Sunpro Gauges Review: Speedometers, Autometer, VDO And Faze Gauges

Having a properly working gauge panel in your car’s dashboard is very important if you want your car to last for as long as possible, and who would not want that? Gauges can tell a lot of different things about the engine that you, as the driver, would definitely want to know about: things like engine speed (measured in RPMs), temperature, oil pressure, and even the electrical current running through it.

These are all important aspects that you need to monitor closely every time you take your car out for a drive; if one of these readings is off then you are running the risk of ruining your car’s engine, possibly rendering it irreparable. Which is why, when choosing gauges to place in your instrument panel, you need to choose only the best. And when it comes to quality automotive gauges there is only one brand name you can trust, Sunpro gauges.

Sunpro Gauges

Sunpro gauges have been around for quite a while now, and they have always been one of the most trusted manufacturers of precision gauges by hotrodders, both then and now. These people really value their cars and they need to know everything going on beneath the hood of their beloved vehicles. Sunpro became widely known in the hotrodding community when they first introduced their then top-of-the-line Super Tachometer. The Super Tach, as it came to be known, was an instant hit; it gave quick and accurate responses, telling the driver exactly how hard the engine was running and if it was possible to force it just a little bit more.

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Style and Functionality

Now, Sunpro is still one of the leading brands in automotive instrumentation. Besides their famous Super Tach (which has been upgraded through the years) they also offer other gauges that can fill an entire instrument panel. They have a line of speedometers, fuel gauges, temperature gauges, basically every type of gauge a serious hotrodder needs. If you are in the process of creating your own dream hotrod then you need to use Sunpro gauges for it to be perfectly, accurately complete.

Other than making sure your car’s engine is running at top form, gauges also improve the looks and style of your car’s interior. If you are a car enthusiast, or just someone who likes cars, you will surely appreciate the added class that a sleek and stylish instrument panel can give your car. There is a certain mechanical beauty that comes from an array of brightly-lit gauges and dials that you cannot find anywhere else.

Sunpro is a brand name registered under the Snap-on Tools Company, the same company that brings you other products like Faze gauges and Autometer gauges.

Types of Sunpro Gauges Available

Sunpro Tachometer – You can’t talk about Sunpro and not mention the gauge that started it all, the Sunpro Super Tach. Ever since it was released, Sunpro’s line of tachometers has been one of the most popular in hotrodding circles. Known for their fast response time (they can deliver up to 90% of full scale in a blink of an eye) these tachometers can give both style and performance to any car.

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There are 3 available Sunpro tachometers, the original Super Tach and the Super Tach II and III. These tachometers are available with black or white faces, and range in size from 2 5/8” up to 5” with shift light.

Sunpro Speedometer – The speedometer is the most important part of any car’s instrument panel because it is the one that tells you exactly how fast you are going. Having such an important role, you need to choose a speedometer that can measure speed accurately, and this is what you can expect from Sunpro speedometers.

Sunpro offers two stylish speedometers, the Sport ST Speedometer which has a modern look and feel, and the Super III Speedometer which has a classic look but modern functionality.  Both speedometers sport a backlit LED odometers, with through-the-dial lighting and an illuminated needle for superior visibility; all Sunpro speedometers can go as high as 160 miles per hour. The Sport ST speedometer perfectly matches the modern style of the Super Tach II, while the Super III goes great with the retro appeal of the original Super Tach; just choose whichever one strikes your fancy, as their appearance may differ but their excellence and functionality are the same.

Other Gauges – Sunpro also offers other types of gauges, each of which carries the same quality and reliability that are in the Sunpro tachometers and speedometers. There are regular gauges that all cars need to have in their instrument panels, like an electrical oil pressure gauge, and oil/water temperature gauge, voltmeters, and the all-important electrical fuel level gauge. And then there are also gauges geared for the serious car fanatics out there, like fuel pressure gauges, gauges that measure the air-fuel mix going in the engine, exhaust gas temperature gauges, and for the speed freaks an electrical nitrous-oxide meter.

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Whatever it is you need to measure and monitor in your car’s engine, performance and levels, you can be sure that Sunpro can give you the perfect gauge for your every need.

What Others Have to Say About Sunpro Gauges

Sunpro gauges have a huge following, especially among car enthusiasts. Sunpro has proven itself worthy of such acclaim ever since the successful Super Tach, and they continue to amaze ever since. If you take a look at car forums you will find at least one mention of Sunpro gauges, and they are rarely negative.

The only negative thing that most hotrodders and car enthusiasts have about Sunpro gauges is the fact that they are now made in plants overseas. But even though most of the Sunpro gauges’ parts are now manufactured overseas, they still have the same quality and precision that the brand is known for.

Sunpro Gauges

Whether you are a regular motorist or a hardcore car fanatic, you will definitely appreciate the things that a quality gauge can offer you. Sunpro gauges are among the best and most trusted brands in automotive instrumentation, so you can entrust them with the well-being and top performance of your beloved ride.

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