Timesaver Sander Review: Guide Including Wide Belt Sanders And Parts

For any experienced metal or woodworker it is common knowledge that sanding can not only be the most difficult, but also the most time consuming task of working with either of these materials.  Perhaps it is for that reason that Timesaver Sanders Inc. decided over sixty year ago to form a business, strictly focusing on sanding products that can save you time and energy.  While other power tool companies will attempt to provide as many tools as possible in order to monopolize the market, Timesavers did the opposite.  By increased attention, solely on sanders, they were able to perfect their trade, providing quality and perfected sanders for metal and wood.

With so many years in business Timesaver Sander Inc. has dedicated their time to perfecting the Timesaver widebelt sander.  For that reason, the company is the largest global manufacturer of the widebelt sander, which says a lot about the company’s dedication to their trade.

Woodworking Timesaver Widebelt Sanders

If your material of choice is wood, it is important that you select the right widebelt sander and the right heads for completing the job quickly and easily.  There are five main widebelt sanders for woodworking that the company provides:

  • Speed Sander
  • Series 1300
  • Series 2300
  • Series 3300
  • Series 5300

Each of these sanders varies based on the size, the number of heads available and all the features that the sander can help you accomplish while working with wood. The Speed Sander and the Series 1300 sanders are perhaps the easiest most simple of the group as they are strictly used for sanding with a wide belt.  Whereas the Series 2300, 3300 and the 5300 are all wide belt sanders, polishers, and they come with an orbital and a rotary brush heads so that you can multi-task with one tool.

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Heads for Woodworking Timesavers

If you are wondering what type of heads you will need in order to complete your woodworking job, there are plenty to chose from within the Timesaver brand.  Each head comes in a different size and width to accommodate the sander that is appropriate for it.  Some of those head types are as follows:

  • Combination
  • Drum
  • Segmented Combination
  • Orbital
  • Segmented Platen
  • Brush
  • Shaper..and more

All models of Timesaver sanders have appropriate fitting heads available.  Consumers who are unsure about the size or type of head they may need may contact the Timesaver customer service.

Metalworking Timesaver Widebelt Sanders

Timesaver sanders that that created specifically for metal come in a wide variety of head choices and sizes.  The main widebelt sanders for metalworking that the company provides include:

  • Series 1100
  • Series 1200
  • Series 2100
  • Series 2200
  • Series 19MWT
  • Series 3100

The Series 3200 widebelt sander works solely with dry heads for sanding, while the series 1100, 2100, 19MWT and the 3100 only use a wet widebelt to perform their tasks.   The Series 2200 is perhaps the most versatile of all the sanders as it functions with a widebelt dry, dry disc, slag grinder and a rotary brush.

Heads for Metalworking Timesavers

For the metalworking Timesaver sander there are also several options when it comes to selecting the right sander head for your machine.  All metal sanders sold by the company have replacement heads available for purchase should you need replacements or merely desire a different finish.  Some of those head types include:

  • Barrel-brush
  • Drum
  • Oscillating brush
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Just like the woodworking heads, these metal types are available in various sizes to accommodate most of the Timesavers sanders that are sold by the company.  Questions or concerns about replacement or installation of a new head can be directed to the customer care line whose number is available on the Timesaver website.

Timesaver Sander Parts

If you are looking for extra accessories or replacement parts there are plenty of Timesaver sander parts online at www.timesaverinc.com, the official website of the company.  Through the website if you know the replacement part you need all you have to do is fill out a part order form, it only takes a few minutes.  For those operators who are unsure of what they may need for their sander they can always call the 1-800 number provided on the website.  Their customer service specialists are dedicated to providing you with quality services and information so that you can get the right part for your specific sander.

Timesaver also provides their clients with some beneficial accessories as well, that will help you to make your work easier and quicker.  For each type of sander your can purchase various heads which are ideal for the type of finish you are seeking with your metal or wood.  These heads are sold in various sizes suitable for your specific widebelt sander, and if you are unsure about what head is right you can always call their customer specialists for help.

Purchasing your Timesaver Sander

If you are looking to purchase a Timesaver sander they are sold both online and through several retailers in North America.  However, you have to keep in mind that when you are ordering online you have to be sure you are purchasing the right product, as shipping can add on to your total cost. It may also be important for you to find a Timesaver sander for sale, even if the price is just a few hundred dollars less.  That is why it is important to shop around online till you find the right price for your budget.

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Used timesaver sanders are also available for purchase online.  Sites like EBay and Amazon will typically offer a slightly used sander for several hundred dollars cheaper than the original retail price.  Keep in mind that if you chose to purchase a used sander you can always confide in the assistance of the manufacturer if you have setup or replacement part issues.

If you are seeking to make your metal or wood sanding easier, safer and quicker there is no other company to trust than Timesavers.

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