Starrett Tools Guide: Punches, Combination Square, Catalog and Tools for Sale

Starrett Tools are known for providing high quality precision measuring instruments for the machining industry.  These tools are also highly valued by home machinists and tool aficionados.  The company got its start back in 1880 when the founder created the first Starrett combination square.  Since then, Starrett built up the company to manufacture and distribute this highly useful product for industry.  Over the years, the company grew and widened its product line to include other precision measuring tools.  Now, Starrett is well known for producing some of the best quality and longest lasting precision measuring tools.

The company also produces a line of saw blades under its power tool accessories and hand saws group, that includes a variety of hole saws, jig blades and reciprocating blades.

Excellent Service

Part of Starrett tools’ reputation comes from its excellent customer service.  Starrett tools will replace products that are defective or damaged from their manufacturing facilities.  They will not however replace products that have been damaged as the result of misuse or accidents that occur in the workplace. You should contact customer service for assistance with replacing a defective tool or if you believe that a tool was broken on purchase.

Starrett Tools has a longstanding repair and calibration policy in place for tools that the company has produced over the years.  Owners of these tools can take their products to a local Starrett approved distributor for repair and calibration service to get their tools sharpened and aligned properly.  The facilities that provide this service can be looked up online at:

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At the time of production, Starrett tools meet or exceed the accuracy requirements of National and International standards and are traceable to the United States National Institute of Standards and Technology.  When tools are damaged and become inaccurate measuring instruments, the Starrett tool company is pleased to offer assistance with preparing those tools to restore their accuracy.  Simply contact the company for a price quote on repair services.

Custom Ordered Tools

Starrett Tools also allows customers to custom order tools designed to meet their specifications.  Customers will simply need to contact the Customer Service division or contact your local Starrett tools supplier for information on how to order their specialty products.

Typically customers will place their specialty orders with their local Starrett distributor.  Customers can provide drafting information and measuring standards for their product to Starrett customer service representatives through the distributor.  After a short period of time and if needed, testing of the new product to find the right specification, Starrett tools will produce as many versions of this special custom order product as is needed by the customer.

Occasionally, Starrett will offer customers with price quotes for cases of products. If the customer needs to purchase a lot of tools at once for their company or workers to use on site, they can contact Starrett for information about large purchases or to be directed to a distributor who is qualified to handle large orders for the manufacturer.

Prices of Starrett tools for sale and specialty order products can be obtained through your local Starrett distributor.  Starrett does not typically quote prices directly to their customers.  However, if a customer needs help finding a distributor in their area, they can contact Starrett customer service.

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Some Product Lines

The Starrett Catalog currently includes five product lines, precision measurement tools, metrology, granite-based engineering tools, saw blades and job site and shop tools. These tools are all available to order through a Starrett distributer. The catalog is also online .

Grainger tools and McMaster Carr tools are both distributors of Starrett products. These companies both allow customers to purchase their tools through their websites. For instance, McMaster Carr sells sets of Starrett punches and individual punches for customers to purchase.

The punch sets typically include a wrench and four punches of different sizes. These sets are available with different punch sizes ranging from 1/2″-13, 9/16″-12, 5/8″-11, and 3/4″-10 to 4-40, 6-32, 8-32, and 10-24. Punches allow the user to quick and accurately punch holes of different sizes in a precise manner.

The Starrett combination square can also be purchased through Grainger tools too. Customers can purchase individual squares or multi piece sets of squares in different sizes. The two piece Combination Square set through Grainger costs $80.10. It includes a combination blade and square head with built in level and scriber. The square is made with hardened cast iron, so that it is certain to last a long time and can really take hot and cold extremes. Cast iron can also withstand a lot of hard work and take the nicks and bangs that come with using tools in a shop environment.

Caring for Starrett Tools

All Starrett tools are designed for regular work and designed to last through rough treatment. Proper case and use of these tools will help to ensure that they last a lifetime and can be passed on to children and grandchildren. In fact, many Starrett tools are treasured by the descendants of those that originally purchased them.

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Don’t purposely toss, drop or bang the tools against hard surfaces. Always use Starrett tools for their intended purpose. When finished using a tool, wipe it clean of dirt and oils. Avoid marking or nicking the measuring tools as a way of marking a place on the tool. This damages the tool, and even though the initial damage may be inconsequential, it can accumulate. Eventually your tool will have been too damaged to be useful, even if there was no one catastrophic incident.

Create a special place for the tools and be sure to put the tool back in their place when finished using the tool. Proper care of one’s tools ensure that they will remain accurate and useful for a long time.

Starrett Tools

Starrett tools can be found through a number of different distributors including McMaster Carr and Grainger. If a customer has a specific product they are looking for they can call Starrett Company and ask for assistance with finding a local distributor that sells the product. Starrett can also repair and calibrate its precision tools at several of their distributor’s facilities. Simply call into the Starrett customer service center or visit the Starrett website for a list of distributors that provide this service.

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