Tools For Working Wood: All In One Tools, Carving Sets, Plans & Projects

Working with wood can be a very intricate process and you will need the right tools in order to complete your task. When it comes to finding the right tools for working wood you might think about the KR tools 19100 pro series 52 piece modeling knife set, this is a very good kit that includes over 30 different razor blades, 5 holders, 6 awls and more. This is quite a reasonable priced kit but it is only really suitable for those who are just starting to work with wood, as those who are a bit more experienced will not be able to get the desired effects that are sometimes needed. Needless to say, the pieces that are found are of a good quality and a great way for you to start out.

The 5 piece wood carvers boxed wood carving set is again suitable for beginners, but this set is a lot sturdier that the KR tools 52 piece set. You obviously do not get as many pieces, but you will find some good quality wood carving tools herein. The measurements of the blade tips range from 5/16 inch to 3/8 inches wide, and each of the tools is easy to use and sits comfortably in your hand.

All in one wood tools

For an all-in-one wood tool you could go for the ultimate machine which is the Shopsmith Mark 7, this incredible piece of equipment is for those of us who almost constantly work with wood and need to have something to rely on that will provide us with more than we currently have. The Shopsmith Mark 7 will help you to lathe, bore horizontally, it comes will a drill press, a shaper and a router, not forgetting a table saw and a disc sander. It’s not necessary for you to have a great deal of experience when it comes to using this great bit of machinery, but in either case you will find that the Shopsmith will save you a lot of time and you can quickly switch between the different tools and get up to 1,000 rpm depending on the tool you are using.

If you are interested in finding out about different all-in-one wood tools then this website will be able to help you. It clearly explains the different tools that are used and what they are specifically used for.

Wood carving sets

There are some very nice wood carving sets around and the Xacto X5175 Deluxe Woodcarving set is one of them, it comes with a great range of tools that will help you work on virtually any sort or project and will serve you well. The set includes 6 different blades, 5 gouges, a knife handle, 4 routers and they all work quite nicely. You will have to make sure that the blades etc. are properly fitted otherwise they may come out, but you do get a very good set of tools for the price and it could help you along the way to becoming an expert wood carver.

The 6 piece wood carving set with palm-style handles is perfect when it comes to working with linoleum, but you can also use the set to work with wood too. With a blade that is 2 ½ inches long and a total length of 4 ½ inches, you will find that each of these pieces is very easy and comfortable to use. This is not an expensive set, so you may need to look elsewhere if you are looking to do some fine and intricate work, but you can save a lot of money buying this set as opposed to getting the pieces separately.


Searching for woodworking plans and tools

When it comes to looking for some woodworking plans and tools, you will be able to find some ‘Packages’ online that show you what tools you will need to use for a wide variety of plans. The Aurora table desk plan is a good example of this and it is recommended for those who have more advanced woodworking skills as it requires different types of joinery and knowledge. The plan is a clear and concise one that has a lot of the pieces shown full-size which will help when it comes to measuring up.  The desk comprises of eight legs and three draws and is made of two different types of lightly colored wood, sold for around $20, the plan will guide you through and you should be left with a beautiful and elegant desk that you can be proud of.

The Roll Top Desk Woodworking Paper Plan will allow you to build a beautiful desk that gets its inspiration from furniture from the 1800’s. It is suitable for those who have a bit of experience working with wood and has highly detailed photographs and guidelines. You will be told what tools are needed to complete the job and you can be sure that this is a great project to work on.


Back to wood carving

A good set of wood carving tools is the Flexcut Tool Co 3 Knife carving set, this set is more expensive than some but you will get what you pay for. The knives are easy to maintain and are comfortable to use, known as a ‘Starter set’ you will get a lot out of them and they will see you through to the more intermediate tasks too.

A wide range of wood working projects

if it is a list of woodworking projects that you are on the lookout for then the INCRA projects and techniques book might serve you well. It will take you through a lot of different plans and every plan thoroughly, while telling you exactly what you need to use in order to achieve your goal, without complicating matters along the way.

This site is ideal if you plan to undertake a lot of wood working projects and it boasts over 9,000 in total with over 2,000 of them costing absolutely nothing at all. There are new projects being listed all the time by users, so you should be able to find something that you like and need.




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