Upholstery Staple Gun Review Guide: Pneumatic, Electric, Upholstery Staples & Staplers

With the ever growing economic crisis stirring nowadays, it is fairly practical for each one of us to save money as much as possible. We often hear people saying, “If you want to do something then do it yourself.” In this way, you won’t need to hire a worker to do some construction or repair jobs for you. As a result, you’ll be able to save yourself a significant amount of money.

Accomplishing a project you want to do by yourself is by no means easy. To make it less challenging, you must see to it that you have the right tools needed. One of the most useful equipments to own, which will help you manage your work faster and easier, is no other than a staple gun. With the help of a staple guns, which utilize metal staples as bullets, attaching different kinds of material such as wood can be done immediately without any struggle. It doesn’t matter which type you have for it all has the same usage. These staple guns can really come in handy, especially when dealing with upholstery or repairs of furniture or building tree houses for kids. Roofing, wiring and other renovation works can also be completed by using it.

Now, the first thing you have to familiarize yourself with when dealing with staple guns are the two types. This information will help you understand how to deal with your staple guns. Such apparatuses come in manual, electrical or battery-operated types and some work through the use of compressed air.

Manual and Battery Operated Staple Guns

Both manual and battery operated staple guns work similarly, but the simplest one works like a stapler. There is a latch on the back of the gun and it is usually silver so you won’t miss it. You will have to press and hold it for the body to open. Once it is open you can now apply the staples inside the tray. Once all of these are done you can now point on the desired area you want to attach into then squeeze it. Manual and battery type guns have a quick forward action when you push their handles down, it is the thrust that is necessary to apply force to the staple.

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Electrical and Compressed Air Types

If you want to effortlessly staple and attach some materials, you can use staple guns that run with the use of electricity or compressed air. With these types of staple guns you need to press hard or apply pressure on it to make it work steadily. Usually, the guns only have short cords attached and so you will need to use extension cords for you to be able to reach every place you need the gun to go into. Prices can be a little expensive compared to manual and battery types but is sensible enough because of its effectiveness and convenience in accomplishing tasks.

Safety Tip

Having staple guns should be accompanied with great responsibility. With all the numerous safety precautions that you need to remember, the most important one is to securely place these things in areas where children won’t be able to reach them. These guns can be very dangerous even the manual type as it wields plenty of force that can harm. If you have children at home, it is advisable that you buy a staple gun with a safety latch just to avoid accidents from happening. Safety latches should always be turned on when the gun is not used.

Also, make sure to never aim the gun to anyone for fun or simply for a joke. Don’t place you hand or fingers in front of the ejection area, for the same painful reason. Yes, stapling can be very easy and fun when doing projects but bear in mind that it can likewise be very dangerous if you’re not careful.

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Popular Brands of Staple Guns and their Reviews

Actually there are various brands of staple guns marketed these days and they differ based on their features and prices.  Here are some of the popular brands of staple guns and product reviews from customers that were able to handle such equipment:

Stanley Sharpshooter Heavy Duty Staple Gun

One of the many well-known and affordably priced manual types of staple gun sold as it requires minimal squeezing and driving energy to operate. Such brands of staple gun can work out with both hard and soft materials, and it has the flat and stretched muzzle design that makes it possible for you to work on constricted spots. It also contains a lockdown lever which secures it for storage.

There is rarely any negative feedback about this product; in fact customers even praise it as finely created and assembled tool. Many rave that it is easy to use and doesn’t exhaust your hands easily in pulling and squeezing the trigger. No reports of jamming or malfunction have been noted.

The Surebonder 9615

One example of a great quality gun is the Surebonder 9615 upholstery staple gun. The Surebonder 9615 is one of the best sellers on Amazon and other marketing sites. It is a pneumatic staple gun that has a 60-100 PSI; PSI is actually the unit used in measuring pressure. The P stand for Pressure—the force applied in an area. All of these are important facts that can help you when choosing the right kind of staple guns. Such type of staple gun has a mechanism which reduces the risk of misfires; thus, providing additional safety and accuracy. Along with these features, it has rapid-release magazines that will help ease up the loading of the staples and has a stapler viewer which shows if the magazine has limited staplers in it. Each of the magazines can hold up to 165 staples.

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Arrow Fastener Co. ET100 Heavy Duty Electric Nail Gun

Widely used in works of molding and framing, this type of electric upholstery staple gun is designed to lessen physical exertion and distress experienced by handlers, which in turn increases the adeptness of works. A dry and soft handle for easy control is established and the gun is angled specifically for accuracy of work. Aside from comments of being a little heavy compared to other guns, there are no other undesirable feedbacks from purchasers of such products.

Before you decide to purchase a staple or nail gun be certain that you are getting the product that is right for you and the projects that you will be completed, especially because not all staple guns are created the same.

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