Truck Tool Boxes On The Cheap Guide: Used, Black, Aluminum, Low Profile & Dee Zee Tool Boxes Review

toolboxTruck toolboxes, both cheap and expensive, are excellent ways of storing and organizing tools while out on the job.  Toolboxes designed for your truck bed easily secure into place along the bed rails of any truck, both large and small. They also come with all of the equipment necessary to install into place.  These toolboxes are sturdy, made of metal and usually include locking mechanisms to help protect your valuable equipment.

Benefits of Truck Toolboxes

As mentioned above, used truck toolboxes have many benefits.  These toolboxes can be used to keep tools in a secure or out of the way locations, preventing them from sliding around in a truck bed as you drive.  They are also organized so that you can quickly and easily find the tools you need without having to rummage through an old toolbox you bring along with you.  Plus, truck toolboxes are larger than hand held toolboxes and can carry more in terms of supplies and equipment along that you really need instead of making do with what you can fit into your small handheld toolbox.

Truck toolboxes aluminum or steel are sturdy and long lasting.  Once you purchase and install a toolbox for your truck, you can expect it to last for several years and through all seasons.  Manufacturers of the toolboxes put them through a variety of tests to ensure that the boxes will protect your equipment and that they will survive the elements.

Any truck toolboxes low profile or otherwise will come with a lock to secure the tools safely inside the box.  Just because your toolbox is in the truck bed doesn’t mean that tools will be easy pickings for anyone who comes along.  Depending on the type of toolbox you purchase, your lock will be basic or heavy duty, making it hard for those tool thieves.  Most of the locking devices on these toolboxes are key locks, so you’ll need to keep the key on your key chain.  This isn’t a hardship as you’ll be driving your truck around and have your keys in hand when needed.

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Installing Truck Toolboxes

Black truck toolboxes cheap are easy to install.  Before ordering a truck toolbox, get out the tape measure and measure the width and depth of the truck bed where you will want to install the toolbox. Use this measurement when ordering a new or used truck toolbox cheap. This will ensure that the toolbox is a tight fit and won’t be too big or small for your particular truck bed.  Most of these used truck toolboxes cheap come with the basic hardware required to install the truck toolboxes in the truck bed.  You may want to purchase some padding or foam rubber to place between the bottom of the toolbox and the truck bed and rails to protect it from scratches.  Everything for installing the toolbox comes in sets of four.  You’ll find in a kit, four J-bolts, four washers, four nuts, and four rubber plug inserts.

Take out the hardware from inside the toolbox.  Place each of the four rubber plug inserts into each of the four pre-drilled holes in the bottom of the toolbox.  Lay the toolbox atop the rubber padding on the truck bed and rails. Push the J-bolt up through the hole under the bed rail and through the pre-drilled hole in the toolbox. Secure it in place with a washer and nut inside the toolbox. Repeat the process with the other three J-bolts.

Tighten all of the nuts down to finish installing the toolbox. You may want to periodically remove the toolbox to clean it out and clean out the truck bed, but otherwise the toolbox doesn’t need anything else done with it.

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Costs of Truck Toolboxes

First of all, you’ll have to choose from a bunch of different varieties of toolboxes for the truck bed. Customers will find that there are truck toolboxes low profile, aluminum, black, side mount, double lidded, specialty and even top sider. The most commonly used type of truck toolbox has to be the double lidded, truck toolboxes low profile. This type of toolbox is usually secured at the back of the truck bed, behind the back window. It’s secure, out of the way and still easy to get into when a tool is needed. Dee zee tool boxes cost about $400 to $500. They come in solid black or shiny aluminum and are simple to install.

Northern tool has truck toolboxes but typically refers to them as storage chests and truck or tool boxes. They also don’t have the double lidded truck toolbox. They do have a truck toolbox aluminum with a single lid for about $320. They also have an aluminum storage truck box for $309, but it rests on the bed of the truck, not the rails. So, there is a lot of variety to select from in terms of truck toolboxes.

The Dee Zee truck toolboxes are more popular because of their ease of use and easy access.  Customers won’t have to crawl up in the truck bed in order to open up the box and pull out the tools that they need.  They can simply lift one of the double lids and pull a tool out and go back to work.

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Side toolboxes and wheel well toolboxes are alternative options for those looking for less expensive truck toolboxes that are still easy to get at.  A nice vertical wheel well toolbox from Northern tools that can also double as an ice chest is available for about $100.

Truck toolboxes are an excellent way to solve storage problems in an open bed truck.  They will keep tools organized and out of the way while also securing them from potential theft.  It is not difficult to install a truck toolbox so that it remains safe and secure in the back.  Just remember before ordering to check the size of the toolbox against the size of your truck bed for a good fit.

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