Tool Chests on Wheels Review Guide: Snap On, Craftsman, Used & Metal Tool Chests

Tool chests on wheels are among the most useful and essential workboxes we can use, either in our work areas or at home. The main purpose of these toolboxes is to organize or put into order, carry and to preserve and protect various tools. It is very handy and practical for easy classification and systematic storage of gardening, metal and any other hand tools. The wheels provide mobility and convenience; even heavy tools can easily be moved and carried around the work area. Most tool chests on wheels are made of durable and heavy-duty plastic material or metal. Some are made of hardwoods, but these are expensive models and are usually collectors’ items. Golden oak, cherry wood and natural walnut are some of the materials used to construct these well-designed boxes, which can serve both as storage and elegant display items. A typical toolbox is composed of a sturdy base, a mounted top cover, rack mounted interior, layered compartments, slide drawers and removable trays.

Snap On Tool Chest on Wheels

Snap On Incorporated is a company that basically revolutionized the tool industry. Its ever-expanding product line-up (which is made up of nearly 14,000 products to date) includes tool chests on wheels. It carries a wide range of tool storages in different sizes and classifications. The series of models available include Classic, Epiq, Heritage and Master. For complete product details, specifications, prices and shipment, you can click on

Snap On Toolboxes

Snap On toolboxes and storage units have been the most preferred and the popular choice of customers because of their innovative design, quality and durability. These products are known to last a long time with whatever tools are stored in them. All of these have undergone the strictest quality control tests and the most meticulous and rigorous testing procedures to ensure best and lasting performance.

The wide selection of top-of-the-line and premium storage models corresponds to its advanced engineering system which significantly contributes to productivity. The Snap On KRL series consists of some of Snap On Tools’ best models; the KRA series is known for style and dependability. However, the Blue Point series’ toolchests are the more cost-effective and intelligently engineered models. If you want to preview  these gorgeous tool chest on wheels, you can see them on

Craftsman Tool Chests on Wheels

Craftsman has been acknowledged as America’s top brand for over- all quality and innovation, and for good reason. As the company maintains that it is more than a tool in your hand or a toolbox that protects your tools, the award bestowed upon Craftsman by its clients is the solid proof that they provide reliable products that can live to the challenge of even the most demanding jobs.

Being a major brand in the tools industry, Craftsman manufactures durable tool chests on wheels. There are models designed for basic tools like hammers, wrenches, pliers, screws, and flathead screwdrivers, among many others. Chests that feature more complicated frames and variations are sought by more serious tool users and builders.  Versatility, convenience and mobility are qualities that are always incorporated in each chest unit. High quality casters make transportation easier faster and more convenient. Other functional features like pull out trays and extended drawers allow the user easy access to the tools that he needs for a certain job. Tool chests for children are also available where they can organize their toys and stuff, which encourages them to learn how to organize things even at early age, not to mention instilling an interest in building and tools in general.

With Craftsman tool chests on wheels, all your working tools are guaranteed to stay safe and organized. Craftsman’s 41 in. Ball-bearing combo, which is one of its best selling models, has elegant black drawers and a sophisticated platinum baked-enamel shell. It features top right hand security drawer and full-extension drawers that run easily and smoothly on ball bearing slides. All of its contents are secured with GRIPLATCH® and a two key locking system. It also boasts of five by two inches casters for convenient and easy mobility and full-width aluminum drawer pulls. To view more of these excellent products, you can visit their website:

Used Tool Chests on Wheels

If you want to acquire a used tool chest on wheels for practical reasons, or old models for collection purposes, there are a lot of cool and good finds at You can even find real vintage units through this site which can excite vintage collectors.

Tool Chests for Sale

Leading brands of wheeled tool chests are available both at online and walk in-stores. But if you want to get hold of these storage boxes from the comforts of your home, there are a lot of reputable and credible online stores who can serve you. Ebay, Toolfetch,, and Northgate Equipment and Tool are just a few of them. You can click on where you can get very useful tips about buying tool chest. This site gives informative and enlightening guidelines on where and how to buy the best tool chests on wheels.

Metal Tool Chests

Metal tool chests are definitely more durable than the plastic and wood units. These are also the recommended type for your expensive, heavy-duty tools that may require extra security and more strict safekeeping measures. But as compared to plastic materials, it is much heavier and can result in accidental dents on anything that it comes in contact with. There are also some inferior models that are susceptible to rusting. You can look for models with a powder coat finish because this coating can resist corrosion. So prior to purchasing or acquiring a metal tool chest, make a thorough comparison among the brands available on the market.

Metal tool chests can either be made from steel or aluminum. These can provide a permanent, safe and reliable place to keep your valuable tools. These are the preferred tool storage chests of mechanics and construction workers because of their durability. Excellent metal tool chests can be found at and

For all your tool safekeeping needs, you are sure to find durable and reliable tools chests on wheels from reliable manufacturers like Snap on and Craftsman. And just like any other major purchases, identify what your requirements are to maximize your budget. Do not settle for cheaper but inferior chest tool that may not live to its claim. Quality should never be sacrificed for price, and with all the models available, you’ll never have to.

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