Thatch Rake Review Guide: Rolling, Power, Dethatching, Lawn Thatch, Vigoro Thatch & Bamboo Rake

A thatch rake is an implement used to remove dead grass in your lawn.  Dead grass and other small leaves tend to settle in-between the healthy grass and if left alone, it will destroy the healthy grass in the process. Thatch or dead grass and moss usually accumulate when the grass was trimmed earlier and left uncollected.  They tend to impede the flow of water into the soil thus depriving the grass of the much needed nutrients. That is why the use of a rake that is especially designed to remove thatch and moss is important to maintain a green and healthy looking lawn.  Raking the thatch and moss from the lawn is easy and does not need technical expertise because even a child can do it with proper instructions. There are a variety of rakes available in the market and even online stores and we will try to focus on some of the more popular types available.

The Rolling Thatch Rake

An improvised version of the usual rake is what is popularly called as the rolling thatch rake.   It is called such because it has two rollers on the sides which make it easier to push and pull and aids in thoroughly getting rid of both thatch and moss.  The types offered usually come with hardened blades that no longer need to be sharpened.  Because of the wheels, it becomes lightweight and can be handled by children with ease.  A lot of households use this type of rake and its popularity is ever growing over the years despite the introduction of other modes of dethatching rake.  It is a bit more expensive compared to ordinary ones without wheels and rightfully so because the added comfort given by this type of thatch rake more than compensates for the additional price.

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The Power Rake

If the lawn to be dethatched is quite big and an ordinary thatch rake is not enough to do it, unless you want to end up having aching shoulders at the end of the day, it is better to use a power rake to do the job. It is faster and more economical especially if the time spent raking would be considered. When using a power rake for the first time, it is best to follow the guide or instructions very well before actually using it.  Since it is engine powered, you may need to check the fuel and oil beforehand to make sure that the work will not be interrupted.  An earplug may also be needed especially if the machine is already quite old and will be used for longer hours.

For some, renting a power rake is what they prefer because it is not always that you have to use it anyway.  There are also individuals or small businesses that offer dethatching services so there are many options available.  Others on the other hand, prefer to buy their own machine and this is the most preferred mode especially in cases of large estates in affluent neighbourhoods.  Some prefer to buy brand new while others go for the second-hand ones and both options are also available even in online stores catering to such equipments.

The Vigoro Thatch Rake

Perhaps one of the brands that have the most variety of line-up for a lawn thatch rake is the Vigoro Thatch Rake.  They have rakes available in different sizes and features and also available at different price ranges.  They have those with fiberglass handle, the all-purpose 19-Tine thatch rake with adjustable features, and other value for money models and varieties for a lawn thatch rake.  There are other brands available of course, but the rave reviews received by Vigoro from some of those who earlier purchased it are a living testament to the ease and comfort attendant to using it.  The same is true when it comes to product durability as it is expected to stay with you for many lawn raking seasons.

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The Bamboo Rake

It is not an over statement to say that the bamboo rake is one of the oldest tools used for raking leaves.  A lot of tools and equipments were invented over the years but the use of a bamboo rake has not really waned.  Even the onset of leaf blowers and other similar tools using plastic materials has not diminished the popularity of this unique implement because it is much easier to use, no need for electricity or fuel, almost no maintenance needed and can be easily stashed away in one corner.  It was a handy tool before as it still is today.  Evidence of the undying popularity of this type of tool is its availability in many online stores and it is also offered by different manufacturers.  It may not belong to the high-tech class of tools but it surely is still very much able to do the required job of cleaning and collecting dry leaves.  A lot of people actually prefer using bamboo rake as compared to other tools with the same services.

The bamboo rake must not be confused with those that are used to dethatch and remove moss from the grass.  Because of its design, it can only rake on the surface and therefore good only at cleaning the lawn or garden from dry falling leaves.  Too much dried leaves covering the grass will prevent sunlight from reaching the covered grass and will eventually lead to drying up so leaf raking must be done occasionally especially if it is the Fall or Autumn season.  There are those who use a broomstick to collect dried leaves off their garden and this is applicable if the area to be cleaned is small but when the area is quite big, the use of a bamboo rake is more ideal in many instances.

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So for those who have a lawn to be cleaned either from thatch, moss or dried leaves, remember that there are tools that can be used to help in making the task easier and convenient. Many brands and models of thatch rakes are available online and you just have to choose which is most suitable for your particular needs.

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