The Wagner Power Painter Plus 0525027: Mighty or Overrated?

wagner power painter

So, are you in the market for a power painting system? Does the Wagner Power Painter Plus live up to all the hype? We’re going to go into it, starting with the features and then moving on to the meat of it, the pros and cons as per our evaluations. Once you have the information then you will be the ultimate judge but you will have our opinion on the subject. Welcome to the Wagner Power Painter Plus review!

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What you get out of the box

The Wagner Power Painter Plus has a number of features that we can discuss in more detail later in the article. First, let’s start with what the company itself cites. Per Wagner, the Power Painter Plus comes with the following features:

  • Carrying case – This model comes with its own carrying case so that you can conveniently bring it where you like.
  • Good Speed – Wagner advises that this unit sprays 6.6 gallons per hour.
  • Optimus dual fan pattern tip – This helps to ensure that your Power Painter produces a professional paint pattern.
  • Additional Atomizer valve – This allows you to use your Power Painter with oil or latex based paints and stains.

Well, that sounds nice. So how does it actually rate? Perhaps you’ve already read a few Wagner Power Painter Plus reviews? We’re going to explore the pros and the cons of this budget offering from Wagner.

The pros

wagner power painter plus
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  • Dual Tip Technology – This feature is not too shabby. Designed to help prevent overspray and to allow access to corners that would normally be unreachable, it’s a handy trick to have.
  • EZ Tilt Tech – This technology is another perk. Designed so that when you tilt the unit, it doesn’t move the suction hose in such a way as to stop the paint flow. This allows you to use the Power Painter vertically with no issues.
  • Fast Painting – At 6.6 gallons per hour, your Power Painter can cover around 600 square feet per hour. Not too shabby for a budget painter.
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  • Disassembly without tools – Easy disassembling for cleaning is always a plus in our books.
  • Built-in paint filter – The built in paint filter helps to avoid ‘blotches’ of paint, keeping the coverage more uniform.



Now that we have discussed the pluses of the product, what are the cons? There were a few complaints that we had on this model. We’ve collected those for you to review and decide if the Power Painter Plus is the one for you.

The Cons

power painter
Maklay62 / Pixabay
  • Short cord – Clocking in at around 12 inches, the cord for this unit is pretty short. You are definitely going to need a long extension cord for usage.
  • Heavy – Weighing in at 6 points before filled, this can be a little cumbersome when painting for long periods of time. This is definitely a consideration.


  • Clean if resting– If you wish to take a moment of rest, you will want to clean out the tip of the Power Painter. Not doing this can result in a clog in the tip, leakage, and may spray a blot of paint out that’s much less sightly then what you were seeing before.
  • Small tank – This unit comes with a small tank, which means that you will be refilling it often.
  • Cleanup time – While it is easy to disassemble, cleaning time could be around 30 minutes with an oil based paint or stain. We feel that the design could be optimized a bit more to avoid spending this much time on cleanup.
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“Your Power Painter can cover around 600 square feet per hour.”

wagner power painter review
qimono / Pixabay

The Verdict

At around 100$, this is a fairly affordable unti. That said, we aren’t sure that we would recommend it. For a little more you can obtain a more robust model that will have less issues and inconvenience and thus a better experience. That said, if you should decide that this unit will fit your needs, we’re including some troubleshooting tips for this model that can help if you see any issues.

Troubleshooting Tips

  • Paint is not drying uniformly – This is likely going to be related to air pressure. Check your air cap. It has a number of holes in it that can sometimes get clogged up. Unclogging these holes may take care of the issue.
  • No or low pressure -This may be a dirty inlet wave. You can release it with the clever application of a ratchet and clean it with soap, water, and a latex-based cleaner.
  • Paint is leaking from the spray tip – Check your sealing gun if the sprayer is leaking from the tip even when not in use. There is a possibility that is was assembled improperly if this is the case.
  • Only air coming from the sprayer – This one is pretty easy. If air is coming out and no paint then you need to check how much paint that you have in the unit. When it starts running out then you can see this behavior.
  • Prime knob doesn’t seem to work – This could be the inlet wave or the prime valve. You will want to contact your manufacturer if you are seeing issues with this, as unfortunately there is not an easy fix. If the unit is new you may be able to simply exchange it at your vendor, the new unit should have no issues.
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 In conclusion

We hope that you have enjoyed our Wagner Paint Sprayer Plus review. While it is not an optimal sprayer, it does have it’s perks and perhaps it meets the expectations that you require of it for the time. If so, we hope that you will enjoy your new sprayer for many a DIY project to come. Keep in mind as well that Wagner has been in business for some time now and that if this unit is not a fit for you they might have another model that you adore. Happy painting!

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