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Topcon is a Japanese company that manufactures optical equipment for ophthalmology and surveying; it is headquartered in Itabashi, one of the most populous places in Tokyo, Japan. In its earlier years of establishment, this company made optical surveying instruments like binoculars and cameras for the Japanese Army. It entered the United States when it established Topcon Laser Systems, Inc. in California.

There are many types of Topcon rotary lasers available on the market today; whatever your laser needs you’re sure to find the right one for the job. Some of those types of Topcon laser are mentioned below:

If you are looking for the best rotary laser then the Topcon RL-25 Manual Leveling Rotary Laser Level is the one for you. This is a manual leveling rotary laser so it means that this device needs to be aligned by hand, instead of automatically; it comes with 2 spirit level bubbles for just that purpose. There are some screws in the casing that can be adjusted so that the proper setting can be achieved. This laser machine offers very accurate results so its user can be very confident about its usage. This is a tough, water and dust resistant machine and it comes with a remote controller so that its user can operate it even from a distance. This rotary laser level is perfect for you if you are looking for a quality product that does not pinch your pocket much. This product is mainly targeted at indoor based contractors and do-it-yourselfers.

If you’re more interested in a heavy duty laser leveling machine then the Topcon RL-H3A rotary level is something you can rely upon. This has a long range, offers high speed, and has a self-leveling infrared laser package. The RL-H3A has some good abilities and is easy to use, so operators will become accustomed to using this laser in no time. It uses LS-70B sensor that projects a horizontal line of laser that can go up to the maximum distance of 2300 ft. in just a few seconds. It uses the liquid compression technique by Topcon which ensures that the laser level moves at a very high speed, thus attaining a  perfect 600 rpm plane each time it is used. It has an IP56 IP rating which means that it is safe from the elements. With its powerful NiCad battery pack, the user can achieve operations of about 60 hours. If the industrial and heavy duty rotary laser is something you want then this is the right one for you. This is largely used in major constructions sites. If you lose any parts of the machine and you want to replace them with spare parts then only use Topcon laser parts so that it can function as good as new.

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There are two good Topcon construction lasers available for professional and DIY use.

The RL-H4C is an auto-leveling Topcon laser that is known for its versatility and precision. Its self-leveling motors are superfast so they provide very accurate results from the very first use if you are setting batter boards or checking the grades. It has a high power 2.4 mega watt diode which means it gives an 800 m (2,600 ft) diameter working radius. It is great for machine mounted receivers. It has a dry battery of alkaline manganese which provides twice the laser than any other machine can offer, and it can offer up to 100 hours of production. It also has automatic height of instrument alert. It has a rugged body with dual handles and its body is IP66 water-resistant. It has 10 arc seconds accuracy; it has universal rod clamp for LS series sensor. It also has an additional LS sensor as well as an LS-B10, but these are sold independently from the laser itself. You can buy it if you are looking for Topcon laser parts.

Another general construction laser is the RL-VH4DR, which works really fast. It offers superior and fast self leveling in not more than 5 seconds. It follows SmartScan’s advanced technology so it is widely used by general and interior contractors. It can be operated both vertically and horizontally with its RC-40 remote controller. It is durable and its superiority can be seen from the eyes as it is tough both from inside and outside. This Topcon laser also uses GreenBeam technology which multiplies the brightness of the beam so that you do not have to waste your precious time looking out for beam in direct sunlight. It can also be self leveled with its 5 level degrees which takes place within 5 seconds which means it will be up and running just like you are. If the laser has been damaged due to some reason then you can replace it with Topcon laser parts. The SmartScan technology that it uses makes it to draw a focused line of laser light on any surface that you want to use, and it will stay on there as long as you do not release the button.

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You can also buy used construction lasers if you are not too keen on buying a brand new one. There are many dealers available who can provide you with that but you must try to find a genuine one.

Another important laser type is the Topcon laser scanner.

The latest laser scanner announced by Topcon laser systems is the Topcon GLS-1500. This Topcon laser scanner is 10 times faster than the previous models, making it a very popular tool among its competitors. At 30,000 points per second and a range of 150 meters, this laser scanner stays at the top of other scanners available in the industry by its use of Topcon’s Precise Scan technology for data collection. It is a very user friendly device; its design reflects the desire to make it easy for consumers to quickly set it up without any hassles. For people who want something that is portable, accurate and dependable, the GLS-1500 is the one for them. This laser scanner’s qualities ensure that it can be used just by a single user thus saving time plus labor costs. It houses a 2.0 megapixel digital camera. It can be connected to the computer using the ScanMaster software by Topcon. One can stream the live video feed of the job site so that it can help in setting up scan and acquiring data. In addition to that it has a data collector onboard with LCD display and a set of keys in the keypad which makes it possible to be used like a stand-alone laser scanner.

Topcon laser transit products have set their standards higher than most other laser products. A Topcon laser is known for its versatile, visible and accurate nature, making it the leader among all competitors in the laser market.

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