The Weber Spirit II E 210 – Complete Review!

weber spirit e 210It’s that time again. Summer is here and you are thinking fond thoughts of delicious grilled foods. Meat and corn on the cob with grill lines. Frankly, everything tastes better grilled. The problem is, however, that you need to replace that old grill of yours and you aren’t certain what to get. To help you make that decision easier for you we will be reviewing the Weber Spirit II E 210 gas powered grill.

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Weber Grills

Founded in 1893, Weber has quite the history. Originally a metal-working company, Weber actually created the original rounded charcoal kettle-style grill in 1951.Family-owned until 2010 Weber is still one of the top leaders in grill technology today. So what kind of features can you expect with the Weber e210? Let’s review!

Weber E 210 featuresweber e210

The Weber 210 actually does not have a large amount of bells and whistles. We’ve compiled some of features that you may like the most so that they are easy to review as you are deciding on your new summer grill. Features from the Spirit II include:

  • Cooking area – The Weber 210 comes with a total of 450 sq. inches of cooking area. The primary area is about 360 square inches(or as we would like to call it, about 22 hamburgers).
  • Stainless steel burners – Weber likes their stainless steel and while this unit is not as durable as some of the other Weber models(it is mostly stainless steel and some aluminum construction), it is solidly built.
  • Porcelain-enameled cast iron cooking grates – These look sharp and heat up fairly quickly and evenly.
  • Porcelain enameled lid – The grill looks sharp on the outside as well as the inside(and Weber really knows how to do the porcelain enamel, too.)
  • Flavorizer bars – V-shaped metal bars, these are designed to carry grease and drippings away from the burner tubs. This minimizes \flare ups’ and as an added bonus, some of the drippings are vaporized and give added flavor to whatever you are cooking.
  • IGrill 3 thermometer technology – Compatible with the Igrill 3, which allows for Bluetooth monitoring on your smartphone of items that you are cooking. Accessories required for this function.
  • All weather wheels – Sturdy wheels that you won’t have to worry about. when moving your Weber.
  • Grease management system – Just fancy-speak for a drip-pan, but of course your Weber has one for easier cleanup.

“Weber grills are built to last.”

Now that we have discussed the features, what are the pros and cons for this unit? Well, let’s go to the good news first and then we will delve into what we felt could have been improved upon. Once you’ve got the nitty-gritty on this grill then you should be able to make the final judgment on the Weber Spirit 210 for yourself.

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weber e 210

The pros

  • The right size – If you need a portable grill that can give you the ‘full grill experience’ then this model might be right for you. It fits nicely on most apartment balconies on right there on the patio.
  • Quick heating – All Weber grills are designed to reach 500 to 550 degrees within 10 to 15 minutes and this model is no exception. You can fire it up and go grab the steaks out of the fridge, ready to start in almost no time.
  • Hood-mounted thermometer – While not an uncommon feature, you would certainly miss it if it weren’t there.
  • Propane gauge cubbyhole – The propane tank has an associated gauge to let you know when you are getting close to refill time. This can help to prevent those any inconvenient surprises when you feel the need to grill-mark meat.
  • 10 year warranty – Weber has been around for ages and they fully guarantee their units. You bought a nice, working grill and that’s exactly what you are going to get.
  • 270 degree controls – This makes the unit good for low heat cooking as well as high heat cooking. More control, more flavor!
  • Even cookingCooking is very even with this unit and it is big enough that you can cook a whole chicken in it if you like.
  • Durability – Weber grills are built to last. While there are various grades of stainless steel in this grill to make it portable it is still a tough little workhorse.
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  • Now that we have addressed the good bits, let’s go into the parts that we didn’t like as much on the Weber E 210 grill. The cons for this unit are as follows:

The cons

  • Secondary burner – You can’t turn the secondary burner on unless the primary is ignited as well. This is a little annoying but not a deal breaker.
  • Battery – A AA battery is required for the electric ignition. This does come with the unit, however. Just don’t forget to replace it every now and again. That said, many love this feature.
  • Assembly requiredThis doesn’t come assembled unless you request your vendor to do it for you. Assembly without this will probably take you around 2 hours as the instructions are quite detailed and you are working with a lott of parts.
  • Cleanup – Cleanup can be time-consuming due to the portable nature of this model(makes it a little harder to get into some areas).

As far as failings go, we think that you will agree that most of these complaints are quite negligible in the long run. Let’s move on to our verdict in the Weber Spirit II E 210 review and we’ll give you our opinion on the issue.

The verdict

With Weber’s Genesis line taking over, the price on this grill has dropped dramatically and you should take advantage of this. This is a great portable grill that produces evenly-cooked, deliciously grilled food at your command. With a quick heat up time and a durable construction then this is one grill that you will be enjoying for many years to come.

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