Stiletto Hammers Reviews: Stiletto Titanium, Hickory Handled & Projects

Stiletto Tools Company was started in 1849 by Baker and Hamilton during the California Gold Rush. They started out just selling tools meant for gold miners in their makeshift tent store in Mormon Island, presently under Folsom Dam water near Sacramento. Soon after that, they built their permanent shop, and as time passed the demand for their products increased. Today, the Stiletto Tools Company is known for manufacturing high quality hand tools that have shaped the building of North American West, quite literally. This brand name is synonymous with innovation and professionalism and its tools are productive, lightweight and ergonomic.

Not all hammers are alike; quality makes the all the difference when choosing a hammer that fits your needs. There are many types of hammers, such as framing hammers, claw hammers, brick laying hammers and more. Stiletto hammers are available in different types, weights and sizes. The traditional size of a hammer is twelve ounces and the style is straight faced, but these are not the only hammers on the market.

Stiletto Titanium Hammers

Stiletto Tool Company, one of the leading manufacturers of quality hammers, started making titanium hammers after the usage of titanium in golf clubs became a grand success. The Stiletto titanium hammer is a great hammer. It may be lightweight, but that does not detract from its strength and durability. Among customer reviews of stiletto hammers, one contractor reviewer stated that these hammers are so light that he can hammer all day long without wearing out his arms.

Some of the best Stiletto titanium hammers are Stiletto Titan 10 oz. Titanium Finish Hammers, Stiletto Titan 12 oz. Titanium Hammers, Stiletto Titan 14 oz. Titanium Hammers, Stiletto Ti-Bone 15 oz. Titanium Hammers, and Stiletto TiBone 16 oz. Titanium Hammers. These hammers are made in USA and have a hit force equal to other companies’ hammers of greater sizes. The titanium head of the Stiletto hammer absorbs the vibration from each impact, which ensures less discomfort and damage to your arm and elbow. It is designed with a magnetic nail claw, and the handle is just ergonomically suited for comfortable use, no matter how constant or lengthy that use is.

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Why should you choose a Stiletto hammer?

There are many options when it comes to buying hammers. You may wonder what the difference between Stiletto titanium hammers and other hammers is. There are many reasons why you should choose Stiletto’s titanium hammers, aside from their relatively inexpensive prices.


These titanium hammers from Stiletto are well-known for their productivity, as they are more efficient than other traditional metal hammers. This hammer has the potential to transfer almost all of the user’s energy to the nail in just a single swing, as compared to the two-thirds energy transferred by stainless steel hammers in that same swing. This tendency to use up less energy while providing more force makes jobs quicker and easier, so there are fewer chances that your hands or arms will be pained because of excess hammering during your hammering project.


Stiletto hammers are very durable, comparatively much more than any other hammer available on the market today. You may be on the lookout for cheap Stiletto hammers, but you should be made aware of the fact that though these titanium ones can be costlier than the stainless steel ones, they last much longer, making Stiletto hammers a better value in the long run; you won’t have to spend as much buying a new hammer due to damage or fatigue in your stainless steel tool.


If you compare Stiletto titanium hammers with other hammers, you’ll notice that these hammers are actually lighter in weight. It is very uncomfortable for contractors and other professionals to carry heavy objects in their tool belts, not to mention that repetitious swinging of even the lightest weight can wear on muscles and ligaments; when that weight is heavier than has to be, that damage will concurrently be more than it has to be. With these lightweight titanium hammers, consumers are only too happy to have lighter weighted, more efficient tools with which to do their work.

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These hammers are versatile in nature, as Stiletto hammers are available in various types, styles and weights. Different hammers are required for different uses; for instance a milled head hammer is required to do tougher jobs while a smooth faced one is best suited for general use. The versatility and durability of titanium hammers makes them the optimal tool to be used by professionals and hobbyists alike.

You can also, if you so choose, opt to change the hammer’s handle as per your preference. Two of the most popular handle types are the solid metal handles with rubber air grips, and the wooden handles. These hickory handled hammers are versatile and completely ergonomic for the safety and comfort of contractors everywhere.

Excellent Design

There are various designs of titanium hammers that are a perfect fit for any project’s needs. If you prefer a hammer for general use then the hammer with a straight claw and smooth, flat face is your best bet. If you’re looking for a hammer suited for building and roofing, your best option would be a hammer with a curved claw design. It is very important that you consider which claw design you want, a straight one or a curved one, because that will have a great impact on the future use of your hammer.

The next thing that you might consider is the price of these efficient hammers and while searching you may come across some high-quality Stiletto hammers for sale. If you want to buy a new piece, then you may have to spend generously to get a good, reliable hammer. Stiletto hammers start at $75 and the prices keep on increasing with each more advanced model. You may feel that these hammers are more expensive than other hammers, but then they are more efficient, durable and long-lasting, too. This means you will spend less money in the long run. Consider the excellence, quality and benefits that Stiletto titanium hammers have to offer when looking to buy. Stiletto hammers make the most out of your hammer project without taking the most out of you.

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Stiletto titanium hammers also come with a one year replacement warranty if there are defects found in the product due to materials or workmanship. It is very easy to get a replacement for your Stiletto hammer, should the need ever arise.

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