Throwing Axes For Sale Guide: Axe Types And Competition Axe Tips


Throwing axes are most commonly seen used by outdoorsmen as hatchets, a handy tool that is used by campers for survival purposes.  Throwing axes are classified by their steel formed blade at the end of what is typically a rod made of wood or a bar.  However, modern throwing axes are now seen made of sheer metal, including the handle, which is used to throw at a particular target, or may have fancy elaborate decorations on the handle and blade. Some people have taken to throwing axes as a sport, similar to archery with a target, others throw axes as a means of defense tactics. Finally, there are those individuals who seek out throwing axes for sale for the purpose of collecting these tools and showing them off to their guests.

Historically throwing axes are considered one of the first tools that prehistoric man used for survival.  Today throwing axes are made in various models and forms, such as the Francisca, Hurlbat, Nzappa zap, and the Tomahawk.  Each of these models of axes is available for sale in certain specialty stores, large outdoor shops, and online through manufacturer websites. While the rates may vary based on location you can also purchase throwing axes from international stores as well.

Types of Throwing Axes for Sale

If you are looking to purchase a particular model of throwing axe you have to know where to look to find the particular model you are looking for.  While purchasing online is much easier than going to a specialty store you must keep in mind that shipping may be more difficult depending on the product.

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Viking Axes

Viking axes are so named based on their affiliation with the Vikings of the olden days.  These men used these axes as crude tools and as weapons of death. Today you can find Viking axes of various sizes and various qualities, however most are made of steel and have a strong handle attached.  Viking axes for sale can be found online and in stores anywhere from $100 and up.  For those who seek authentic Viking axes for collection purposes there are also special, well-preserved axes through online auction sites.

Battle Axes

Battle axes are commonly modeled after those axes that were used as weapons during the Medieval times.  Argued as one of the best features of the battle axe is the fact that it is lightweight, which is also great for shipping costs if you are ordering online.  Battle axes for sale can be found in several forms: hero’s axe, bearded axe, mammen axe and more.  Each of these axes varies based on the style and format of the blade at the end of the weapon.

Condor Throwing Axe

The condor throwing axe, in comparison to some of the other aforementioned axes, is particularly modern.  This axe was created with the idea of a battle in mind.  Should the opponent be running away the sharp-pointed end can be jabbed in and pulled down to stop the opponent and bring him to the ground.  The condor throwing axe can vary in price based on the type of metal that it is made out of, however most are rather affordable in the $50 plus range.

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If you are looking for a throwing tomahawk for sale you will be happy to know that this form of throwing axe is among the most common on the market, aside from the hatchet.  Tomahawks are often regarded as an outdoor tool, however they were created with the purpose of fighting in mind. The tomahawks that are intended for throwing are often lighter and designed particularly to serve as weapons.


If you are looking for throwing hatchets for sale there are several online and in store locations that have these types of tools.  Most of the hatchets that you will find in outdoor stores are tailored to outdoorsmen who are looking for a tool to cut wood, etc.  However, there are some stores who carry lightweight throwing hatchets that are specifically tailored to be aerodynamic.

Competition Throwing Axe

For the sportsman who seeks to use throwing axes for sport there are several axes that can be used for this purpose. The competition throwing axes must sometimes be cleared through the organization with which you are competing, but most will allow you to choose your throwing axe of choice. These competitions can be quite entertaining, both to watch and to participate in.  If you are looking for competition throwing axes for sale there are plenty of online sites like and that offer various throwing axes for sale.  However, as previously mentioned before you purchase a throwing axe for a competition you should ensure that there are no tools that are omitted from participation in the contest.

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Across the World

No matter the part of the world that you live in there is always access to top throwing axes to compete with, collect and even train with online.  For instance when looking for throwing axes for sale UK there are several sites like or that not only service clientele in the UK but in some cases across the globe.

Not only do these global sites offer access to throwing axes, but they often offer affordable purchase and shipping rates for those who demonstrate an interest in the niche.  These retailers offer everything from all metal throwing axes, to elaborate hatchets and even old-fashioned Viking models axes.

It is recommended that before you purchase your next set of throwing axes that you take the time to research other retailer and their rates for the same product or similar.  You also want to take into consideration shipping charges if your items are going to come from another country this could be expensive.

Regardless of the type of throwing axes that you are interested in purchasing there are plenty of styles to suit everyone.  Whether you are using your axes for sport, as a weapon, or merely to add to your wall of weaponry finding the right axes can be simple with just a little time and effort on the internet.

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