The Best Black Bar Stools For Your Money?

black bar stools Home decor is an important aspect of our lives. Everything that is placed around your home reflects the things that you like and give your guests an idea of your personal tastes. When setting up a social area like a bar where you will entertain guest it is sometimes hard to find the perfect bar stools to compliment the overall look. To that effect, we’ve collected a few of the best black bar stools so that we can make things a little easier for you when it’s time to decorate your own entertainment area.

Black always looks good

Low-maintenance and sleek, you really can’t go wrong with black when it comes to selecting the right bar stools. It accentuates sometimes with the silver of steel, creating a vibrant contract, and a black bar stool is a good medium for personal decoration if you wish to get a little artistic. We’ve gathered together some excellent choices for you at various price ranges so that you can customize your own bar seating solution. Take a peek at these! 

Winsome Satori Stool, 29”black bar stools

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Our first option is not only the most affordable at $28.90 but it is also, arguably, one of the most stylish.  Available in solid beechwood at 29” tall (as well as a smaller 24” size if you prefer), the saddle-seat design makes this both stylish and serviceable. If you are going for a comfortable, rustic motif or perhaps feel the urge to give your bar a taste of the Southwest then look no further, the Winsome Satori has got you covered. This barstool is also available in the natural golden beech-wood color or in a walnut finish but we have to say the matte black is truly our favorite.

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Linon Claridge Black Barstool 

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black bar stools Our next entry in the Linon Claridge black and we have to say we like the looks of it. Simple, yet elegant, the Linon boasts a vinyl-upholstered patchwork seat-cushion for comfortable seating, accented by silver-colored nails to give it just a hint of elegance. At a complete height of 32 inches this is a perfect size for compact comfort and it won’t break the bank when you get yourself a couple, as these barstools retail for $54.99 each.

Roundhill Furniture Redico Adjustable Metal Barstoolblack bar stools

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The Roundhill Redico Adjustable is a comfortable barstool available in two looks that both contain black. You can select an all black frame, which sports a lovely powder finish made cozy with a tan cushion backed by a crisscrossed metal framework. Alternately, you can select a silver framework with a black cushion in stark contrast for a little shine and added elegance. The framework can be adjusted to your optimal preference at either 24” or 29” and with a ring at the base you have somewhere to put your feet as you are resting comfortable on the microfiber-enclosed foam seat. At $61.37 it is a little more expensive but the antiquated look of this stool certainly merits a little price adjustment in our humble opinion.

Winsome Wood S/2 Wood 30-Inch Bar Stools, Espresso Finish

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black bar stoolsWinsome has once again made our list for a pair of affordable barstools that sport the classic look. Sometimes you don’t need to deviate from the norm to give your bar a look of class and it really is hard to go wrong with a standard, original barstool. With solid wood construction, these stools ship fully assembled and ready-to-go, standing at 24” or 30”, depending on your preference. So why complicate things when you can simply get yourself a classic look for a very reasonable price? At $62.99 for a pair this might be the best bargain on our list with the exception of the next entry. 

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PU Leather swivel barstoolsblack bar stools

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One of our most comfortable entries, These PU leather barstools provide comfort and they are adjustable from 25” to 33” depending on your needs. So, what is PU leather? PU leather is a mix of polyurethane and ‘split leather’, which is the fibrous part of the leather that is part of a hide leftover from the process of making leather. The result is comfortable faux leather that looks and feels like the real thing and best of all, they are quite affordable. At $75.99 for a pair of these they might be just the thing that you need to add a mix of form and function to your bar or counter seating.   

Leopard Modern Square PU Leather Adjustable Bar Stools with Back

black bar stoolsOur final entry is another comfortable one. Leopard’s Modern square adjustable stools give the look and feel of leather (it’s actually faux leather, but we won’t tell if you won’t!) but all of the comfort of sitting in your swivel-chair at work. The foam padding assures of that, being ample and comfortable, and the height is adjustable on these stools so that you can set them to 21.5 and up to 31.5” high depending on the size of your bar or counter top. The supporting polished chrome provides a lovely contrast and the half-ring suspended below provides a comfortable footrest for you or your guests. At $89.99 a pair these bar stools are a steal and if, for some reason, black doesn’t tickle your fancy then you’ll be surprised at the assortment of colors that are available for this model.  

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In closing 

Today we have discussed the subject of black bar stools to accentuate your bar or provide elegance access to the counter tops. Whether you want a rugged, serviceable barstool or an elevated, cozy chair these selections have got you covered. It’s hard, if not impossible to go wrong with black when it comes to barstools but keep in mind that many of these offerings deviate from that palate should you find the need to get quirky. So, what look do you intend to cultivate? We wish you the best and hope that you and your guests get some good use out of those bar stools for many years to come!