Tillman Gloves Review Guide: 1414, 1470 and 1490 Work and Welding Gloves

For well over 80 years now, Tillman gloves have been at the forefront of the gloves making industry in the US.  The company has come to be recognized as the leader in the industry first and foremost because of the quality that is attendant to each product that rolls out of their production facility, and secondly because of their being able to tailor fit products to the needs of customers.  The company prides in having a full line-up of gloves and other protective gears designed to meet the rigid specifications of each working man.  Categorized according to the particular uses applicable, each glove is manufactured with the strictest standard that a protective glove should have.  The various products available cover almost all industries and work requirements.

Tillman gloves 1470

Categorized under the true-fit, the Tillman glove 1470 is designed to be a versatile hand protection gear.  It is made from goatskin and leather as well as spandex.  This makes it flexible and at the same time durable.  It comes in a hippy design that can go well with other gears that may be preferred by the user.  The fingertips of this glove are padded with leather to make sure that the portion where the most pressure and strain are present is well protected.  It also comes in different sizes for that give the necessary fit and this is where it precisely got its name.  This glove has received many positive reviews from users and continues to be an important part of the company’s line-up.

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Tillman Gloves 1490

Tillman gloves 1490 are considered the workman’s darling. Known for its versatility, it is a multi-purpose glove which can be used in practically any job where it is needed.  It has distinctive features which are not incorporated in other brand of the same category like having breathable materials that allow moist out and thus prevent sweating.  It belongs to the super premium category because it is made of high-grade goatskin. The protective lining is definitely better than the others because it has double padded fingertips for added protection and other patented features to increase durability. It also comes in various sizes to make sure that the workman’s needs for protective gloves fully covered which makes this product one of the best-sellers in the entire line up of Tillman. You can check this model out at various online stores for pricing and shipment requirements like http://www.bakersgas.com/  and http://www.cryoweld.com/safety-equipment/tillman-glove-1490.html.

Tillman Gloves 1414

Cross country truck drivers and even those on long drives, require hand gloves to protect their hands from either heat or cold weather. More so, there is palm irritation caused by excessive sweating and other bothersome stuff brought about by long driving.  To this, Tillman offers a glove that provides comfort and protection at the same time.  The Tillman glove 1414 is a standard type of glove which is made up of cowhide and is designed to provide comfort and ease of use.  It has reinforced stitching on the forefinger side to provide extra strength and durability.  It gives the perfect grip that is ideal for long driving sessions.  It is a very saleable model in the standard class drivers’ gloves that Tillman has and as such, many other variations represented in different models have been developed to meet the demands of its growing popularity.  For your long driving protective requirements, use these gloves that most drivers prefer.

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Tillman Work Gloves

Tillman work gloves are the banner products of Tillman which made this company famous and well-known as far as gloves are concerned. The Tillman Work Glove has been a constant companion of workers not only in the USA but also in major countries worldwide.  It comes in a variety of shapes and sizes and perfect for just about any type of work where hand protection is needed.  There are the ladies’ gloves that are especially contoured for the feminine hands and at the same time designed to give the needed comfort and protection that a glove should have.  The various work gloves offered by the company comes in premium, standard and economy classes.  The price range is easily affordable, which is another reason why they lead in this category as compared to other brands selling basically the same items.  Materials used depend on the applicable task at hand;  there are the cotton-polyester, latex dipped, pigskin, cowhide, and leather among many others.  Whatever may be the job you are about to perform, whether at home or at work, there is an available Tillman glove that will suit your needs.

Tillman Welding Gloves

Different welding jobs also require different gloves.  That’s why at Tillman, they have gloves specifically designed for a particular welding task.  There is the stick welding gloves which comes in a thicker padding because it requires more protection from heat that is normally the case when you do this kind of job.  Tig welding does not require as much insulation because this welding job has not much heat exposure so the protective gloves used are normally thinner to maximize comfort.  Lastly, there is the Mig welding job which is a lighter task, so the gloves specifically designed for this job allows more dexterity and agility. Tillman welding gloves come in different sizes and are made of superior quality materials such as cowhide and deerskin; and equipped with features to make sure that maximum protection as well as comfort is achieved.  These products are widely available in the internet as it is carried by most online stores catering to multi-customers and they are also available widely in local and international distributors.

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Due to its long history and heritage, the Tillman gloves have come to be associated not only with protective gloves but also with almost every workman’s protective apparel.  Some of its competition like Revco gloves also offers an almost complete line-up and has its own market but Tillman has maintained its leadership over the years and continues to provide the same passion in their field of discipline. So the next time you need to buy quality and performance gloves, choose the brand that professionals trust, go Tillman gloves.

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