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Thatch Rake Review Guide: Rolling, Power, Dethatching, Lawn Thatch, Vigoro Thatch & Bamboo Rake

A thatch rake is an implement used to remove dead grass in your lawn.  Dead grass and other small leaves tend to settle in-between the healthy grass and if left alone, it will destroy the healthy grass in the process. Thatch or dead grass and moss usually accumulate when the grass was trimmed earlier and […]

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Lawn Dethatching Rake Review: The Best Rake, Lawn Aerator & Landscape Rake

Keeping your lawn alive and healthy becomes a challenging task for a homeowner if they are unprepared to fight an ongoing war. The constant refueling of fertilizers and the heavy firepower of mowing and maintenance brings on at taxing toll for many unprepared gardeners. A key component of this battle revolves around the management of […]

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