Tape Measure Online: Markings, Calculator, Online On Screen Ruler Measurements

A tape measure is a tape made up of paper, cloth or steel that is marked off in a linear scale in centimeters or inches, and feet or meters, for taking measurements. It is an important tool that is employed in many professions; however, it is mostly used for measuring clothing, personal arts and crafts, sewing, knitting, measuring and fitting garments, and similarly in carpentry, architecture, and on construction or building sites.  It is also known as a tapeline.

With the advent of internet usage, such as online shopping, you can even find a tape measure online. There are various types of inches tape available today known as the regular, laser and the digital tape measure.

Regular Tape Measure

The regular inches tape measure is compact and lightweight. It is commonly loaded with a spring and concave metal tape and it can be found in various sizes, generally between 8 feet, 16 feet and 25 feet long. These regular tapes are both in linear and metric increments, which allow the user to measure according to his needs.

Laser and Digital Tape Measure

Digital and laser tape measures are the upgraded versions of the everyday, common tape measure. Instead of reading the measurements on the linear or metric lines at the end of the tape measure, the digital and the laser tapes do all the work and show the precisely accurate calculations on the screen of the tape measure. A lot of people today prefer these digital and laser tapes as you are not required to do anything; these types of tape measure are not at all complex and without any effort you get to know the exact measurement that you need. Best of all, digital and laser tape measures don’t make nearly as many mistakes as people do.

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Ruler Online

You can find various ruler sites online, as well as find and download these programs. Once you’ve install it, the rule software will launch a transparent window on your screen with a pixel ruler. This allows you to get exact dimensions, in pixels, for your various projects. There are also few sites that allow you to measure the width, height and depth of your target in centimeters, inches and pixels. A few of these sites can be found below:

These are a few of the websites in which you can find various sorts of rulers online. Some of these sites also allow you to get a printable ruler which can be used for making some other physical measurements.

Tape Measure Markings

It is highly important to understand tape measure markings, especially if your work demands the use of a tape measure on regular basis. Tape measure markings are usually given in inches, feet, centimeters and fractions. Some even come with truss markings, which are the black diamonds found every nine or so inches. Usually within these markings there are different height increments given that run the full length of the upper and lower scales, so you should know how to read the exact markings in order to calculate exact measurements.

 Tape Measure on Screen

There are also a few tasks that require an on screen tape measure, and that you can find on a site such as http://www.makeuseof.com/dir/screenometer-measure-tape/. On this site, you will be required to enter your monitor’s screen size and the size of the measure tape you want on your screen; once it uses this information to calculate the right size ‘virtual’ tape measure for you, that measure will appear onscreen. You can also select from various languages like Magyar, Dutch, English and others. These programs usually also support both the metric and English length units. You can also find the printable measure tapes.

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Tape Measure Online Calculator

You may not find a tape measure online calculator but you will find plenty of calculators and convertors on the site: http://www.convertalot.com/, which will help you in making some calculations and converting in various forms on your own. You will find a clothing size convertor based on clothing sizes from each individual country like the United States, the United Kingdom, and several European countries as well as many others. Similarly, if you are making some circular measurements then you will find the circumference, degree and gradient in just giving one input. And the list goes on; there are hundreds of calculators and convertors on this site which will help in making whether an inches tape measure or feet tape measure.

Tape Measure Online Sites

There are plenty of online tape measure sites that will help you to make measurements easily. There are also a few sites from which you can buy these tape measures. The best place to get these tape measures is Amazon, where you will also find the customer reviews and the details of each product. A couple of the best Amazon tape measures are as follows:

Zircon Ultrasonic Measure with Laser Targeting

The best thing about this tape measure is that it is a measuring device that utilizes a laser. It can calculate the width, length, area and the volume of whatever you’re measuring at simply the press of a button. This laser tape not only makes measurements of smaller things; it can measure long distances as well. This is as simple as targeting whatever you need measured with the laser light and pressing the button; you have the length, width or volume of that thing displayed on the screen. You can get this tape from Amazon at $42.99.

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Black & Decker 25-Foot Auto Tape Measure

This product is very useful, especially if you are working alone, as it can make perfect measures with one hand. It can be used both powered and manually; it can extend and retract with simply a push of a button and helps you to take quick measurements even when you are in the middle of something and you cannot make use of the other hand. On Amazon, you can get this product at only $25.

Besides Amazon, there is another site as well on which you will find all kinds of various tapes for limitless purposes: http://perfectmeasuringtape.com/shop

Before you purchase a tape measure online site, it is better to research and compare the latest pricings and reviews of each, in order to make an informed decision; customer reviews especially will let you know what you’re in for with a product, either good or bad. Also, make sure that you examine the specifications of each tape so that you would know which tape you will need the most in your work as each tape measure in the market has its own specifications and usage. Make sure you’re getting the right kind of tape measure for your project needs; you don’t want to buy a metric online tape measure when you’re using the standard English system, or vice versa.

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