Stauff Clamps: Standard Series, Heavy Series, Twin Series and Custom Designed Clamps

One of the most intimidating prospects of diving headfirst into a Do-It-Yourself project would be trying to make sense of all the technical details. Any project that has anything to do with the use of hoses, pipes, or tubes will require the use of clamps, and there is no other brand better in the industry than the Stauff Clamps.

If you consult with a professional, he will emphasize the need to get the right kind of clamps because it is one of the points where a project could go belly-up. He would also advise you to concentrate on quality over price. Fortunately, Stauff Clamp distributors offer excellent clamp quality at reasonable prices, as well as a wide range of sizes and types of clamps to select from. Being the industry leader for the past decades, they have upheld a reputation for safety, quality and for having an open door customer service policy.

You will also learn that the proper clamps will reduce noise and vibration, mainly because of the fit and how it can be adjusted when needed. With Stauff clamps, you also get bragging rights to being green with your DIY project, as they are made from environmentally safe materials like chromium-free surface finishing.

Of course, one does need to know which clamp to use; and for a beginner, it can be incredibly confusing to understand, as well as a bit embarrassing to admit to anyone you don’t know much. Well, here’s an easy-to-understand briefer on Stauff clamps that will hopefully help you get a better grasp of this aspect of your DIY project.

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Choose the Right Clamp for Your Project

All Stauff clamps are versatile and can be used for a variety of jobs. There are several types you will be able to choose from, depending on your project:

  • Standard series clamps
  • Heavy series clamps – for heavy industry use
  • Twin series clamps – for projects that need double reinforcement
  • Special order or custom designed clamps
  • Fire Safe series clamps

The Fire Safe clamps have a long lifetime of 20 years, provided the clamp is not exposed to temperatures above 90 degrees. It also has low toxicity, and smoke levels and a flammability index of 250%. It’s available off the shelves and is considered a special order clamp. This means there will be a waiting time before you can get your fire safe clamps. It’s the same process for special sizes or requirements.

The metal sections of these clamps follow one of two steel qualities: they are either made of Stainless Steel A2 or A4. The basic size of these clamps starts at 6mm and goes upward to 500mm. You can get threaded clamps or smooth clamps. The threads on the clamps are either green or black and can be ordered in metric thread or UNC.

You can also get single clamps or stack them as needed by your project. The only way you can determine what exactly you need to get would be the specifics of your project. The easiest way would be to know the pipe sizes you will be using and using that as your main guide.

For less vibration, you might want to consider rubber inserts which will cushion the effect of metal against metal. However, only the Heavy series clamps and the Standard series clamps can be bought with rubber inserts.

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Uses for Stauff Clamps

The usual applications for any of the Stauff clamps are the following:

  • For automotive technology
  • For lubrication
  • For pneumatics
  • For manufacturing of machine tools
  • For mechanical engineering
  • For hoses and cables
  • For defense equipment

There are certain recommended specifications for projects that require multi-level stacking of clamps:

  • If you are using Twin series Clamps, the maximum allowable stacking of clamps would be 5, if using different sizes. You will need to connect the clamps with both stacking bolts and safety plates. The plates will prevent the bolts from adjusting or turning.
  • A stacking assembly is usually used for rails or for welding plates.
  • If you are going stack your clamps, be sure to mark your location and weld the plates first to avoid damaging the clamps.

Other considerations when working with Stauff clamps or any other kind of clamps are to check the following:

  • Go  over the tension and fatigue strength
  • If your project will involve impact bending or changing temperature, consult with a Stauff clamps catalogue for which type to get for these uses. You can also consult a distributor for their input, since they have the technical experience or training to help you.

The Stauff Guarantee

Stauff began its operations in 1950 in Germany as a machine shop; they did customized jobs for local businesses. A few years later, Stauff began to move in a different direction and started making clamps. The first clamps they produced were made from wood, but this changed to plastic and then metal, which they still use today. In the industrial world, Stauff is a respected name and many engineers will not work with any other brand.

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Arnold Mendshen, the founder of Stauff Group, set the tone for excellence in clamp manufacturing. It was a decision that boded well for the company and brought them to the heart of many other industries having anything to do with pipe construction, hydraulics and engineering.

If your do it yourself project includes the need for using clamps, Stauff clamps should be your first and only priority. The last thing you want to happen is to experience a leak. Even if you are doing a small home DIY project, there is a Stauff clamp that will be perfect for your needs.

Furthermore, all Stauff clamps adhere to international standards of safety, provided they are properly installed and used in a manner consistent with their purpose. If you have plans to call in a special order, it would be a good idea for you inform the distributor of your planned use. However, the company will not assume any liability if you use it under specs that are not within their normal range. For example, you plan to expose the clamps to very high temperatures, much higher than what the Stauff fire safe clamps are approved for, then the risk is assumed by the buyer and not the company. You can always ask for technical support from the Stauff clamps distributor or contact the company directly through the company’s open door customer service policy.

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