Used CNC Router Guide: Router Sales, Hobby CNC Wood Router, Used CNC Machine, Woodworking & Used Multicam CNC Routers

Whether you’re looking to buy or sell your used CNC router you can find a variety of stores, both online and physical locations, where you can meet your goal. For the purposes of buying a used CNC router, you can find both three axis and five axis used CNC routers; being that it’s used, you’re bound to get a better deal on used CNC router sales than buying new. And as long as you buy your used CNC router from a reputable dealer, you won’t have to worry about receiving junky, broken down equipment.

What is a CNC Router?

CNC is short for computer numerical control. A CNC wood router is used in conjunction with a CAD or CAM program that creates a three dimensional diagram to fashion objects from a piece, or pieces, of wood. These programs can include Artcam, Featurecam, Bobcad and Mastercam.  The CNC router then ‘routes’ that 3D diagram to the CNC machine, affixed with a  cutting tool, to that works kind of like an engraver or a printer; what that means is that your design is input into the router, which then cuts the wood into that design. A great deal of wood working hobbyists and professionals use CNC routers and machines to craft precisely, perfectly shaped wooden objects.

Why Buy Used CNC Routers?

Buying a used CNC router is a relatively smart money saving idea. Basically, you’re getting a CNC router for a fraction of the new buying cost, which makes this ideal for hobbyists or those just getting started in woodworking crafts. For instance, a used 5 foot by 10 foot CNC router can run you about $33,500; that’s a whole lot of money, unless you look at a comparably sized new router table, which can cost around $60,450. Used CNC machines are similarly smart buys compared to buying new; basically as long as you deal with a reputable seller and make sure you get a warranty with your purchase, used CNC machines and routers are just as good an investment as new, only a lot more affordable.

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Hobby CNC Wood Router

For those starting out a new hobby, CNC wood routers can be found in smaller sizes than regular machine shops, and for a tenth of the cost of a big table. As a matter of fact, a brand new hobby CNC wood router could run you $3,599.99, fully loaded with efficient, time saving features that promote ease of use no matter your skill level. And that’s brand new; finding a used hobby CNC wood router could net you a fabulous woodworking machine for less than that cost, and having you carving intricately designed objects in no time. Gorilla CNC routers and machines can be found for sale online, both new and used, and Gorilla CNCs are highly recommended by hobbyists and professionals alike.

Woodworking CNC Routers

You can find 3 axis and 5 axis woodworking CNC routers; the more axes a router has, the more intricate the carving can be, and the more easily the work is completed. The table can move up, down, side to side and on angles, making for truly precise cuts. Additionally, just because they’re called woodworking CNCs doesn’t mean you can only carve wood with them; they can also be used to machine other objects, like plastic, that are soft and workable. Some of the features of woodworking CNC routers include:

  • Separate heads- some routers have multiple heads; of these, some can be used to carve several designs at once, or all be used to carve the same object.
  • Dust collection- woodworking CNC routers generally have air ducts of sizes between 6 to 10 inches; because routers typically produce a lot of wood dust and chips that can get everywhere, these ducts suck that dust and those chips up, making it easier and cleaner to operate than having to remove the wood debris on your own.
  • Drills- woodworking CNC routers that are specifically designed for creating cabinetry may also come with programmable drills to come down and create perfectly properly aligned drill holes for cabinet shelving.
  • Fast cutting speeds
  • Automatic tool changers – these allow for ease of use and continuous carving without the need for the operator to manually change the tools used each time a new one is required for a particular design.
  • Complete user interface, giving operators optimum control over their woodworking CNC router.
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Used Multicam CNC Router

You can find a wide variety of used Multicam series CNC routers for sale online. From the M103, M203 and M204 used Multicam routers to the MG, 3000 and 5000 series, there are all kinds of used Multicam CNC routers to be found. Each has its own features, such as a 12” Z-axis traveling, 5 foot by 10 foot table with 8 position automatic tool changer, handheld or computer based controls, and a 10 horsepower vacuum pump on the MG204 model manufactured in 2000, or the 3000 series used Multicam CNC router, with a 6.66 foot by 12.08 foot table, an 11 position tool changer (rack style) that comes with 6 different tool holders, a handheld controller and a 20 horsepower Multicam Turbo Vacuum Pump.

Used CNC Routers

No matter whether you’re a professional woodworker, a cabinet maker or even a hobbyists just starting out in crafting specially designed wood objects, you can’t go wrong by purchasing a used CNC router and machine. Although the stigma attached to buying used could cause some concern, with the proper research and warranty offering of different used CNC router and machine dealers, you simply shouldn’t dismiss the idea of buying used out of hand. Buying a used CNC router will be much a much less expensive investment, while still turning out beautifully created, carved and cut wood objects. Even if you have enough money to afford a new CNC router, you could easily buy a high-quality used CNC router and use the remaining money on other investments in your professional, or hobby, woodworking projects. Especially for beginners and hobbyists, buying a used CNC router simply makes more sense than paying the outrageous cost of buying basically the same machine for twice the price.

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