Tiger Claw Fasteners Review: Fasteners Gun, TC3 and TC2 Fasteners Review Guide

One way to add a bit more beauty, and enjoyment to any backyard is by installing a wooden deck to serve as a patio. Not only do decks add a bit more aesthetic appeal to any backyard garden, it’s functional too. Add some patio furniture, maybe a table or two, and you have a great place for family gatherings like backyard barbecues and such.

And one of the best things about a wooden deck is that they are actually pretty easy to build. You only need rudimentary carpentry skills, a couple of basic tools like a hammer, a saw, and measuring tape, and of course some nails to hold the wooden planks together. But that was in the old days, now there is an even easier way to create great-looking wooden decks without using any nails. This is now possible using Tiger Claw Hidden deck fasteners.

What are Tiger Claw Hidden Deck Fasteners?

Tiger Claw fasteners are metal fasteners that are used to attach the decking boards to the frame without any visible nails whatsoever. The finished deck will look like the wood planks were stuck together cleanly. Instead of attaching the decking boards through the top like ordinary nails, Tiger Claw fasteners are fitted in between the boards and the frame, giving a more secure hold and makes installation fast and easy.

Features and Benefits of Tiger Claw Fasteners

  • They are virtually invisible – Because these fasteners are placed in between planks, you will not see them unless you look real close.
  • They will not cause wood rot – Wood usually begins to rot around the edges of nails and screws that are exposed to the elements, with Tiger Claw fasteners these sorts of things are no longer a problem.
  •  They give a more secure hold – Because of their larger surface area, Tiger Claw hidden deck fasteners give a stronger hold on the planks and the frame.
  • They give the wooden deck a smoother, more refined surface – Since there are no nails or screws on top, the floor will have a smoother finish. This will show off more of the wood’s beauty. So it is impossible for Tiger fasteners to stub people’s toes or snag someone’s skirt.
  • They will not cause the wood to split – The Tiger Claw fasteners are designed in a way so that when the wood shrinks over time, they are allowed to slide over the fasteners, unlike nails or screws that remain rigid.
  • They will not stain the surface of the deck – The nails and screws on top of the boards will surely corrode after some time has passed, and the rust that results from the corrosion will surely stain the deck surface. Tiger Claw fasteners are made from materials that are highly resistant to rust. And since they are not really that exposed to the outside air the likelihood of rust forming is very minimal.
  • They will last longer than the deck itself – The base model Tiger Claw TC-1 can typically outlast the decking that it is used on, if you want more durability then you should use the Tiger Claw TC-2 which is made of stainless steel.
  • They are easy to use – You will only need a hammer, a screwdriver, and the special tool that comes with every box of fasteners. If you are installing a larger wooden deck then you might want to use the specially made Tiger Claw fasteners gun, which is like a modified nail gun.
  • They prevent damage on the surface of the deck during installation – You will no longer have to deal with hammer marks on top of the planks that often results when driving the nails through the wood.

Different Types of Tiger Claw Fasteners

Tiger Claw TC-1 – This is their basic type of fastener; commonly used on soft woods.

Tiger Claw TC-2 – Basically has the same specs as the TC-1 but made using stainless steel to avoid corrosion.

Tiger Claw TC-3 – Used for composite boards and slightly harder wood like mahogany.

Tiger Claw TC-4 – Though this model of fastener has not been released, these are the fasteners that can be used on ironwoods.

How to Use Tiger Claw Fasteners

Though Tiger Claw hidden deck fasteners are a bit more complicated to use than ordinary nails and screws, they are really not that difficult, you can actually get the hang of using them after just a couple of tries.

There are only three simple steps for installing Tiger Claw fasteners:

  1. Hammer in the fasteners on the side of the decking board using the specialized tool that come with each package.
  2. Secure the fastener on the frame using a simple wood screw.
  3. Hammer the next piece of decking board beside the one with the Tiger Claws, and then repeat the whole process until you have used up all of the decking boards.

For more ease and speed, you can use the pneumatic Tiger Claw fasteners gun that does more than drive the fasteners into the wood, it can also screw them in place. Using the gun you can install up to 26 fasteners per minute, perfect if you are building a larger deck or patio.

To estimate just how many fasteners you will need you only need to count the number of decking boards you have and then multiply them with the number of horizontal members in the frame underneath.

Tiger Claw Hidden Fasteners

Why would you want to use nails and screws if there is an easy and more reliable way to join the wood pieces together when making your own dock? Traditional nails and screws can actually cause your wooden deck to rot, split and do other kinds of damage. If you want to make a wooden deck that will not only look beautiful in your backyard, but you can also enjoy for many years to come, use Tiger Claw hidden deck fasteners. For further proof you can check out Tiger Claw fasteners reviews online, you are sure to be amazed!

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