Trex Fencing Review: Costs, Prices, Composite Fencing And Home Depot

When it comes to alternative but first-rate fencing, railing and decking, there is one company which can be relied upon, Trex Company. Formed in 1996, it has become one of the largest manufacturers of environmental friendly and durable products in the US for all your outdoor needs. The company is dedicated not only in providing high quality outdoor living necessities but is also a major contributor in the global effort to preserve the environment. Trex fencing products are made of recycled and reclaimed products such as waste wood and grocery plastic bags. The quality and longevity of these seclusion and securing implements are already proven in the market, these are weather-resistant, do not require staining or painting and necessitate very low cost maintenance. They have revolutionized the unconventional and environmental friendly outdoor product and have been setting industry standards.

The company applies an exclusive composite formula to ensure that Trex fencing and other outdoor products will be the best alternative to metal and wood. Each product has superb foothold even on wet grounds or foundation; it is also crack-resistant, can withstand extreme weather conditions and can defy insect infestation. Most spas, swimming pools, hot tubs and similar recreational and relaxing establishments prefer this brand because it can bear both sunlight and moisture. The products are available in a wide variety of attractive and functional designs and striking colors.

Trex Fencing Cost/Prices

Different factors are considered to get cost estimation of Trex fencing. The fence style and the size of the area to be enclosed or secluded are the first factors to look into to get the best and most accurate estimate. It is calculated on a per foot basis and the average cost ranges from $30 to $50 per foot on installations, and $20 to $40 per foot on materials. Different calculations apply on custom-made designs and how the materials needed will be procured. Nonetheless, all available designs are guaranteed neighborhood friendly on both sides, require low maintenance, durable and attractive, have an expected life span of 25 years and under warranty for a long 25 years. You can experience full privacy and at the same time provide very inviting and relaxing ambience for your family and guests. For detailed cost estimations for available kits and custom made designs just click on provides forthright and honest but fair up front pricing specifically for Trex fencing brand because it is synonymous to quality and durability.

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Trex at Home Depot

Home Depot features different Trex products and inspiring designs which include transcend railing and decking, composite railing and decking and PVC decking. All of these products are guaranteed to add elegance, beauty and of course value to your homes and get away resorts. The unmatched style, magnificence, amazingly low maintenance, the comfort and security it provides and the idea that is a green product, are the cutting edge and advantages of Trex brand. Home Depot provides a one stop shop and service with different modes of payment, installation and moving services and professional consultations to give clients the best Trex products that will best suit their needs and taste.

Trex at Lowes

Trex is among the popular brands that Lowes endorses to its customers with great confidence. It is always among its top sellers because it is a green product which provides quality and classic designs. Trex composite decking and railing product is an all-time popular category and preferred by customers because it meets the strict and exacting standards of customers when it comes to their outdoor product needs. The partnership of Lowes and Trex brand will give the best pricing, best service and the best selection for your fencing decking and railing requirements.

Composite Fencing

Composite fencing means integration and mixing of different materials to create a better and stronger new product. Trex Company in particular uses waste plastic materials and wood waste fiber in manufacturing fencing and other outdoor implements. It might be more expensive but in the long run, the cost is easily justifiable with its benefits, uses and quality.  The growing awareness of people about green products creates increasing and popular demands for composite fencing. It does not contain any chemical which pose potential hazards to the environment and to humans. It can also give you some sense of pride because you are able to do your part and contribution in concerted efforts to preserve nature and environment.

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As compared to other fencing materials, composite fencing is clearly the better choice. Beautiful design, durability, easy installation, low maintenance, the advantages of this green product just goes on and on. And since it is expected to last for at least twenty five years, you can always try it on variety of usages and functions aside from enclosing and secluding. It is ideal for compost bins because it does not rot and can withstand even extreme external pressures and conditions.

Trex Fencing Review

After successfully pioneering the composite decking industry, Trex has just added another revolutionary product in its already impressive line-up, the composite fencing. Although it is more expensive than vinyl and wood, it slowly taking over as far as seclusion fencing is concerned. After careful and objective evaluation of its benefits and advantages, pricing will no longer be an issue or concern. It has been receiving enthusiastic and inspiring reviews among its growing number of customers. Trex fencing, in its original condition does not need any painting and staining job, it has natural look that is extremely weather and insect resistant. It provides peace of mind because it does not decay nor rot and can tolerate and put up with whips of strong winds even up to 100 mph. Unlike vinyl fence, it does not reflect light making it safer and neighborhood friendly.

If all these sound too good to be true, you can always check on your favorite walk in and online stores. You can have actual product demonstration and professional consultation to be sure that you will be getting your money’s worth for this product. Respectable and reliable suppliers like Home Depot and Lowes have their word and confidence in Trex fencing products which further affirm the superior quality of this brand.

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