Torch Lighter Review Including Cigar, Blazer, Colibri Lighters

A torch lighter, or butane torch lighter, is a lighter with an intensely hot flame released under pressure through a small port.  A torch lighter may be small butane torch is a tool which creates an intensely hot flame using butane, a flammable gas.   The torch flame lighter is commonly referred to as a windproof torch lighter because the torch-style flame is immune to most winds and weather.  These lighters can be designed for everyday use as a pocket torch lighter, or can be larger, with interchangeable tips to be used for glass blowing or in the kitchen for flaming dishes or crème brule.  A torch lighter can be much more than a simple lighter.  A single flame pocket torch lighter can be good for not only lighting smokes, but also for fireplaces, charcoal, web fuel sources, or any other time you need an intense, portable flame.  You can even choose the color of your flame.  There are many cheap torch lighters that have great styling including LED highlights.  They can look like a traditional lighter.  They can be styled to look like an old fashioned lighter, or even space-age.  Most of these lighters have the ability to adjust the flame and are refillable.

Cigar Torch Lighters

Cigar torch lighters often have more than one flame for greater width, and can have a built in punch and/or cutter.  Many times these are triple torch lighters, having three flames.  This makes it easier to light large cigars, and will often have a knob for adjusting the flame rather than a tiny adjustment screw.  You have to be careful with these lighters, as the flames can get as hot as 2300 degrees.  Triple torch lighters may be the best way to light a cigar.  The butane burns clean and odorless, preserving the taste of the cigar.  The wide lighting surface created by the triple torch lighter is perfect for lighting wide cigars.  These lighters are available in so many different designs, materials, and types you can choose a lighter that compliments your sense of style.
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Blazer Torch Lighters

Blazer is probably the most common name in butane torch lighters.  Well known for their style and reliability.  Some popular models are The Torch (the original cigar lighter), The Ambassador (a slim line torch lighter), and The Shark, with a dual blade cigar cutter built in.  Blazer began their line of torch lighters with the Micro Torch.  They were not designed as pocket lighters, but designed for kitchen use, and lighting camp fires and soldering, as well as in medical and dental laboratories across the country.  Blazer has been producing quality lighters for over 20 years, and continues to create what butane torch lighter reviews have often called the best torch lighters on the market.  You can spend more on a lighter, but you will not beat the features and reliability of the Blazer torch lighters.  You can buy a cheap torch lighter, but you will often find that they do not last, and will simply refuse to light.  With blazer torch lighters, you get a great value that is not expensive, yet will light every time you pick it up for years to come.

Colibri Torch Lighter

Colibri has a reputation of designing stylish yet cheap lighters that look like they cost ten times more than they do.  The Colibri torch lighter line is no exception.  They are heavy, beautiful, well-crafted lighters designed to be reliable, adjustable, refillable, works of art, as well as functional.  The piezoelectric ignition system makes lighting simple and reliable in any weather conditions.  For the distinguished smoker, there is no other choice than the unique styling of the Colibri lighter.
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The most popular torch lighter sold on is a cheap torch lighter by DCN.  It is triple flame butane lighter that sells for only $5.99.  The flame is adjustable, and it comes with a keychain.  It has an auto piezoelectric ignition, and is designed as a pocket torch lighter.  It is available in several colors, including red, blue, gray, clear and orange.  It will easily get hot enough to melt pennies and nickels. The reviews average 4.8 out of 5 stars, and point out that they are refillable, have strong flames, and are very high quality despite the fact that they are cheap torch lighters. The next model of torch lighter is again a pocket torch lighter by BeWild.  It is the Moon Glow Green Flame Torch Lighter #98.  It sells for only 6.99, making it another cheap torch lighter.  It is highlighted with blue light accents, and the flame burns green.  It is a heavier weight construction that is high quality, yet has a sporty feel.  The electronic ignition will light the butane fuel in even the windiest conditions.  The powerful flame make lighting cigars or damp wood simple and quick.  The flame can be adjusted to suit each user’s desire. Customers who purchased and reviewed this lighter agree that it has a strong flame, lights easily, and has a great feel.  One reviewer even stated that it is the best lighter he ever had. The next most popular torch lighter on is another pocket torch lighter; only this one has four flames!  Called the Incinerator, it is another model by BeWild, and still only sells at $6.99.  In the field of cheap torch lighters, this one is the most aggressive lighter you will find.  This is also a butane torch lighter, and is refillable for years of use.  The flame is adjustable, and can be turned up to light even the toughest to start items in the harshest conditions.  It features an electronic ignition and wind screen cap wrapped up into a sleek, modern style.  Despite the incredible power, this lighter is surprisingly efficient on fuel.  The wide flame is excellent for use as a cigar torch lighter, and is considered by some to be the best torch lighter in a pocket sized model.  There are no reviews yet on for this product.
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Which Plastic Welder Brand Is Best for Torch Lighter Repairs?

When it comes to torch lighter repairs, choosing the right plastic welder brand is crucial. Before making a purchase, consider these plastic welder buying tips: look for a reliable brand known for its durability, ensure it has adjustable temperature settings, and opt for a model that is compatible with various materials. By following these tips, you can find the best plastic welder brand for your torch lighter repairs.


Torch lighters are a great way to add style and fun to your daily life, if you are a smoker.  If you use a torch in the kitchen, the smaller torch lighters may be more versatile and easier to use, with their piezoelectric start than your traditional torch.  For the cigar connoisseur, they are a great way to add the lighter, cutter, and poker to one device while giving you a reliable, clean light.  For the outdoors man or woman, a torch lighter will give you a windproof way to start even stubborn hard-to-light materials when you need a fire the most.  No matter what your need, there is a torch lighter out there that will meet it.

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