Truck Bed Toolboxes: Side-Mount, Top Sider, Wheel Well Or Utility Chest?

Truck bed toolboxes have always been a staple addition to any kind of work truck. These are the perfect containers to help you organize all your tools, equipment, and other materials you need; if you have one of these on the back of your truck you do not have to worry about all of your tools rolling and banging about.

Truck bed toolboxes can usually be found in the back of contractors’ pickups. These sturdy carrying cases are often installed right at the back of the truck’s cab, and positioned above the bed floor. By having one of these installed on your truck, you have effectively freed up a lot of space so you can haul more stuff in your truck. And you do not have to worry about the safety of your tools, as these toolboxes are made of sturdy materials and also come with heavy duty locks.

If you are planning on getting a truck bed toolbox for your own, then maybe this article can help you decide on which kind of truck toolbox you need.

Types of truck toolboxes

There are different designs and configurations of truck toolboxes you can choose from depending on your storage needs. Here are some of the most popular designs that you might fancy for your own truck:

Truck bed toolbox – This is the most popular of the truck toolbox. Installed right at the back of the cab, below the window, this toolbox allows you to store a lot more tools than your usual portable toolbox. This kind of toolbox stretches across the truck bed, allowing you to place long handled tools like spades and pickaxes into the bed. You can choose from toolboxes made of plastic or the classic aluminum.

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Side-mount toolbox – If you want to have quick access to your tools and supplies, then you might need a side mount toolbox. This is placed along either side of the truck bed so you can easily get your tools or anything else you need without having to climb into the bed. Placing the toolbox along the side also means that you have a lot more space for cargo in the bed of your truck.

Top sider toolbox – If you need a lot more storage space for your tools, and you need to have full access to your truck’s flat bed, then a top sider toolbox is for you. Mounted on top of the side railings of your truck, these toolboxes have a clam shell lid that opens up all the way to the top. Top sider toolboxes also have a convenient shelving system inside so no matter how many tools and supplies you put inside you will not have a hard time finding them. And since it is mounted on the side of your truck, you have easy access to your tools and you also get to use the whole area of the truck’s bed for cargo. These toolboxes are perfect for contractors, landscapers, or anyone who needs to carry around a lot of tools but still need to have full use of the truck bed.

Wheel well toolbox – If you think that a side-mount toolbox is not enough for your tools, and that a top sider is a bit too much, then the wheel well toolbox is perfect for you. At almost the same length as a side-mount toolbox, the wheel well toolbox can give almost twice the amount of storage space. It does this by following the shape and curvature of the truck’s wheel well, so you can store tools on the top, and you also have several truck bed drawers on the side, accessed by opening the trucks tailgate.

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Utility chest toolbox – A bit smaller than the husky truck bed toolboxes, utility chests are perfect for people who has a lot of tools on their truck but also want to put a cover on their bed. These small toolboxes are made of lightweight aluminum alloy so you can easily take it down whenever you need to use the full length of the truck bed for cargo.

Where can you get these truck toolboxes?

If you want to know where you can get one of these great storage systems for your own truck the first place you can go to are automotive specialty stores. These kinds of shops offer a wide array of truck accessories besides truck bed toolboxes. You can also get bed liners, covers, tarps, specialty tailgates, and a lot of other things you can put on your truck. But if a brand new toolbox is way out of your budget, there are still other ways you can get your hands on one of these.

If you are out on the market looking for used truck bed toolboxes, you can easily find the one you are looking for just by browsing the internet. At eBay and other online shopping websites you can find anything you are looking for; you just go to the website and do a search for the item you are looking for. There is a huge chance that you will find truck bed toolboxes that are perfect for your needs. Just be careful when buying used truck bed toolboxes online, you simply cannot accurately tell what condition the items are just by looking at the pictures.

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Truck bed toolboxes are great add-ons to any pickup truck; not only do they look great they are extremely functional as well. There is a huge variety of these tool carriers available; with so many options you’ll have no problem at all finding the one that fits your needs. If your job requires you to carry around a ton of tools and materials and you do not want them to go around rattling on your truck bed, scratching and denting the lining and generally being a nuisance, nor do you want your tools to just sit out in the open where they can be destroyed by the elements or to be taken from your truck. Not to mention the ease and convenience offered by having your tools organized, and you know exactly where that hammer is when you need it. If you need your tools on a daily basis, you definitely should get yourself one of these truck bed toolboxes.

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