Tiller Rental Review: Prices, Tractors Tillers And Rototillers Guide

If you are planning on preparing your garden for their next batch of crops, you need to till the soil so that it will be easier to plant the seeds. But if you have a substantially large garden, breaking the soil by hand will really be a chore. You need a mechanical advantage to make the task of preparing the ground little bit easier, so why not take advantage of a tiller rental? It is easy to find good tiller rental services these days, and it will really help out with your gardening works. As a matter of fact, you can find good tiller rentals at Lowe’s and Home Depot for reasonable prices.

Why Rent?

Garden tillers are not cheap; these machines usually cost thousands of dollars, even used. Spending a lot of money for a machine that you will only use a couple of days a year seems a bit too much; renting out a machine you can use for a couple of days seems a bit more cost effective.

Another reason why it is wiser to avail of tiller rental services is because they are bound to have newer models at hand for their customers. If you buy a garden tiller now, by next year the manufacturer would have released a newer model to replace the one that you just bought. This newer model will have better features and would in all likelihood be easier to operate than the one you bought just the year before. But if you will just rent a tiller, it is almost guaranteed that you will get a newer model tiller.

Benefits of Using a Garden Tiller

People always say that gardening is quite a relaxing hobby, but they always fail to mention the amount of back breaking labor involved in preparing the soil for planting. Using a garden tiller rental helps by turning the once labor-intensive task of preparing the soil into something as simple as pushing a machine over the ground in which you wish to plant. It doesn’t have to be a whole field of crops you use the tiller for, either; you can use it to plant smaller sized plots of anything from herbs to flowers to vines. The choice is yours, but the fact remains that using a tiller rental is just easier when preparing the ground.

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Besides making the task of preparing the soil a lot easier, it also saves a lot of time. Just think about it: tilling your garden using a pickaxe and shovel will take you days, especially if there are lots of rocks and weeds lying about on and in the ground. With a garden tiller rental, you can make short work of breaking up the soil and unearthing any embedded rocks and pulling out the weeds. Making your garden ready for the next batch of plants is a lot simpler and faster when you use a garden tiller.

Determining What Kind of Tiller Rental You’ll Need

Tillers come in various shapes and sizes; you need to think about what your particular needs are so that you do not get a tiller rental that is not suited for the job you have planned for. So here are some guidelines for choosing a tiller to help you pick out the perfect tiller rental at Lowe’s, Home Depot or wherever you choose to rent.

Tiller Size

The size of the tiller you need for your garden does not always depend on how large your garden is. It also depends on the soil quality. Small tillers usually have a single blade or two; these work great on soft soil, whereas larger tillers that have four or more blades are well suited for hard, rocky ground.

Tiller Blade Type

The blades on tillers are called tines, and these are the components that actually break up the soil as you pass the tiller rental over them. There are three types of tines, and each one has its own specific use. The first blade type is known as bolo tines, and these are used for general tilling purposes like deep ground tilling. The second type is known as slasher tines; these are used for plots that have heavy vegetation and plants with deep root systems. The last type of blade is called the pick and chisel, and as you may have guessed already this is used for rocky ground.

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Front or Rear Tined Tillers?

Tillers that have the tines placed in front are lighter than those that have the tines at the rear of the machine. Front tined tillers are great for use in existing plant beds, either for removing weeds or for preparing the soil for the next round of crops. Rear tined tillers, though heavier, are more powerful than front tined tillers, mostly because of their gasoline powered engines (front tined tillers are usually electric). Rear tined tillers are great for creating new plant beds from previously untouched soil, and they are also easier to control.

By taking these things into careful consideration, you will know which machine you need to get from the garden tiller rental.

Tiller Rental Prices

The best garden tiller rental would probably be those offered by Home Depot. Home Depot has always been a giant when it comes to DIY supplies, and another reason why they are so great is because they not only sell tools and equipment, they also allow their customers to rent them. Availing of the garden tiller rental at Home Depot will only cost you a couple of hundred dollars per day, which is a lot cheaper than buying a tiller for thousands of dollars. Lowe’s also has tiller rentals, and their prices are very reasonable for those DIYers on a budget.

Tiller Rental

In order for you to reap the rewards of your garden, you need to put in a lot of elbow grease and plenty of your time to make it turn out the way you actually want it. In the old days you would have to manually till the soil using crude tools like pickaxes, hoes, and shovels, which as you may have guessed took several days and a lot of blood, sweat and tears to finish. But now, preparing your soil for planting is a whole lot easier and faster, all thanks to mechanical garden tillers. But mechanical tillers are quite expensive, so the next best thing that you can do is find an efficient garden tiller rental at a reasonable price and rent one of these machines for your personal use. By renting garden tillers you spare yourself from all of the backbreaking labor and at the same time save plenty of your time and money.

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