find them online, in some stores; you could probably even find some pre-owned woodworking power tools by going to various carpenters and asking them if they’ve any they’d like to sell. You can get all sorts of woodworking power tools second hand, like sanders and chop saws. A site that sells this sort of thing would be à They sell many power tools and specialize in selling them used, to you, for less than the recommended retail price. Much cheaper than buying them new in a hardware or hobby store.

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Used Woodworking Hand Tools – You can get used hand tools used as well nowadays. You can get braces and gimlets second-hand and many more too. You can get these in the shops mentioned above too probably, and it shouldn’t be that hard to get what you want on Ebay, or Amazon; is a huge source of lightly used, well maintained used woodworking hand tools.

Used Woodworking Clamps – Woodworking clamps are a little harder to find second-hand; you can try Ebay and Amazon, as well as some other websites. You should be able to find some in great condition at remarkable prices. These are extremely useful for when you are working with wood and are a must if you are a carpenter. They are not cheap either, so it is a great idea for your budget if you try to get used woodworking clamps instead of buying them new.

Where to Buy Used Woodworking Tools

You can get almost anything second-hand on Amazon.  In fact, Amazon is an excellent way of getting all your carpentry tools used online. They are bound to have the item you want at some point, so all you have to do is be patient to grab a possible bargain.

Ebay is another terrific source of used woodworking tools, and to ensure you’re not being ripped off by shady characters, you can always check the user feedback reviews from previous buyers of that seller’s products. If they have a good reputation, it’s worth bidding on their used woodworking equipment.

Another place to get used woodwork tools is online stores or in the real world that specialize in second-hand goods. Take for an example. They have tons of used tools in stock that are perfectly acceptable with little wear and a ton off the recommended retail price!

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Places like this are the best place to get used tools. They are perfectly liable, unlike Ebay where there is a small possibility of being scammed, and most are completely legitimate!

Also, you can try yard sales and garage sales and car trunk sales! You’d be amazed the stuff people simply give away at these places. The majority of the tools people sell at these sales do legitimately work; you’d still be better off to try them before you buy, as there are no returns and you could be scammed by some con.

If you’re in need of some woodworking tools but find that your budget just won’t stretch far enough to accommodate the purchase of new items, you should definitely consider the idea of buying them used. Used woodworking tools are generally cheaper than buying new, and as long as you take your time when buying to inspect their productivity and condition, you can’t go wrong.

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