Toro Power Shovel Review: Curve 1800, Shovel Plus, Parts, Video & Toro Snowblower

Perhaps one of the most often used tools for agriculture, construction and even gardening is the shovel. Basically, shovels are manually operated tools that are comprised of a broad scooping blade, usually with thin sides, that is affixed to a metal or wooden handle of average length. Its blades are commonly made of solid metal pounded into a thin sheet or sometimes hard plastics which are both very strong. The handles are usually made of wood or fiberglass which can provide its users with the kind of strength they need as they dig, lift, or move large amounts of anything, be it sand, snow, gravel, rocks, or anything else that needs picked up in substantial quantities.

Since the beginning of the Neolithic Era, a large animal’s scapula was often used as a crude shovel by the ancient people. Yet, this primitive activity has evolved from manual shoveling to a more sophisticated and automatic one. This evolution has provided the people with a well improved tool that can make their work much faster and easier. Thus, one of the great examples of power tools when it comes to shovel nowadays is the wide array of Toro Power Shovel varieties which are manufactured by the Toro Company, the longest and well known provider of innovative turf and landscape equipments.

Toro Power Shovel Plus

Basically, Toro Power Shovel is also known to be as the Toro snow blowers which are essentially snow throwers. However, the Toro Power Shovel plus which is considered to be one of its finest and top selling product is not only exclusively used as a snow thrower for it can also provide the consumer with a power broom that can clear the leaves, dirt and debris in their homes. Toro’s reputed speedy and effective snow removal capability is attributed to its streamlined auger drive system. This power shovel also uses a single rotor with two Toro power curved blades to quickly and completely remove snow and debris from steps, walkways, decks and small driveways. The Toro Power Shovel, due to its ease of use and efficiency, is of great assistance during the winter months; during the warmer seasons, it’s merely a matter of changing the rotor to make this shovel work for you. Other relevant features of the Toro Power Shovel include:

  1. It has a super lightweight electric snow thrower with a snow throwing capacity of 300 pounds per minute.
  2. With a 7-1/2 ampere electric motor that can throw snow to as much as 20 feet high and a cuts of 6” deep and 12’  wide each time it goes over, it will definitely let you clean off your walkways with just a couple of quick passes.
  3. The plastic body is durable, with a metal handle to hold on. You won’t run through barrels of gas or oil, there’s no need to replace spark plugs, and you won’t have to spend time and energy with tune-ups to keep it in good running condition.
  4. The dimensions are 15 by 15 by 52 inches with a weight of 13 pounds. Also, it includes a broom accessory as well as key locks.
  5. The handles of this snow thrower are telescopic which can be adjusted according to the user’s height.
  6. The size is compact which can be stored easily with a safety lock as well as 2 year full warranty.
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More details regarding the prices and information of the Toro Power Shovel Plus as well as other Toro Power Shovel products  and Toro Power Shovel parts are all can be found on the website as well as at which have been both in the online business industry that has already proven its worth in providing its consumers with high standard product reviews as well as state of the art manufactured goods.

What is a Toro Power Curve 1800?

Since the Toro Power Shovel main functions are to clear the pathways and driveways from thick amount of snows, the Toro Power Curve 1800 product is said to be one of the most effective products. It is good electric snow blower for light snow accumulations on small, paved areas due to its four electric blowers. Basically, this product has two main Toro power shovel parts to look upon to which are the scraper and the rotor. In case these parts are damage, the need for replacement is highly recommended. Yet, since consumers often wonder and ask themselves how to repair a Toro Power Curve parts, here are some of the useful tips that can be found in that can surely help the consumers. This is especially true when it comes to scraper and rotor replacement. If, in case some words are not enough description or assistance for users, they can also look and see for some Toro Power Shovel Video guide in order for them to follow the steps clearly.

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Scraper Replacement

  • First, turn off the Toro Power curve 1800 and unplug the cord to ensure safety while replacing the scraper. Then lay the tool down so you can easily access the scraper located under the rotor housing.
  • Second, unscrew the screws on the left and right side plates; they will be the forward-most screws. Next, unscrew the screws attached to the scraper on the bottom of the snow blower.
  • Third, pull the scraper off the machine and dispose it. Then line the mounting holes on the bottom of the new scraper with the mounting holes located on the bottom of the Power Curve and insert the two screws.
  • Lastly, insert and tighten the screws on both sides of the plates in order to secure the new scraper.

Rotor Replacement

  • Initially, the tool should be turned off and unplug the wirings in order to ensure again safety. Then lay the snow blower on the ground to have an access on the underside of the machine.
  • Then, remove all the screws on the left side plate and pull the side plate off the machine. Next, to release the rotor, pull the pin out located at the middle of the rotor wheel using the hands and grip the rotor and slide it to the left in order to pull it our of the slot. Once it was pulled, lift out the housing and remove the rotor for disposal.
  • Once it is removed, replace the rotor by sliding the new one into the slot on the right side of the snow blower and then turn the rotor using your hands until it locks into the housing.
  • Lastly, press the locking pin and reattach the slide plate on the left side of the Power Curve and insert all the screws.
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Thus, through these important facts aforementioned above, it only shows that the Toro Power Shovel products are offering a wide variety of options to choose from. With its effectiveness and state of the art functions, these products are surely useful especially during the winter season.

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