Titex Drills Review: Carbide, Micro, Walter, Coolant Fed & Coolant Long Drill Bits

Titex drill bits are very popular for use in home improvement projects all over the world. The Titex drill is normally coated with a black oxide finish and is considered a high speed steel, which means that it works well with high speed drills or industrial drills. Since the Titex drill speed feeds are designed for high speed steel, when used for small home improvement projects you will be able to extend the life of your drill bit when you use this model.

Titex Drills Carbide

The Titex drills carbide is considered to be high performance drills that are made from a carbide grade material. These high performance drills are good for steel and cast work or projects and materials up to around 40 RC respectively. Alternatively, you can also use this type of drill for the dry machining of steels as well.
RKW Titex micro drills

When it comes to the Titex micro drills the selection is not as large but it does not really need to be as one can do the job of several other drills. It is designed using an HSS-Cobalt material and can be used on materials that form long and short chips of steel. Some of the types of steel that can be used with this drill bit would be:

  • Cast iron
  • Malleable iron
  • Sintered iron
  • Copper alloys
  • German silver
  • Aluminum Silicon alloys

Walter Titex Drills

The RKW Walter Titex Drills use an index to determine the correct cutting inserts to use when drilling. This allows the user an opportunity to have a better understanding of the drill bit they should choose for the project or steel they wish to use. You will be able to identify this information by the use of the letter system. For example:

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Identification Letter P: Would indicate that all types of steel can be used with the exception of one form of steel and that is the austenitic structure steel.

Identification Letter M: would indicate stainless or austenitic steel can be used in this case. You can alternative use cast steel.

Carbide Drill Bits

As we take a closer look at the carbide drill bits we will notice that they are the high performance drill versions and there is the high performance drill version with coolant throughout. The high performance drill bit with the coolant is made with the carbide material, but they use the micro grain version to make these as opposed to the carbides without the added coolant. The surface of these drill bits are coated with a Titanium-Aluminum-Nitride coating.

The drills are good for use as oil-feed drills as they have 2 internally twisted oil holes and also come with a standard shank. This makes this type of drill bit the preferred choice when using steel and cast iron materials. Additionally, they can also be used on heat-resistant steels as well.

Cobalt Drill Bits

The cobalt drill bits are created from a Cobalt material, the surface of these drill bits is steam oxided, with a below 3mm bright finish. These are considered heavy duty and can be used to twist the drill with more intensity. This allows for an increase in the red-hardness and provided re-enforced geometry and support for steels that are high in tensile strength. This also works well for the stainless steel as well as the heat resistant steels.
Coolant Fed Drills

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What makes coolant fed drills interesting is probably one of the reasons why they are so popular. There are many who prefer this type of drill bit over the others and for many reasons. A few of those reasons are:

  • They have a deep hole capacity
  • They offer higher feeds and speeds which as a direct result reduces the amount of time spent drilling
  • The life of this tool is increased when compared to those that have not been coolant fed
  • You can produce better quality holes which means you end up with straighter holes, rounder holes, and you will also produce a better finish
  • The chip evacuation is more efficient and that means less likelihood for incidents
  • This bit is a good solution for holes that are larger than three tool diameters
  • You would want to use this tool bit when you are looking to avoid having to do a secondary finishing job.
  • The coolant fed drills work well on non-ferrous materials such as cast irons as well as medium and high strength steels

Long Drill Bits

There are different versions of the long drill bits that you can choose from. These types of drills can be used for steel, cast iron, austenitic stainless steels, and heat resistant steels. They are normally used for forming long and short chips as well as centering and countersinking on the NC and CNC machines.

The long drill bits can serve many purposes and can be used in a wide range of projects. When you use the long drill bits you are able to drill deeper holes and design better chip evacuation overall. This high performance drill bit is an effective solution for medium and high tensile strength steels as it produces deep holes in stainless steel as well as other materials.

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Titex Drills Catalog

The Titex drill catalogs are very extensive and you can find details in these catalogs to help you to make the most informed decision regarding the type of tools you will need to get the job done right. You will find information on the right tools that will assist you in:

  • Creating a more productive home or business project
  • Learning how to better manage the tolerance of the holes placed by using the correct balance
  • Experience a better surface finish so that your overall project is a success
  • Reduce your expenses and overall costs associated with this project
  • Know that you are getting a more reliable and dependable product from a manufacturer that you can trust

These catalogs can be ordered online and found in some hardware stores across North America.

As you can see Titex is determined to produce some of the most high-tech and quality drills and drill bits on the market, use them on your next project and you will certainly be pleased.

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