The Kubota RTV 900 Ultimate Review: Rugged Performance!

I’m going to say it now: I like the Kubota RTV 900. It’s solid, it’s reliable, and it’s got the amazing features one needs in an RTV for just about any use. With Kubota, what you see is what you get, and it’s never disappointed me, regardless of the different equipment I’ve used.

But of course, I can’t simply say how much I love the RTV X900 and not explain further. That’s why I made this review to help you, so read on! This is my ultimate review on Kubota for you to see if this is really worth the investment for your needs.

All About the Kubota RTV 900

kubota rtv 900

Let’s first learn more about where the Kubota came from.

This is a brand from Georgia, USA, coming in three variants. The RTV-900 is actually the base model, made for general purposes such as work or leisure. It has a manual cargo bed, as well as ATV tires compared to the premium models with hydraulic beds and work-site tires.

So think of this particular model more of an entry-level model to get a gist on what it’s like. The usual group of people who purchase this RTV is councils, farmers, light-industrial operators, even airport managers who require moving various objects.

For the Kubota RTV 900 price, you can expect to get a lot from what you pay for, as Kubota offers a lot for its price. You receive hydrostatic power steering AND transmission, as well as extremely strong steel frames. Besides that, you also get storage, independent suspension, and even skid plates made of heavy-duty material!

I’ll get more into the body in the next section.

The Body

kubota rtv x900

When you see the RTV, you can already see and feel how strong it is. The cab includes ROPS, just as one would expect from a Kubota. Furthermore, there are steel bolsters to protect and prevent any rider or driver from involuntary exiting the RTV. While thoughtful, I’m not a huge fan of the steel bars as it may also incur injury if hit the wrong way.

For its controls, everything is easy to use and laid out smartly. You won’t find a P inside the gearbox, but a handbrake that’s ratchet type. As for its shift pattern, manufacturers call this linear, with a slight notch action but probably because it was all new. It will begin to become smoother after a few uses.

There is a digital instrument pack found in the dash which is understandable. The visibility as you operate the RTV is good, depending on the terrain you’re on. Overall, I had a great first impression with the Kubota RTV 900.

I felt that it was compact and as the driver, you sit high to see everything. I do wish that the passenger seating was a bit more comfortable but other than that, everything is satisfactory.

The Performance

kubota rtv diesel

When you have a hydrostatic transmission on a small RTV like the Kubota, you might feel like it’s overkill. However, it isn’t and offers excellent stability many workers need.

It may experience a bit of a struggle when going uphill because of its horsepower, though it’s adequate enough for the job. The same goes for situations wherein it carries more than the recommended capacity. The suspension is quality and you’re able to easily adjust your ride height according to preference.

What makes the Kubota different is that it now has power assistance, so there isn’t any kickback. But of course, don’t just drive it with a finger (or no hands!) on the steerer. While it’s easy to move around, it’s not fully automatic and will perform on its own!

As for its engine, it’s more than adequate as it’s muffled with a quiet transmission. It’s also easy to do maintenance checks on it daily since the parts are easy to access.

You can locate the fuel tank on the driver’s side, sitting inside the chassis. When you lift the bonnet, it gives you access to the coolant bottle, brake fluid reservoir, radiator, and the air filter. It also has a glovebox and storage under the seat for tools and any other things you need to stay dry.

The Kubota RTV 900 Specs

Here are the Kubota RTV’s major specs to take note of:

•Three-cylinder, diesel engine

•Fuel capacity: 30 liters

•Liquid cooling

• Independent front suspension with adjustable spring preload

•Wet-disc front brakes

•Independent rear suspension with coil over shock

•Variable hydro transmission

• The towing capacity of up to 1,300 pounds

•Box capacity of up to 1,102 pounds

•Rear and front travel of eight inches

•Dry weight: 1,973 pounds

The price range of the Kubota RTV 900 ranges between $13,000 to $15,000, depending on where you buy it from and the package it comes with. Overall, a modest price for the specs it has to offer!

My Final Verdict

Overall, the Kubota impresses again, as not any Japanese manufacturer can create a quality diesel-powered RTV with all necessary features! Rather than focusing on making it a plaything, they made it a workhorse, made for any purpose.

Sure, they aren’t made for the races, but they sure are built for labor and fun at the same time. That’s what makes the Kubota so popular. Not only do you get good engineering, but hard to beat specs at good prices. Pleasant and easy to drive, this is great for work or even to cruise around with friends as a cross-country vehicle.

So yes, it’s definitely worth it and a good purchase I would recommend to anyone!

Wrapping It Up

If you are looking for power and precision, then you’ll love the Kubota RTV diesel-powered engine. From its rugged looks down to its strength and resilience, it handles just about any job. It’s worth the investment for just about anyone who has the tough jobs for years to come.

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I hope my review on the Kubota RTV 900 gave you an idea on what you need! So if you think the Kubota UTV is for you, then get a unit at a good price now.

If you have any questions or want to share your tips and experiences on the Kubota RTV 900 diesel now.